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  • Date of Birth? 39
  • Sexual Status: straight single woman
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Latest Status: Ready to start having sex again!

City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bio: Hi. Whats the good word with you? Well, I dont have many good words to say. Ive got some bad ones though. I just caught my prick of a husband having sex with another woman. I came home on my lunchbreak to find him having a snack of his own. He says hes sorry and that was the only time, but I find it a little coincidental that I caught him the one time he cheated. Well, either way one time is too many for me. He said he would be faithful to me for the rest of his life and he wasnt. So forget him! Ive kicked him out of my house and that is where he is staying. But Im used to being with someone and its comfortable, so I dont want to try the single thing even for a little while. Im ready to start dating now as long as its with an honest guy. If you dont want to date anymore, tell me. Dont go sneaking around behind my back, its not necessary. I wont be hurt if things dont work out between us, but lets give it a try. Im looking to start dating a guy who I know I can trust.

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