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Do you enjoy watching (and getting off) to sensual and explicit celebrity porn? Of course you do! And you're in luck because Xpress.com has the ultimate directory of sites for you to check out! Xpress.com knows that you have a busy life and likely don't have time to waste searching for the best pornstar porn and celebrity porn sites. That's why they've put together an ultimate directory of all the best sites. So no matter what kind of porn you are looking for, you'll be able to find it all from this one site! Every listing you'll find here has been vetted by our team so you know it's top quality. And no matter what your porn preferences are, you'll definitely find your kink here!

A Peek Back At The History Of Porn


Now, before we dive in to our directory, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look back into the past. After all, it's much easier to appreciate something fully when you understand where it came from. To understand where porn came from we first have to understand human sexuality. For as long as we have been on this planet, humans have been sexual beings. Yes, sex is required to procreate but it's also incredibly pleasurable. As soon as we began to tap into that pleasure and saw how good that was we started to develop porn. Pornography, after all, is an exploration and appreciation of all things sexual. And trust us when we say that humans have been appreciating sex and the human body for thousands and thousands of years. Some of the earliest forms of pornographic illustrations were murals painted in caves, to give you an idea of just how far back pornography goes!

Porn And Why We Like To Watch It


Do we really have to get into why people like to watch porn? Yes, why not! After all it's good to wonder why we do the things we do. Luckily this question has a pretty easy and somewhat obvious answer: we like to watch porn because it makes us feel good. It can make us feel good in a bunch of ways, from appreciation of sex and the human body in general to using pornography as a way to get aroused and also get off. Porn can be a great addition to a sexual encounter and many couples find that when they introduce porn into their sex lives, things definitely get more interesting! However, porn is also just as important for people who may not have a physical partner. Sometimes all we have is ourselves and porn can help out with that. Porn can also be an incredible fantasy or wish fulfillment. Sometimes there can be things that we like watching or fantasizing about but don't actually want to do. Porn lets us dive in to those fantasies without the real life commitment. So, suffice it to say, there are a lot of important reasons for why we like to watch porn!

So How Did Pornstars Start To Get So Famous Anyway?


Just like porn has been around for ages, so have pornstars! Some of the earliest known pornstars were well known consorts and harlots in Elizabethan times. Pornography was a bit different then since most of it existed as written word or art. It wasn't until porn shifted into the world of film and television that pornstars really took off. They gained the same kind of celebrity status and aura that mainstream Hollywood stars had. And when social media came about, it made following pornstars even easier. And with social media platforms and websites available for pornstars to connect with fans, they quickly became even more famous.

We Can't Forget About Celebrity Porn!


There are two kinds of celebrity porn to think about. The first kind comes from a traditional pornstar. They are, after all, celebrities in their own right as we just discussed above! There is another category to consider as well: porn from people who are celebrities for other reasons, like mainstream actors or politicians or public figures. This is a whole different category of celebrity porn that we absolutely die for! Wh? Because we love to see our fave public figures in explicit and compromising positions. After all, who doesn't want to see Jennifer Lawrence topless or see how well endowed Chris Evans is. Getting to watch that kind of celebrity porn is also the ultimate wish fulfilment! We're already fantasizing about these famous people and their porn makes it even easier!

And We Especially Can't Forget About The Celebrity Sextapes!

The most common kind of celebrity porn are the celebrity sextapes. These are often sextapes made for personal reasons that end up being publicized on the internet. Often a sextape finds its way on the internet by accident. Even more often it's called an "accident" but actually it's a calculated move from the celebrity featured in the sextape. All we know is that we love celebrity sextapes and we hope that celebrities never stop making them! Celebrity sextapes range in style from super home-movie style ones shot in low-lighting in hotels to more polished and productive movies. Both are great and just depend on what kind of mood you're in or if there is a specific celebrity you are looking to ogle!

Some Super Simple Tips And Tricks For Navigating The Xpress.com Celebrity Porn Index


We've talked about the history of porn and the different kinds of celebrity porn. We think that's enough learning for today! It's time to get to the fun part: the actual directory! Now, in order to best use this directory to its full potential, we've put together a handy little list of tips and tricks. You may be thinking to yourself that you don't need any tips to navigate a porn directory. However, we think they are worth reading for sure! And, besides, it won't take you very long anyway - no more than a few minutes. We think the porn can wait for a few minutes!

Read Through All Of The Categories

The very first thing you should do with this directory is read through each of the categories. There are eight categories in total and each one is different from the others. The categories range from Celebrity Blogs to Gay Pornstar Sites and everything in between. Depending on what your interests are, you will likely gravitate toward a few categories first. That is good! Focusing on a few to start will help you from getting overwhelmed. However, we do think you should take time to think about the other categories as well. Sometimes it's fun to break out of your comfort zone and check out something new. It's always fun to experience new things, especially when it comes to celebrity porn!

Spend Time On Each Page

Once you've spent time carefully gong through the categories it's time to carefully go through each page! Yup, you knew that step was coming. We think it's good to be thorough, though! By reading each page, you'll really get a good sense of each of the different pages you can visit. There are ten sites listed on each of the eight pages, which makes for a total of 80 different sites. That's a lot of celebrity porn sites! Likely you won't have time to visit them all but you can at least read through our description of each one. You'll be able to learn a lot from our descriptions before even having to click open a site!

Figure Out What You Are Looking For In A Celebrity Porn Site

So now comes the most important question: what sort of porn site do you want to spend time on? That can be an overwhelming question but hopefully if you've taken the time to read through each of the categories and each of the listings on those category pages, you'll have an idea of where you want to start. We always recommend for our readers to start with what they know. You should pick a style of porn that you are super familiar with, something comfortable. And once you're done with familiar and comfort you can dive into something brand new and maybe even a bit challenging!

Make Your Final Site Selections

You may be tempted to just pick all of the sites and go through them all random and willy nilly. We think that it's important to focus on a site or two at a time. There are thousands upon thousands of x-rated, sexy, steamy celebrity porn movies and photos on each of these sites and it can take a while to dive deep into each one. By focusing on a few a time you won't miss anything! And, of course, once you've satisfied your urges with the first two sites you can move on to the next.

The Xpress.com Celebrity Porn Directory


See, it wasn't so bad reading through those steps! We hope it also gave you some inspiration for how to tackle this porn directory. Below you'll find all the category links. There are eight in total and they are: Celebrity Blogs, Celebrity Sex Tapes, Free Pornstar Sites, Premium Pornstar Sites, Pornstar Instagram Accounts, Pornstar Reddits, and Gay Pornstar Sites. Phew, that's a lot of categories! Seriously, no matter what your kink is or what your budget is, you'll be able to find a porn to get you off. Some of the pornstars featured on these sites are: James Deen, Tori Black, Lacey Duvalle, and Sunny Leone. And that is only a few and barely scratches the surface of all of the hotties you'll find. So what are you waiting for? Click on your first category below right now!

Make Sure To Visit Every Site On A Regular Basis

Before we wrap up completely, we want to give you two last pieces of advice. This first one is practical and very important to remember: be sure to check in on these sites on a regular basis. They are all active, which means that they are uploading fantastic new celebrity porn content regularly, sometimes even daily. That means that even after you think you've found everything that you want to find on one site, within a week there will be brand new steamy, explicit pornstar porn videos to check out! We don't mean you should be checking every second of every day but try to check in on your fave sites at least once every week or so.

Always Be Willing To Try New Things


Lastly, always be open to trying new things! Yes, we definitely did recommend starting off using this directory by finding celebrity porn you are comfortable with. That being said, the best way to grow as a person is to try new things as often as possible and yes that does include porn! Stepping outside of your comfort zone with your porn habits could help you to become more confident or inquisitive in your own sex life. It could also help you discover a brand new kink or fetish you may not have known you had! Only great things can come from expanding your porn watching habits!

You Are Now Ready To Fully Enjoy Our Xpress.com Celebrity Porn Directory!


And there you have it! We hope you've enjoyed reading through the Xpress.com Celebrity Porn Directory. We hope that along with the links to each of our Celebrity Porn categories, you also found something else from this page. Hopefully you learned something new about porn and are feeling very informed and empowered with the best way to go about using the directory. And even more so, we hope that you find the perfect celebrity porn movies from this directory. And by perfect we mean the kind that get you all hot and bothered and where you just can't help but touch yourself, of course!

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Do you enjoy watching (and getting off) to sensual and explicit celebrity porn? Well, Xpress.com has the ultimate directory of sites for you to check out!

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