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The History Of Sex Toys

Even sex toys had their humble beginnings - and they go back a lot further than you might think as well! Keep reading!


Dildos go back as much as 30,000 years, and are arguably the first ever sex toy created! That's a pretty bold claim, but since we all know that dildos can please men and women, it makes total sense that the first sex toy in existence would be a dildo. Having gone through extensive university studies, it's been found that the oldest dildo in existence, that we're currently aware of, was 8 inches long, and existed, as we mentioned, over 30,000 years ago. This makes the dildo one of humanity's most impressive, ancient inventions, and the only inventions that are older, are clothing, fire, and weapons to name a few obvious ones. Looks like we've been enjoying pleasure for a lot longer than a lot of people think!

Carved out of either bone or stone, the 'olisbos', which is Greek for dildo, was originally made out of bread (yikes)! It's hard to believe, but eventually, dildos made their way to being fashioned out of glass, finished wood, and leather, which are also very primitive by our current standards, but let's be honest, it's much more advanced than bread. The use of dildos was incredibly popular with both Greek men and women - whether solo or in lesbian interactions, and there are plenty of scenes that have been depicted with even lesbian women using dildos for maximum pleasure - well, at least in terms of what the Greek, male mind could fathom.

Dildos have been mentioned in some of the most important plays in human history, including plays by Shakespeare A Winter's Tale, and The Alchemist as well. This shows that these items were even being used during these times when it would seem to have been unheard of, but it looks like the grip of religion, that so demonized sexuality so, didn't hold sway over everyone at that time the ways that we might imagine.

Today, thanks to the innovations of the past, we have got dildos for women, men, and they come in every imaginable shape, size, and more, to provide the maximum amount of pleasure in the areas that you're looking to feel the pleasure in! Some of the shapes have even been altered from traditional penis shapes, so that they can go into certain areas, and provide pleasure to the prostate, and other areas that may not have previously been know when it came to self pleasure. We've definitely come a long way in the dildo department!


If you think that lube is something that's a newer luxury, then you are definitely mistaken! Lubricant goes back thousands of years, with Aristotle talking about the use of olive oil as lube in History Of The Animals, which provided false information about sex, but also indicated that the olive oil made it smoother...which it did!

Chinese folks have been using lube for hundreds of years, and if you've watched Grace And Frankie in the last few years, you will have heard about yam lube - but this isn't a new thing! The Japanese have been using yams as lubricant for intercourse and self pleasure for hundreds of years as well! The English discovered silicone as a great lubricant in the late 1800's, and the rest is history!

KY Jelly has been around for over 100 years now, and although it was originally used for surgical purposes, water-based versions were created so that people could enjoy the jelly for strictly sexual purposes! Vaseline was also introduced to the sex scene within the last hundred years, and today, we can find an amazing selection of lubricants that range from water-based, to oil-based, and can promote all manner of flavors and sensations when it comes to intimate encounters. Lube has certainly come a long way, but it's definitely not new!

Strap-Ons & Penis Extenders

We've all heard of the Kama Sutra, and this might also be the first time we heard about penis extenders as well. When it comes to the make, these items were made in about the 3rd century AD, and out of surprisingly high-end materials such as ivory, gold, and silver. There were wood versions, but it's probably pretty safe to assume that these didn't fare well in terms of popularity. This was the first mention of penis extenders that we're aware of, but definitely not the last!

Flash forward to today, and there are more versions of penis extenders that are made from a huge array of materials, and come in all shapes and sizes. Made for women and men to enjoy, they've definitely changed the game!

Cock Rings

The origin of the cock ring might be debatable by some, but the Chinese royalty of ancient times can likely take credit for being some of the first to use cock rings. Originally made from the eyelids of goats - with the eyelashes still attached - they provided what they needed to at the time. They were used so that maximum sex and partners could be enjoyed for the purpose of conceiving an heir, so that the name could live on before the death of the ruler. it might sound a little bit hasty, but in these times, there was a lot of war going on, and there was pressure to perform on more than just the battlefield! It was important to conceive an heir, and under the stressful circumstances, it wasn't always easy to do, so the cock ring came in handy to ensure that the deed could be completed.

Cock rings today vary in many different ways, and there's a design and size to suit every size and shape of penis - and they're thankfully no longer made from the eyelids of goats, there are tons of less creepy materials used, from metal, to plastic, to silicone, to leather, and more!


Condoms have actually been around for hundreds of years, and were originally created for the purpose of stopping the spread of syphilis, which would kill at the time! There was a huge outbreak in the 1500's, and something needed to be done. Knowing that sex wasn't something that wasn't going to be replaced, something had to be done, so an Italian doctor stepped up to the plate, and invented the first condoms. They were made from linen, soaked in chemicals, and dried prior to being used. They were originally tied to the penis with a ribbon prior to use, and after a few trials, it was found that the spread of syphilis was indeed slowed down by this invention.

Of course this would carry on into the Renaissance, where the condoms were made of really questionable materials such intestines and bladders of animals (vegans today would not be having it), and eventually, by the 1700's, they were made with leather, but the Dutch, and could be purchased at markets, the theater, pubs, and even at the barber shops. They were the most popular form of birth control by the end of the 1800's.

We know that today, condoms are of course made of much more humane materials, so the vegans can enjoy safe sex as well - with the exception of lambskin, of course because those are made from the intestinal membrane of the lamb, and are definitely not for everyone. There are tons of styles, sizes, and flavors of humane condoms as well...and let's not forget all of the different textures!


The history of vibrators is a very interesting one. They've, for obvious reasons, not been around for as long as a log of other sex toys, but they did come onto the scene during the latter part of the 1800's. The were used to treat a number of ailments at the time that varied from various inflammation, including arthritis, to constipation, to female hysteria - yes, you heard that right.

Vibrators, before they were seen as purely sexual in nature, were shown to give many benefits to women and were in many different women's magazines, etc, being marketed as providing great health and beauty benefits. Once the 20's arrived however, these items began to make appearances in porn, and they were no longer deemed suitable to be market openly.

Leave it to the wonderful age of love, the 60's, to bring the vibrator back onto the main scene, and by the end of that decade, the first, cordless, electric vibrator had its patent approved, and was on the market! It was a great time, and as we all know, there was more greatness to come! Flash forward into the 80's and 90's when 'tabu' started becoming tabu, and the vibrator became an item that women could openly talk about amongst themselves. With great shows such as Sex And The City, the vibrator (particularly the Rabbit), made its way into the mainstream, and remains a bestselling vibe to this day!

When it comes to the vibrators of today, well, we all know that the Rabbit vibrator is still in action, and can be purchased with ease. There are mainstream retailers that sell vibes as well, and from Target to Walgreens and CVS, you can find a decent vibe to help you get off. You'll definitely want to get into a more specialized dealer of vibrators when you want to get into the more specific items such as anal and g-spot stimulation. There is not limit to the shape, size, color, texture, and vibe styles of today's vibrators, and when it comes to sites and stores that offer a quality selection, we are spoiled for choice today! It's definitely safe to say that the vibrator isn't going anywhere!

The Benefits Of Sex Toys

This is pretty easy to see. The benefits of sex toys are basically limitless and cover a lot of bases!


Orgasms Release Tension: Yes, you already know this, but it's true and in this day and age where we can discuss it freely, it's important to realize just how important this sexual release can actually be! Orgasms have a huge range of benefits when it comes to how we make our way through the day, and it is absolutely true that they release tension in men and women, and make the days a bit easier to navigate.

Orgasms Make Us Happy: Well, duh! Of course they do, and the amount of orgasms that we can have today, thanks to the aid of sex toys, are nothing short of impressive. The orgasm is always going to be one of the primary sources for human pleasure, and we can all be sure that the more we have, the happier we ultimately are!

Having Orgasms Makes Us Live Longer: Hey, you can't make this stuff up! I mean, you can try, but it's still going to be true! Orgasms are proven to relieve stress, ease physical pain, reduce depression, lower anxiety levels, and a whole lot more! Orgasms can promote great overall body stimulation that can lead to an incredible amount of benefits that range from lowering the risk of breast cancer, to curing the common cold, to helping us live up to four years longer. So, if you're not having a lot of sex, than a good sex toy collection is a great runner up to keep having those orgasms, and living a longer, more fulfilled life!

Orgasms Feel Fantastic: Let's not get all clinical here and leave out the obvious. Whether you're having them alone, or with a partner, orgasms feel fantastic, and they can promote both personal happiness, and happiness between couples.

The Xpress.com Sex Toy Directory

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The Statistics Of Sex Toys

Still want to know more? Well, to finish off this directory, we've rounded up some very interesting sex toy statistics for you to enjoy!

- Shopping for sex toys online is the current, most popular method

- Men and women purchase sex toys at equal rates

- The amount spent on sex toys annually is over $15,000,000,000!

- Women are likely to use a sex toy more than once per week (12% or more)

- Folks in New Zealand own the most vibrators!

- The most popular sex toys ordered online are vibrators, dildos and lubricant

- Google searches for sex toys are the highest in Atlanta, Dallas and Colorado!

- South Africa, The UK, and The US, have got the highest number of sex toy Google searches

- The purchase and ownership of sex toys becomes less and less tabu each year

- Sex toy purchases steadily increase on a yearly basis

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