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Undoubtedly, sex lovers like yourself are fond of reading sex stories that are spicy, juicy, and in all ways the best source of entertainment and pleasure. This is one commodity on the internet which nowadays sounds much better than watching porn movies and dating on hookup sites. The number of hot sex stories is too big to imagine! Let's start knowing what sex stories do to us, how they turn on the people scrolling through the articles, the history related to the popular sex stories, and ultimately you will find the complete list of the hottest sex stories available online. Find the best of hot sex stories online in the directory of Xpress to have some pleasure. Take an opportunity to imagine dirty things like never before!

What Are "Sex Stories", Really?


Readers take interest in anything that is arousing and teasing in one go- and there it is- Sex Stories. We generally do not say a sex story involves the scenes of kisses or dating somebody with a true heart; it is just a sight of pornographic content that has the ability to turn you on. Old, popular, highly rated, most viewed, and new sex stories can seduce anyone and the best of the best sex stories on the internet are here in our directory. What are you waiting for? Start accessing the best of short sex stories sites to come in contact with the most popular and seductive ones on the web!

Type 1: Fictional Form Of Sex Stories

Well, the fictional work is related to the power of imagination of a person through which he or she can derive a piece of writing that consists of sexual acts to arouse the reader. Such sex stories do not hold any relation with the true facts, history, or life experience of the people involved. In fact, many of sex stories authors and writers present those scenes in the form of writing which they haven't ever experienced or seen in life; some of them are young sex stories, celebrity sex stories, and mature sex stories. The list does not end here- as you will start accessing the directory of Xpress, you will find many more fictional sex stories listed there for your ease and pleasure.

Type 2: Factual Form Of Sex Stories

On the other hand, those sex stories which are connected with the stories of the past works, true events, or the information related to the people involved- are actually factual sex stories. This originates from true experiences of the people which are accurate and can be found in one form or the other over the internet. The list of factual sex stories is collected in the form of sex chats, historical documents, personal forums, stories, and sex manuals that have the power to seduce you in no time. Once you start accessing the directory of Xpress, you will find a number of short stories that encounter the experiences of gay, lesbian, interracial, and much more.

A Brief Note On The History Of Sex Stories

There is no denying the fact the hot sex stories have been there in the past days too, exciting readers. You must have once thought about their origin, starting years, their period of growth, or how they became so famous, right? Well, let's explore:

The Growth Of Sex Stories Since Ancient Times

The sex stories have always been around us in one form or the other, and you would be surprised to know that earlier there were prehistoric drawings on the caves that instantly unleashed the stories related to sex! It wasn't hard to decipher the manuals, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and Roman pottery that seduced the ancient men and women with their imagination. Pier Paolo Pasolini is remembered for the work done on hot sex stories that were narrated by young women and men. There was no looking back since then, the later periods even had the works of sex stories in the form of printed form, which attracted a huge audience.

Sex Stories Of The 1700s

During the early 18th century, there was a trend of reading novels in England. These novels often had several sex stories within, which got popularity in a very less time, and these were more like short sex stories and scenes to influence the readers. John Cleland came up with the edition of Fanny Hill that included a short tale of a woman who got involved in the work of prostitution. This storyline grabbed the attention of many, and since then the author covered incidents of self-masturbation, pleasure, sex stories on adventures, orgasms, and rape fantasy-related theories. Luckily, Fanny Hill even seem to be followed in several films and musical shows thereafter to seduce the viewers as well as the horny readers.

This was not the end as during the end of 18th century, several sex stories were published for sale, and the response was huge and complimentary. The list of hot sex stories started with the emergence of scenes related to hardcore, softcore, natural fetishes, BDSM scenes, and a lot more that could seduce the people in a fraction of a second!

Sex Stories Of The 1800s

This era from the past had a great focus on the gay sex stories and lesbian sex stories which influenced and excited many of the horny readers. The work was so dominating and influential that you couldn't have controlled but masturbated right there and then reading the explicit content. And then came the lustful affairs in the form of sex stories!

Sex Stories Of The 1900s

It was during this time that short sex stories and hot sex stories gained such a huge popularity that everyone got to know what such stories mean, reveal, and unleash when read with an imaginative mind. The content all came from the experiences of the young, mature, MILF, interracial, and first-time sex lovers who were really fond of transforming their lived experiences into the form of a short story.

Sex Stories Of The Modern Day And Our Own Internet Age

When every age group was involved in writing and reading sex stories, there came up another group of mature and aged women who showed their interest in revealing the best of short sex stories. However, the internet triggered the same trend to a truly different level of excitement and entertainment. Everyone from the countryside to the city area got the chance to share their true sex story with the people getting horny over the Internet. Today, more than novels and books, Internet is popular when we talk about the hot sex stories of the people.

The Xpress Sex Stories Directory


You have finally reached the point where you can look up to the list of sex stories in the famous Xpress Directory. All the sex stories' categories and sub-categories are listed below with their respective links and the pages. You will come across sites related to General, Niche, BDSM, and LGBT sex stories that will impress you so much that you would definitely click on every sub-category link to access the hot sex stories.

What To Do Now?

Well, you must have seen the names of the sex stories' sites mentioned earlier, and now you actually are aware of the complete Xpress Sex Stories' Sites Directory. Follow a few more easy steps to reach your destination of sex stories:

Get Ready To Read Spicy Sex Stories!

The list of options is so satisfactory that you will definitely love the way we have compiled the Xpress Directory. After a lot of research, planning, organizing, collecting the sex stories websites, we have come up with this Xpress Directory. You can start with young, mature, incest, interracial, gay, lesbian, MILF, bondage, fan fiction, first time, transexual, free sex stories or other sorts of sites that truly unleash the raw, original, genuine and explicit sex stories. These are actually the genuine sites which will turn you on, no matter where you are and what you are thinking about. The scenes are 100% hot, the stories are 100% fascinating, and the approach is 100% seductive- what else do you want?! Well, with our directory, you will land onto the best sites to read the sex stories. All these sex stories will take you in the world of lust and pleasure, making you cum in seconds. It would be great if you go live in the chatrooms to get high pleasure in seconds with the like-minded partner. Or you can also be a part of group sex chats to enjoy like a horny star on such sites. Check out the list above to find your favorite ones!

Enjoy Some Photos And Videos Too

The sex stories' sites stored in the Xpress directory are filled with short sex stories obviously, but with sex-related photos and videos too! You will also find exclusive chatrooms and the service of instant messaging to talk to somebody who has the same interest as yours. The audio and visual mode of story telling will arouse you in seconds! These make such sites more interesting, exciting and reliable to access when it comes to having pleasure on your own. Such an option of posting horny clips and scenes provide the Xpress Directory a huge fan base! Access such sites whenever you feel bored of old porn sites, hookup sites, and dating sites.

Check Out Sex Stories Whenever You Want

The doors of these sex stories' sites are always open for you to come back and enjoy the explicit content online. If there is still anything that we were unable to cover up here, then simply access the directory to know all the answers!

Enjoy Reading Sex Stories!!!

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Find the best of hot sex stories online in the directory of Xpress to have some pleasure. Take an opportunity to imagine dirty things like never before!

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