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Everyone loves to do online quizzes and tests which is why sites like Buzzfeed are so popular in today's world. This is especially true when it comes to sex tests and dating tests and Xpress.com has the biggest directory of sex tests online. These sex tests promise to provide you with endless hours of fun and entertainment! Want to find out who your celebrity dream man could be? Questioning your sexuality and need some guidance? Want to test your BDSM knowledge? We have got all kinds of different sex tests and dating tests which guarantees that there's something for everyone to enjoy.

What Is A Sex Test?


The first question that might be on your mind is what exactly is an sex test. Another name for sex test is dating test and it's basically a quiz or test that asks you to answer a few personal dating or sex questions and then calculates your result based on your answers. The results change depending on what type of test it is and also what the actual question is and every sex test is unique. They have different themes and subjects and some of them need more knowledge than others. While most sex tests are personality-based, there are also some that want to help you figure out an inner truth about yourself.

In the past, you could find these types of sex tests and dating tests in fashion and lifestyle magazines. The concept was the same, you had to pick an answer that best fit your personality as well as answer the question and then you had to manually add up the answers which would reveal something about yourself. These sex tests were originally created by the magazine and were usually related to dating and sex. They were really popular but as people started reading their news online, these dating tests moved online as well.

How Do You Play Them?


If you want to try out these sex tests and dating tests for yourself, all you need is a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Sine all of these sex tests are now located online on tons of different websites and blogs it is easy to play them and share them with whoever you want to. A lot of sex tests are also mobile-friendly so you can play them on the go! Some of the websites require you to sign up and create a profile before you can get your results but they are all easy to navigate and use.

Some sex tests have different instructions and are more interactive than others. Since they are created by different people and sites, they are all played a little differently but there are some similarities. For example, every sex test is multiple-choice which means that you have to pick the one that best fits the question to get accurate results. Click your choice, answer all the questions and you've successfully completed one sex test.

Where Can You Find Them?


Like we have already mentioned, these sex tests and dating tests are all online. You can expect to find them on different websites and blogs that have news and advice-style articles including magazines, fetish sites, sex sites, and much more! They can be played by anyone but some of them might have age restrictions on them depending on the content. If you love Facebook or social media in general, you can also find a lot of sex tests on there either being shared by your friends but also on some of the pages and tags that you follow. Don't keep all of the sex test fun to yourself! When you are finished answering a test, make sure that you share them with your friends using Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

As you can see, sex tests and dating tests are so easy to find and play! You can use an sex test learn something new about yourself, use it to confirm something that you might have already suspected, or just do them for fun. There are so many different categories to choose from depending on how you're feeling. To pick the best one to try out for yourself, make sure that you read the highlights of each sex test to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want from the experience. There's no limit to the number of sex tests that you can take and you might find yourself spending hours trying all of the ones in our directory below!

Sex Test And Dating Test Category List

Dating Tests

Dating Tests is one of the main categories of sex tests that you will find online. These dating tests are really popular because they are entertaining for people who are single or in long-term relationships. It can tell you who you should date or ask you to think about your dating style in new ways. There are even dating tests that are about hookups and can give great dating advice that you can use in your own life. If you want to learn more about what your dating life and dating experience could say about you, or if you are looking for some dating help with your partner, you should check out this category HERE.

Online Dating Tests

Online Dating Tests is the guide for people who love online dating and using dating apps. These sex tests and dating tests want you to test your knowledge of the most popular dating apps and to put your online dating skills to the test by answering questions about your experience. There is even dating test that want to guess how you would do on Tinder based on a series of personality-based questions or a quiz that matches you with a dating app based on what you want from a partner. You can check out the top online dating sex tests HERE.

Fetish Tests

Fetish Tests is for the people who are into different sexual fetishes or might be curious about fetishes and want to learn more. Every sex test in this list has a different purpose and some of them are serious while others are just for a bit of entertainment. Since there is sexual content, these sex tests are for adults-only. If you want to try out some of the best sex tests CLICK HERE.

Relationship Tests

relationship Tests is the perfect category for people who are in a relationship and are looking for dating advice. The majority of these dating tests are to help you figure out if you are ready for marriage or how long your relationship will last. If you are hooking up and want to see if you should make it official, there's a dating test here for you. You can check out all the relationship tests HERE

Affairs/Cheating Tests

Affairs/Cheating Tests wants to help you and your relationship. In this list, you can find dating tests to help you figure out if you are emotional cheating and whether or not you actually trust your partner. If you are worried about your partner cheating or want to know what you should do if you have an affair, check out the full list of cheating tests HERE.

Gay Dating Tests

Gay Dating Tests wants to help the gay men of the online world get the answers to their biggest dating questions such as: "What Type Of Gay Man Are You?" and "Who Is Your Gay TV Boyfriend" which are based on your personality. There's even a test that will tell you how gay you are. You can find the entire list of the top gay dating tests online HERE.

Lesbian Dating Tests

Lesbian Dating Tests is a guide to the best sex tests and dating tests for women who love other women. These tests use different lesbian subtypes and match you up based on a series of personality questions. There are lots of different tests that you can take with tons of different answers. Want to find out what kind of lesbian you are, check out the lesbian dating tests HERE.

Bisexual Dating Tests

Bisexual Dating Tests is mainly for people who are questioning their sexual identity and want to find out if they might be bisexual. However, there are also dating tests for people who want to find out if their partner might be bisexual as well. If you are curious what genders you find attractive and might find you the most attractive, you can check out the full list of bisexual dating tests by CLICKING HERE.

Transgender Dating Tests

Transgender Dating Tests is the perfect list of dating tests for people who think that they might have been born in the wrong body or people who are worried about how accepting they are of the transgender community. You can take all of these dating tests to see if you get the same answer or just choose or one or two to try out. The top transgender dating tests can be found HERE.

Teen Dating Tests

Teen Dating Tests wants to help people who are new to dating and relationships by giving them dating tests that give dating advice for teens. In these dating tests you can expect to find subjects like jealousy, first kisses, commitments, flirting, and so much more! Want to play some of the best teen dating tests? CLICK HERE.

Interracial Dating Tests

Interracial Dating Tests is perfect fir people who want to know what their future husband/wife's ethnicity could be based on different scenarios and personality tests. These dating tests are mostly meant to be be entertaining but you can use them in other ways too. You can try the interracial dating tests online HERE.

Pop Culture Dating Tests

Pop Culture Dating Tests is the list for people who love pop culture, celebrities, television and movies. In this guide, you can expect to get matched up with your dream man by taking these fun pop culture dating tests. If you want to find out which hot celebrity could be your future husband, check out the full list of pop culture dating tests online HERE.

Start Enjoying Sex Tests Now!

The next step to playing and enjoying these fun sex tests and dating tests is to choose a list. Once you have done that, then you can read through the descriptions to find a sex test to play. We have gathered all of the top tests in each category so you do not have to worry about anything. If you loved the sex tests from a certain website, you can find similar ones by using the tags or the search bar, or you can check out the other categories that we have gathered for your pleasure. Now that you have see what we've got to offer when it comes to sex tests and dating tests, go to the category pages try them out for yourself!

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