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Welcome! You've come to the exact right place if you're looking for all the info on the top date spots! We not only include the best date locations and ideas in the United States, but we've got you and your date ideas covered if you live in Canada or the United Kingdom as well! We researched all the best places that you would take a date, no matter what stage of your relationship! We even make sure to mention which places also make great hookup spots!

Planning a date takes a lot of thought, but we've made it a hell of a lot easier for you by listing the best potential places available to you in your area - all you have to do is pick which place is best suited to you and your date! Whether you're looking for somewhere fun, romantic, sexy, or all of the above, we've got them all right here. All of these date spots are guaranteed to be a pleaser, no matter who you're going out with, so just focus on your date and making a good impression - we'll take care of the rest!

The Evolution Of The Dating Scene


When you think about how dating might have started, what do you picture? Men and women dressed in old-timey clothes going to the same kinds of date spots that we go to now? Well, you're wrong! Dating started much more formally - it was called 'courting' for decades before the 1920s, when the dating scene really started becoming what we would recognize today.

Back in the early 1900s and before, men would actually ask the father of the women they were interested in if they could court their daughter. Entering into a courtship was basically an early agreement of marriage, and the women didn't always have much say in the matter. Regardless, once a man and a woman were courting, they would spend time together usually in his or her family home, or out walking together. Those were the typical date spots of those times.

Once entertainment culture and the bar scene came into the picture in the 1920s, this is when we see a big change to the dating game. Men asked women out directly, and they would go to bars and restaurants as date spots, instead of hanging out at home. And thus began the origins of modern dating! It's evolved quite a bit even since then, but we definitely can trace it back to this era.

Where To Go: Date Spots In Different Countries


As we said before, we can help you find a quality date spot in a few different countries, not just in the US! We've scored all the top sources and done first-hand research to make sure that the places we're about to tell you are genuine date spots and date ideas worth doing! You won't waste anymore time guessing if a place is any good, and wasting your money to find out that it's not. We give you only the best at Xpress.com!

Looking for some fun date ideas to take a first date on? We've got you covered. Want to add some romance to your evening? We've got your back. No matter what kind vibe you're hoping to achieve with your date location choice, we've got a ton of very helpful suggestions right here. We've laid it out so you can search by country or city, but before that, we need to mention these highly rated date spots in each country below. You don't want to miss these places if you're anywhere near the following areas, and have an upcoming date!


There are quite literally thousands of high quality Canada date spots, any of which would make for a fantastic date with any one you take out. We couldn't possibly suggest each and every one of these places, so we narrowed it down to just the most major cities, and the most popular places in them. Even still, there are hundreds more out there, but you can rest assured that the ones we list here are the cream of the crop, highest quality, and guaranteed-to-be-approved date spots. Anyone you take to any of these places will be impressed, so don't worry.

We've chosen the most fun places, and the most romantic locations, so whatever kind of night you're hoping for, we can help. Try to get to know your date a little bit, so that you can be sure you choose the perfect place for the two of you. That way, you really can't lose! Just in case, though, any of these spots would great go-to places! All are affordable, so you won't have to spend a fortune on your date either - we've really got your back!

Fun Date Spots

These are some of the most fun Canada date spots in the country! If you have a date coming up with someone who to have a good time beyond sitting and chatting, you definitely want to be sure you bring them to one of these places.

Pursuit OCR - Toronto, ON:

Pursuit OCR is where you go in Toronto if you and your date want to act like big kids! It's a massive indoor obstacle course and fitness-based playground - they even have an adult ball pit! Play all day and then enjoy some wings and beer.

The Revel Room - Vancouver, BC:

The Revel Room is a famous old fashioned Southern-style hotel, where you can have great food and drinks, enjoy great live music, and opt to check-in and spend the night if your date goes according to plan!

SPIN - Toronto, ON:

If you love ping ping and beer, this is your new go-to date spot. There's a few of them in Toronto, so any location that's close to you works - they all have ping pong tables, beer, and so much more!

DodgeBow - Montreal, QC:

DodgeBow is exactly what it sounds like, so make sure your date likes some friendly competition before you choose this place. It's archery based dodgeball, essentially, and it's super fun.

Romantic Date Ideas

We've got romance on the brain too! If you're hoping to set the mood and get more intimate with your upcoming date, take them to one of the follow date spots Canada and you can't lose!

Le Serpent - Montreal, QC:

Le Serpent is a hella romantic restaurant in Montreal. It's an open space, but the lighting and friendly vibe, not to mention the amazing food, take it to a new level of romance.

Valdez - Toronto, ON:

Valdez is a South American street food restaurant, with an incredible rooftop patio that puts any other romantic patio in Toronto to shame. This place has great food, great vibes, and great drinks.

VanDusen Botanical Gardens - Vancouver, BC:

Take a romantic walk through the lush gardens in BC. Don't underestimate the power of nature on romance - it's impossible not to feel connected to someone when you're immersed in it!

Polsen Pier Drive-In - Toronto, ON:

What's more romantic than a drive-in movie? A drive-in movie on the docks! Roll up and get cozy while you enjoy a movie with your date with the water at your side and the stars in the sky above.


It's no secret that the United Kingdom has some of the most beautiful locations and scenery in the world; with their ancient castles and abundance of historical buildings, there are always places to go and things to see. But not all of these makes for the best UK date spots. That's where we come in! We went through all of the top rated date ideas in the entire country, and picked out a handful to share with you here! All of these places are date-approved, so you never have to worry that you've made a wrong location choice when you go with one of these.

We give you ideas for fun date spots, and romantic date spots, so you can set whatever mood you're after! London alone is jam-packed with potentially fun date ideas, but it can overwhelming when you're trying to pick which place is best. That's why we did it for you! Any of the following places that you choose to bring a date is guaranteed to provide you two with a memorable night - you just have to worry about making the best impression on her!

Fun Date Spots

All across the country, there are hundreds of super fun date spots UK, but we've chosen just a few places to mention. These are all fantastic places to take a date and have a great time!

Swingers - London:

Swingers is a self-proclaimed crazy golf course, so you can bring your date here from insanely fun mini golf, followed by quality food and bev when you're all done having fun - for now!

Gorgie City Farm - Edinburgh:

Take your date for a day on the farm where you two can see goats, pigs, cows and more! Walk the stone walkways and explore the farm's public areas - you might find somewhere private!

Bounce - London:

Bounce is a huge, retro diner and ping pong hot spot, so it's a great place to bring a date for a fun night. There are a ton of cocktails to choose from, pizza, beer, and of course, ping pong!

Hove Lagoon - Brighton:

This is great for a more fun, adventurous kind of date. Learn watersports like windsurfing and more in this shallow lagoon with your date! You can also do wakeboarding and sailing!

Romantic Date Ideas

The UK is full of romantic date spots, so we're noting just a few that you must see if you want to set the mood to romance on your next date. All of these UK date spots are winners!

The Shore - Edinburgh:

A nice walk along the shoreline with someone special is a great romantic activity. Edinburgh has a number of shoreline bakeries and cafes to pop into on your walk as well.

Southbank Stroll - London:

Southbank in London is lined with bars and restaurants of all kinds, but even if you don't stop in any of them, the walk along the river itself is gorgeous and very romantic.

Carluccio's Brighton Basket Picnic - Brighton:

Pre-order a picnic basket (you can actually do this!) from Caluccio's, and find somewhere private and scenic to enjoy an incredible and uber-romantic picnic with your date.

Ski At Chill Factore - Manchester:

Spend the afternoon skiing at Manchester's only indoor ski chalet, then curl up by the fireplace with some drinks or hot cocoa. It's easy to get romantic somewhere like this!


Each and every city on the country has incredible potential date spots US, but how do you know which ones are worth your time and money? That's where we come in! We did all the hard work for you, and took a handful of the absolute best date spots in the country for you to choose from. These are all places that you can bring a date knowing that you've chosen a quality place and that you won't have to spend too much money. There's nothing worse than wasting your money in a bad place, on a bad date. Increase the odds of your date going well by taking them to one of these places.

Romance or fun, we've got date spots for both, so decide what kind of date night you're going for, and go from there! Any of these places are guaranteed to impress your date, and you can take all the credit for coming up with it - it'll be our secret! There's a huge range of things to do all across the country, so we've given you a few different kinds of dates that you could take your date on, and know that you're going to have a good time!

Fun Date Spots

There are all kinds of fun things to do in the USA, but we've taken only a few of the most popular city's top US date spots to note here. There a ton of different options here, so it really depends on what your date likes to do, but you'll have fun no matter where you choose!

Speed Zone - Los Angeles, CA:

This is a family activity centre, but there's no reason you can't bring a date here for a fun time! Go go-karting, play at the arcade, and eat some pizza! What could be better?

Brooklyn Night Bazaar - New York City, NY:

This is the funnest idea you could do, in our humble opinion. Visit the night bazaar for some flea market shopping, then settle in for some drinks, eats, ping pong, and so much more!

A4cade - Boston, MA:

A few different places merged to make this video-game playground date spot! The place is full of kitsch, and you can get a ton of different drinks and eats!

Revolution Brewing Tap Room - Chicago, IL:

Take a tour of one of the Chicago's pop craft brewery's and enjoy almost unlimited samples of craft beers from on-site. This is a great place to spend an afternoon and evening with a date.

Romantic Date Ideas

There's no shortage of romance in these US date spots, so if you're looking for intimacy and a moody setting, these are places to consider for you next night out with someone special!

Gallow Green - New York City, NY:

This rooftop patio is full of greenery, and sets the perfect scene for a romantic experience. You can get punch bowls and upscale cocktails of all kinds to add to that experience!

Venice Canal Walks - Los Angeles, CA:

Take a walk along the super scenic Venice Canal. Stop in and whatever shops catch your eye together, and build your own date. The vibe alone sets the scene as romantic, so you don't have to do much more!

Piattini Wine Cafe - Boston, MA:

Enjoy a plethora of wine options and share some small plated tapas on the gorgeous patio at Piattini. This place was essentially made to be a romantic restaurant, and they succeeded!

Gondola Adventures - Dallas, TX:

Take an incredibly romantic and peaceful gondola ride on the waters at Gondola Adventures in Dallas. It'll feel like you're really in Venice, and there's nothing more romantic than Venice!

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