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LGBTChat.net is where the LGBT+ community lets their rainbow flag fly! Find, connect, with and meet other queers in your area and discuss sex and relationships in one of the most popular gay hookup forum.

LGBTChat.net has sexy singles from all spectrums of the rainbow flag simply looking to meet non-judgmental, like-minded peers.

  • 100% safe space - you don't have to look over your shoulder on this shame-free site
  • 100% free to use - never pay a dime for chatting with your peers
  • 100% secure to use our hookup forum
  • your safety and security is our guarantee


EmptyClosets.com provides a gay hookup forum that is a safe space for anyone who's in the LGBTQ+ community and looking to meet hot singles to discuss sex and relationships with in any capacity.

EmptyClosets.com has thousands of threads covering a myriad of topics from relationship advice to sensual tips and tricks. Whatever your need, preference, or kink, we've got you covered!

  • Comprehensive tips to coming out to your loved ones
  • Friendly, open-minded, and knowledgable mods
  • Free to use with no hidden fees on our hookup forum


Unforumzed.com is the online meeting place for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender singles looking for a free, easy-to-navigate gay hookup forum.

Unforumzed.com allows you to share your most intimate stories, learn from and ask advice from others, and scratch that naughty itch all on one amazing platform.

  • Easily sort and filter through countless threads
  • Customize your profile so other members know exactly what you're into
  • Upgrade your membership for additional features on our hookup forum


HardwareZone.com is home to a fun, open-minded gay hookup forum centered around the love for one of the best movies of the century.

HardwareZone.com has one common thread that keeps its queer members coming back for more. Share your movie knowledge or bond over other interests - it's your choice!

  • Plenty of threads that cover scores of topics
  • Super safe and easy to use
  • Share content and chat one-on-one on our hookup forum


FMForums.co.uk. is where gay filmmakers congregate to talk about sex, love and cinema in the LGBT community. This gay dating and hookup forum is based purely on mutual interests, so you're sure to find the one.

FMForums.co.uk. has many of the same great features of traditional forum sites, but with the extra benefit of being focused purely on film making.

  • Plenty of relatable content and vibrant discussion threads
  • Attentive mods keep the threads on-track and the trolls at bay
  • Share your accolades, pictures and videos on our hookup forum


NaijaLez.com is the premier lesbian hookup forum for all Nigerian women. Find love, share erotic stories, photos and videos or just chat one-on-one. Whatever your tastes, you're sure to find your Naija queen here!

NaijaLez.com has one of the most comprehensive gay hookup forums in Africa and has been helping Nigerian lesbian and bisexual women find love and lust for decades.

  • 100% safe space for women
  • Free and easy to use
  • Your privacy is our #1 priority


DateHookup.com is the leading gay hookup forum with tons of sexy queer singles waiting and ready to mingle! Chat over shared interests, ask for and share advice, or build lusty one-on-one connections.

DateHookup.com has top of the line digital features that make it easy for those in the LGBTQA+ community to chat, connect, and meet.

  • Dozens of forum categories to choose from
  • Tons of sex and relationship advice
  • Totally free to use - always


GayForum.com is the longest running gay hookup forum for queer singles looking to connect and chat. Get your love life out of the closet and get ready for the time of your life!

GayForum.com has hundreds of threads, tons of raunchy, user-submitted erotic content and comprehensive guides to exploring your gender and sexuality.

  • Navigate using our easy-to-use filters
  • Private messaging feature for one-on-one time
  • Attentive moderators and site admins on this hookup forum


AfterEllen.com focuses on lesbian and bisexual women in the media. Connect with like-minded queers while discussing popular culture all on one, free and easy-to-use gay hookup forum!

AfterEllen.com has it all for the queer woman in charge. Pop culture, inquisitive community members, and saucy forum topics. Trust us, you don't want to miss out!

  • Dig in to top topics with an engaged community of single women
  • No shame zone means you're guaranteed a safe space to share your thoughts
  • Whether you're looking for friendship, love, or list
  • After Ellen has got you covered


TGBoards.com is the best online gay hookup forum if you're single and transgender. Meet, connect and chat with other transgender (or gender non-binary) men and women. Who knows? You may just find the love of your life!

TGBoards.com: Come on T-girls and T-boys, come out of your shell and share some spice and a lust for life on one of the hottest gay hookup forums.

  • Free to use
  • Totally safe
  • Easy interface

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