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Feeling lost? Need some help? Xpress.com has everything you need when it comes to sex advice, dating advice, relationship advice, hookup advice, and more! You may already know Xpress.com for it's reputation as one of best hookup dating sites online, but what you are about to discover is that we are also your best resource for sex, dating, hookup, and relationship advice! Here on Xpress, we want to give you both access to thousands of horny singles in your area and the skills to find success - both on and off our site - with whoever you choose.

Listed below, you will discover 40 top-notch sex, dating, hookup, and relationship advice articles to help you through any and all situations you might run into within those categories. With topics ranging from "What Your Birthday Says About Your Sex Life" to "How To Date Someone Out Of Your League", "How To Hook Up With No Regrets" to "Is Your Hookup Bored Of You Already?", and "How To Get Through Any Relationship Setback" to "What You Should Look For In A Girl", we really do cover everything! On top of that, we also provide a snippets from each article (to give you a taste of what you'll be getting), a walkthrough of the best ways to use this guide, and further advice for how you can implement our sex, dating, hookup, and relationship advice into your online and offline life.

The Four Pillars Of The Xpress Advice Guide


Okay, "four pillars" makes this section sound really fancy pants, but really it could just as easily be titled: What Is In This Guide. The four pillars of the Xpress Advice Guide are: Sex Advice, Relationship Advice, Dating Advice, and Hookup Advice. Below, we will give you a brief description of each of our pillars along with some examples of the kind of advice you will find within them.

Sex Advice

Sex is one of those things that has a wide variety of definitions. For example, Merriam-Webster defines sex as "physical activity that is related to and often includes sexual intercourse". Wikipedia, on the other hand, says sex is "principally the insertion and thrusting of the penis, usually when erect, into the vagina for sexual pleasure, reproduction, or both". But those are just basic definitions! Sex can include kissing, touching, oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, fingering, use of sex toys, any number of fetishes, and so much more. When it comes to the kind of sex advice we will give you in this guide, you can expect guidance for landing new sexual partners and getting laid, tips and tricks for a better performance in bed, information about new sexual trends and techniques along with their definitions, and more.

Dating Advice

When it comes to dating our favorite definitions are: "doing an activity with someone you have or might have a romantic relationship with" and "going on a date or several dates with someone with whom you are romantically or sexually interested". When it comes to dating advice, we are all about giving you the tools you need to successfully ask people out on dates and get them to say yes, plan impressive dates within your budget, and have your dates coming back for more again and again!

Hookups Advice

Hookups are kind of a cross between sex and dating. Merriam-Webster defines hookups as "casual sexual encounters" and that really is the most simple way to put it. Basically, hookups are just sex without any intention of it going any further or becoming something more serious. Hookups are very hot right now and are growing in popularity every day. The hookup advice we have included in this guide will not only get you up to speed with all of hookup culture, but will make you an expert hookup artist, too!

Relationship Advice

We all know what relationships are, but for the sake of consistency, let us give you the dictionary definition: "an emotional and sexual association between two people; the state of being connected by marriage". The kind of relationship advice we offer has you covered whether you are looking to get into a relationship or you are trying to keep the one you have already got.So, if you are the kind of person who is looking for something more than just sex and hookups, or you are already in a relationship and hoping to get through some tough times or keep it running smoothly, our relationship advice will be relevant to you!

How To Use This Guide


There are two main strategies you can choose from when it comes to how to use this guide. First, you can go whole-hog and read all 40 articles, beginning to end. Second, you can pick and choose from our four pillars (sex advice,dating advice, hookup advice, and relationship advice) and read the 10 articles within that section. We'll discuss both below:

The Whole Nine Yards

No, not the delightful flick with Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis! When we say "The Whole Nine Yards", we mean that you should read - from begin to end in completion - articles #1 through #40, covering all the information from all four of our pillars (sex advice,dating advice, hookup advice, and relationship advice). At this point, you may be thinking to yourself, "I'm just looking to get laid, I don't need relationship advice", but we promise you that everything you will learn in these articles will be beneficial to you in the future.

Section By Section

If you are in a bit of a hurry, this method may be more your style. For example, if you are hyper-focused on finding fast and easy hookups, you can skip the other four pillars and just tune in to what we have in our "Hookup Advice" section. We still recommend reading everything when you have a chance, but we understand if you need to prioritize one section above the others to start.

Speaking of sections, let's get to that main attraction now...

Xpress Sex Advice


The first section of advice we are going to dive into is our Sex Advice section. Here, we will discuss a wide variety of sexual subjects, including: demystifying the vaginal orgasm, average sex vs. great sex, unrealistic portrayals of sex in pornography, causes of sexual disfunction, postcoital emotions, bizarre sex trends, the unexpected benefits of sex, and more! Below, you will find ten unique and informative articles all focused on covering this information, including: "What Really Separates Average Sex From Great Sex", "Why You Should Really Be Having Sex Every Single Day", and "What Is Coco-Nutting?". Read on to get all your sex advice needs satisfied...

Are You The Real Reason Why He Can't "Get It Up?"

Sex is hard enough to talk about to begin with but when it comes to talking about your partner's performance, or lack thereof, it can get tricky. Are you worried that you might be the real reason he can't get it up? Well, we'll be talking about how this is... Read more.

Why Ladies Who Have A Lot Of Sex Are Smarter

Women who have a lot of sex have more brain cells, an improved memory, and better analytical skills. And if that wasn't enough, women who engage in more sex also have extra protection from stressors and are generally more open. So on top of feeling physically great and emotionally great... Read more.

What Happens In Porn That You Will Never Experience When Having Sex IRL

We all love porn, but how realistic is it? When comparing it to actual real life sex, turns out it isn't very realistic at all! There are a lot of things in porn that you will never experience when having sex in real life. In fact, almost every part of... Read more.

What Your Birthday Says About Your Sex Life

Have you ever wondered if your birthday has anything to do with your sex life? Well, it can! It may seem a little bit silly, just like astrology, but after you read our list you might find yourself agreeing with us! Basically, depending on what month you were born in... Read more.

What Really Separates Average Sex From Great Sex

So what really separates average sex from great sex? There are a handful of factors to consider when it comes to great sex. They are passion, confidence, comfort, caring, foreplay, variety, communication, and knowing your partner. Phew, quite the list! And maybe some things you haven't ever thought about before.... Read more.

Is It Normal To Feel Sad Or Negative After Sex?

We feel a lot of things after sex, like exhaustion or satisfaction. But is it normal to feel sad after sex? You might be thinking that feeling anything other than a positive feeling after sex is wrong or messed up but that is not completely true. There are a lot... Read more.

Why You Should Really Be Having Sex Every Single Day

Did you know that there are actually twelve important reasons why it is important to have sex every day? Many of the reasons are actually health related, so you should be even more excited to have sex every day. After all, if it helps your health, then it is more... Read more.

How To Have A Vaginal Orgasm

A vaginal orgasm is defined as a woman reaching orgasm via stimulation specifically to her vagina, usually from a penis. The other ways that women have orgasms are via stimulation to other arts of their bodies, like the clitoris. Studies show that only 20% of women can easily and regularly... Read more.

What Is "Coco-Nutting?"

This exploration of masturbating and the human body means that sometimes strange things can happen. Coco-nutting is one of them. So what exactly is Coco-nutting? The short answer is: something that you do NOT want to try. Seriously! There are way better ways to get off. And after we give... Read more.

What Women With Amazing Sex Lives Always Do

Have you ever wondered if there was more you could be doing to make your sex life better? Of course you have, because there is always room for improvement! We want to be living our best sexy lives possible, after all. There are specific things that women with amazing sex... Read more.

Xpress Dating Advice


The second section of advice we have for you is our Dating Advice section. Just as we did with our Sex Advice section, we will discuss a wide variety of subjects relating to dating advice, including: the pitfalls of dating an "instababe", social media usage during dating, the new "love bombing" phenomenon, the trials and tribulations of dating in college, and more! Below, you will find ten more fantastic and helpful articles on dating advice, including: "How To Decode His Or Her Snapchat Interactions", "Why You Should Avoid Settling Down Before Your 30th Birthday", and "Why He Hasn't Asked You Out Yet". Read on for all your dating advice needs!

How To Date Someone Out Of Your League

We've all crushed on someone who's out of our league at some point. Wanting what we can't have is a part of human nature sometimes. What if you can have it, though? What if dating someone out of your league was a lot easier than you think? Dating someone out... Read more.

What You Should Look For In A Girl

Dating and experience is the best way to decide what to look for in a girl. There are a lot of factors to consider, and sometimes you need to take a different approach from what you would usually do, when you're deciding what to look for in a girl. If... Read more.

What You Should Look For In A Guy

Deciding what to look for in a guy ultimately comes from a lot of trial and error. You usually find out what you aren't looking for in a guy before you realize what you do want. There are some things that you should be looking for in a guy though... Read more.

How To Decode His Or Her Snapchat Interactions

Decoding the Snapchat interactions of the people we're talking to isn't always easy. People use this app for different reasons, and Snapchat interactions sometimes mean different things to different people. So, how do we decipher the meanings behind these interactions? It's actually pretty easy. Each type of snap has its... Read more.

Is Facebook Trying To Ruin Your Dating Life?

How we use social media when we're dating can be a very important consideration. When it comes to platforms such as Facebook, there are a lot of pros and cons where dating is concerned. There is a lot of information that you can get from social media, but it's not... Read more.

Why He Hasn't Asked You Out Yet

Maybe he never indicated he would, or you didn't give him any signal that he should. Maybe one of you is hung up on someone else, or are already seeing someone. It could even be that he's intimidated by you, or you're already friends and he doesn't want to wreck... Read more.

Why College Dating Is So Hard These Days

There are a lot of things that are going on during our college years, and we all move through these years at a different pace, with different priorities that are starting to take shape, which we all deal with differently. There is a lot of focus on, and still a... Read more.

What Is "Love Bombing?"

Love bombing happens to a lot more people than you might think. Even the strongest person you know is capable of being love bombed. At the end of the day, most people want to believe in love, so that makes anyone a potential target for a love bomber. So, what...Read more.

Why You Should Avoid Settling Down Before Your 30th Birthday

Why should you avoid settling down before your 30th birthday? Well, times have changed, as have our reasons for partnering up. We're still finding ourselves and have the opportunity to complete ourselves so that we can be with someone for the right reasons. Being established, financially stable and more mature... Read more.

Why You Should Avoid Dating An Instababe

Dating an Instababe might seem like it would be a lot of fun, but in reality, it's not a good idea at all. So, why should you avoid dating an Instababe at all costs? Once you've asked yourself why you'd want to in the first place, there's the fact that... Read more.

Xpress Hookup Advice


Our third section of advice is going to focus on Hookup Advice. Hookup advice is kind of like sex advice and dating advice combined, since you need sex advice to ensure a successful physical encounter and you need dating advice to ensure you have the proper courting skills to get someone into bed (or wherever else) with you. In this section, we will be discussing the aftermath of hooking up with your best friend, how to handle a bad hookup, how to have regret-free hookups, the benefits of having a "hotation", and a variety of additional hookup advice topics. Below, we are providing you with ten essential hookup advice articles, including: "What Really Happens After A Wedding Hookup?", "What To Say When Your Hookup Wants A Commitment", and "Are Hookups Replacing Relationships in College?". Read on to get all our best hookup advice...

Are Hookups Replacing Relationships in College?

Priorities have changed and people are waiting longer to settle down. Commitments aren't a huge priority when you need to work during school. The interest just isn't there the way it once was. People want to have more experiences before settling down and keep their lives as simple as possible... Read more.

How To React The Morning After A Hookup

There are a lot of different possibilities and there are answers for each. You may never want to see them again. You may have found your new current hookup. You may have made a friend. You may have met your match. Any of these things is possible, so how you... Read more.

Can You Take Back A Bad Hookup?

Can you take back a bad hookup? No, you can't. You can get past it, though! You can give yourself a few days to wallow, keep busy, break the contact, take precautions, have a better hookup, not make a big deal out of it, and make better choices going forward... Read more.

How To Hook Up With No Regrets

You both need to know what you want, and have an understanding. Make sure that you're both on the same page, and leave all emotions out of the equation. Who you pick really matters because there needs to be a level of trust where you're not going to catch feelings... Read more.

What Really Happens After A Wedding Hookup?

There are a lot of different things that can - and sometimes won't, happen after a wedding hookup, but the important thing to remember, is that what ultimately happens, is up to you. As long as you set some ground rules, don't get wasted, be discreet and keep things on the... Read more.

What Is A "Hotation" & Why Every Woman Should Experience One?

A "notation" is generally the act of rotating hookups in order to gain back your confidence likely after a breakup. Also there are many reasons why women have hotations! There's a sense of freedom that comes from it. You'll gain a lot of sexual experience, and have a chance to... Read more.

What To Say When Your Hookup Wants A Commitment

Are you right for each other? What do you really want, and if you both want more, how do you move forward from here? Can things stay the same if you say no? Moving forward, keeping your cool, and not making a bigger deal out of any of this than... Read more.

Do You Want More Than A Hookup?

Have you reached a point where you're looking for more than just a hookup? There are a few ways that you can determine this. For example, have you been having different thoughts about your hookup lately? Are they on your mind more than usual? Are you looking more forward to... Read more.

Is Your Hookup Bored Of You Already?

How can you tell if your hookup is bored of you? There are several giveaways that can help you to determine this. Maybe they've met someone else, and you're seeing less of them. Maybe you didn't put them first and they lost interest. They might just be busy or not... Read more.

What Really Happens When You Hook Up With Your BFF

There are a few things that can happen, such as a change in your friendship, a break in your friendship, the loss of your friendship, nothing at all, others may try to influence the situation, and you'll definitely learn who your BFF really is. Once you've hooked up with your... Read more.

Xpress Relationship Advice


We've covered sex advice, dating advice, and hookup advice so what's left? Well, as promised, we will also be covering Relationship Advice! In this final section, we will talk about how to keep things new and exciting in long-term relationships, the usefulness of breakups, emotional cheating vs. physical cheating, how to get past a fear of commitment, the benefits of smoking weed on relationships, and more! Below, you will see our final ten articles - all on relationship advice - including: "Should You Tell Your Bae To Delete Photos Of Their Ex On Facebook?", "How to Have Friendships With the Opposite Sex When You're In A Relationship", and "What the Last Emoji Sent to Your Bae Says About Your Relationship". Read on to finish our advice education!

How A Breakup Can Fix Your Relationship

Breaking up can help fix a lot of the problems in your relationship. In most cases, breakups force people to confront things about their relationship that they used to ignore. Breakups can help you and your partner figure out how much you value each other and your relationship. It can... Read more.

Should You Tell Your Bae To Delete Photos Of Their Ex On Facebook?

Figuring out if you should ask your partner to delete photos of their ex on Facebook depends on a lot of different things. First, figuring out what the relationship was like and how important it was to them. If they're keeping photos of their ex, it's probably because they were... Read more.

How To Get Through Any Relationship Setback

To get through any relationship setback, you need to be able to look at the situation objectively. When your judgment gets clouded by emotion, it makes it harder to find a solution. You can do everything right and still something can happen that you have no control over that threatens... Read more.

How to Keep Things Exciting in a Long-term Relationship

To make a relationship last and keep things from going stale, it's important to talk to each other and explore new things as a couple. This also includes sexually and actually learning new things. Taking a class together or just taking off for the weekend is a great idea. If... Read more.

What Makes Men Fall in Love in Relationships

Men fall in love in relationships when they feel comfortable. Men want to feel like they can be who they are in front of you. They need to feel comfortable enough to share their lives with you and that's what makes them fall in love. Modern day media might try... Read more.

Why Emotional Cheating is Way Worse Than Physical Cheating

Emotional cheating is worse than physical cheating because it threatens the emotional side of a relationship Cheating is a complete betrayal of our trust and it's hard to make a relationship work after infidelity. Sometimes it can help wake you up to a problem in the relationship. Either there's no... Read more.

How to Have Friendships With the Opposite Sex When You're In A Relationship

If you want to be friends with the opposite sex when you're in a relationship, it's important to set boundaries on the friendship. This makes it easier for your partner to trust you because they feel like they have some control over the situation even when they aren't around. There's... Read more.

Why You're Afraid AF to Commit to a Serious Relationship

Fear of commitment is actually a fear of change. Many people experience this fear because it threatens their lifestyle which they're accustomed to. The rise of casual hookups is a result of this fear. Fear of commitment is a serious problem that is happening today, especially if you're a millennial... Read more.

Why Smoking Weed Can Be Good For Your Relationship

Smoking weed with your partner can help your relationship in many ways. It can prevent arguments and negative feelings. It can cut down on resentment, jealousy, and anxiety. It can also work to make your relationship more fun and exciting. Smoking weed with your partner is a great way to... Read more.

What the Last Emoji Sent to Your Bae Says About Your Relationship

Emojis might seem just like a fun graphic to add to your text messages, but then they can actually reveal what kind of your relationship you have with your bae. Emojis actually have a lot of hidden meaning. There are obvious ones like a heart meaning love, but even some... Read more.

Put Your Newfound Knowledge To The Test


Now that you have all the knowledge you need, it's time to put it to good use! With all the sex advice, dating advice, hookup advice, and relationship advice that we have provided for you, you can now go out into the world and implement your new knowledge and skills and find success in whatever sex, dating, hookup, or relationship situation you may find yourself in. Below, we will outline just some of the ways in which you can use this advice.

Have Better, More Pleasurable Sex

Using the information in our Sex Advice section, you can master new sexual moves, techniques, and trends that you can implement in your future sexual encounters. And, if you weren't sold on sex in the first place, we can also help you to understand the benefits of an active sex life and help you to open up to the idea of having casual sex on a more regular basis.

Have Happy, Healthy Hookups

Between the information in our Sex Advice section and the information in our Hookup Advice section, you will be prepared to find and engage in sexual hookups that leave you feeling happy, satisfied, and safe. We will give you the hookup advice that you need to find good hookups and get past bad ones.

Commit To A Successful Relationship

Throughout our advice guide, you will find a ton of relevant information that can help you find, identify, and commit to your perfect partner. Our advice can also help you to get out of toxic relationships, avoid abusive partners, and steer clear of connections that will leave you feeling used or unloved.

Repair Or Rejuvenate What You Currently Have

If you came here looking for advice regarding your relationship with a current or potential partner, you have surely already realized that we have plenty of information to help you with that! In our Relationship Advice section, we have tons of advice for both new couples and partners who have been together for a long time. Whether you need advice for keeping your spark alight, working through a disagreement, or just being a good partner, we have the advice articles to help your relationship succeed.

So, what are you still doing down here reading this? Start ingesting our sex advice, dating advice, hookup advice, and relationship advice now and get to putting it to good use! Your life is about to get better by leaps and bounds... all you have to do is get started!

Our Guide To Sex Advice & Dating Advice

Feeling lost? Need some help? Xpress.com has everything you need when it comes to sex advice, dating advice, relationship advice, hookup advice, and more!

Our Guide To Sex Advice & Dating Advice | Xpress.com