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We, here at Xpress, want to make sure that you have the best time possible and find everything you could possibly be looking for. Whether you are looking into meet a hot local hookup or hoping to find a new fetish you haven't discovered yet, there is nothing that we can't help you with! There are so many reasons to get a membership with Xpress. It's not just a massive library of amazing dating sites, it's also a community! Sign up now!

All About Xpress


With so many options online right now for dating, it is hard to find exactly what you want. At Xpress, we make it easy to for you find exactly what you are looking for. If you want love and romance, we can help you choose sites from our directory of dating sites that are aimed at other people who also want that. There are tons of free dating sites on Xpress, if you are a bit tight on cash. Perfect for the college crowd that are just looking to hookup!

Xpress has been in this business for years and we know the in's and out's of what makes a great site and we are happy to pass this along to you. We did all the hard work of studying each site and taking notes that will give an overview of every single site. You just need to search for your fantasy and you will be connected in minutes.

We are a totally inclusive site that allows anyone of any gender, race, sexual orientation, or fetish preferences to join up. Don't feel like there isn't something out there for you. Trust us when we say that if you have thought about it, so have tons of other people. Let us connect you to those people and help you start making real world connections.

We have been so successful at delivering up that 100% hookup and relationship success rate that we have won awards for the last few years because of it. We are leading the way for other dating sites directories out there. Not to mention, those other dating hookup sites don't offer half of what we offer. That is why we are the best! If you are looking for something that is made just for you then this is the place you want to be.

Sign up now and receive email updates about new hookup dating sites that are getting made, what sites are top trending, and if there are new updates on the dating sites that you have favorited. We will also make sure that if there is something specific that you are looking for, that we keep you updated and suggest other dating sites that you might also be interested in that you might not have thought of. We are here to work for you.

What You Will Find On Xpress


We know that there is a lot of options online for tons of directories for dating sites so we thank you for choosing us. We offer up so many categories of different ethnicities, genders, fetishes and kinks and so much more. We have organized all our sites into specific categories so that you can find exactly what you want. We then proceed to break it down site by site and let you know what each one offers to help you find the absolute best site for you. You will have your choices narrowed down in no time flat.

We are also very inclusive towards anyone that is trans, non-binary, gay, straight, lesbian, black, white, anything and everything. You are in a safe place that is here to introduce you to a wider community of people who are just like you. Everyone is welcome on here and we do not tolerate any sort of negative, racist, homophobic, etc, content ever.

We want to make sure that everyone here is taken care of. That is why we have put together the ultimate database of everything from porn to sexy chatrooms! You will be having the time of your life in no time flat. We want to make sure that you are satisfied and have found everything that you are looking for.

So, How Can We Help You?


Our mission as a business is help you find exactly what you are looking in a judgement free zone. There shouldn't be any reason for you to feel as though you are weird or different for liking what you like. Because, chances are, there is someone out there who is also into it. You can log into your account and see if new members have been added and who you might match with. You can find anything you want on here.

Signing Up Couldn't Be Easier!

Step 1: Create A Profile!

When you click the SIGN UP NOW button, you will be directed to the membership sign up page. It'll take a few seconds. Upload a photo of yourself and you are golden!

Step 2: Find A Category!

Now that you have created your profile on Xpress, you can start browsing through tons of wonderful categories. Find out what type of fetish or person you are looking for and go from there. We have a wide selection of options for you to choose from. If for some reason the fetish or kink or category you want isn't on here. Let us know and we'll make our best effort to help you.

Step 3: Start Hooking Up!

Once you find the category that you like and the hookup dating sites that you want to visit, you will be instantly connected to see many people all over the world but—more importantly—so many members are local to you. You will be hooking up with someone in no time!

The Dating Sites We Offer


When you sign up with us you get access to so many directories of adult dating sites and we give you all the information you need to make an informed choice. No more wasting time blindly searching to find the dating site that works for you. Whether you want gay, straight, couples, ethnic, hookups only, relationships only, affairs, etc. There is so many categories and so much information at your disposal. You won't have to waste another minute searching on your own. We have made this so easy to use, you'll be finding someone in no time!

If you are looking to just hook up with someone in your area, we can help you find a site that is perfect for you based off your needs, wants, and location. We also let you know what hookup dating sites have dating apps, if you are the travelling type!

Tons Of FREE Dating Sites

We also know that not all of us are swimming in cash. So all of our directories and lists include dating sites that are free dating sites. We know that some of you are just looking for an easy hookup and not for something long term, so why spend the money? There are so many free dating sites that even offer a dating app that you can connect to people on the go. Don't spend a cent and get the hottest babes.

BONUS: Porn Directories!

Xpress is proud to have such a wide variety of categories and directories of so many different niches.If you don't feel like going out, then stay in and have some "me time" with our large collection porn site directories.

How To Make Your Dating Sites Profile Desirable

If you want to be hooking up more often, you need to make sure that your profile is one to be desired. Take a few minutes and really put good answers out there. To help you get started, we have provided some tips and tricks to help you have a great profile that other members will want to click on.


If you can make your profile more appealing to the masses, you up your chances at getting more opportunities at hooking up. Plus, every few weeks change it up. Make it new and fresh, attract new people. You will be having a great time in no time. Just make sure to consider these easy tips. Trust us on this one, we are the experts and we see these easy mistakes everyday. Try them and see!

Be Interesting

That might have sounded a bit rude but hear us out. If you see a profile that just says "Hi, I'm Mark. Construction worker. 5'11". New York."... you are just going to skip right passed it right away. Make your profile interesting. Give us some details about your life. Talk about your likes, what you do for fun, if you have pets, if you can play an instrument, if you are a good cook. It is proven that 87% of members spend more time on profiles that are interesting. So, just put yourself out there more. You will see results.

Have A Good Photo Album

Good photos will make your profile more aesthetically pleasing. Have a good shot of you looking handsome (whatever that may be to you). You want to put your best foot forward and their first opinion of you will be your photo. Make it a good one. Have a photo of you with friends or family. Bonus points if it's a baby, toddler or animal. Have a photo of you doing something fun that you like to do like a sport or art or maybe you make and design your t-shirts. Show that off.

Keep It Positive

No matter what, you want to come off as positive. Even if you aren't. No one likes to read a profile that just talks about the dislikes. Focus on the good stuff. Talk about what you like versus what you hate. Happy people are more likely to get laid than angry or douchey people.

If you use these tips and tricks, we can guarantee that it will up your chances of hooking up with someone or finding a new partner in life.

Safe And Secure


Xpress wants you to know that they are completely safe, secure and private. We don't share your information with others without your consent. Nor will we email or charge your credit with our name, you will receive billing from CCBill and it will not state what for. Your privacy is our main concern.

100% Success Rate


Xpress is so happy to say that we have a 100% success rate at matching up members with people to hookup with. Signing up with us, means guaranteeing that you will get laid. This also goes for members finding relationships and love. You can see that we make sure that you are getting the best service possible. If you are still looking for a reason to join, then this is it. You will 100% get laid, meet someone, find your fetish, whatever you need. We got it!

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Getting started could not be more easy with us. Xpress knows that your time is valuable so we made signing up a breeze. Click the SIGN UP NOW button to started. Once you have started, you will answer a few simple questions about age, gender, what you are seeking, etc. You will build a quick profile. It takes less than 5 minutes. Once that is done, you can start browsing through our many categories, niches, fetishes, kinks, whatever tickles your fancy. You will be finding someone in no time. That is our 100% success rate guarantee!

Xpress Is The Best Directory Of Dating Hookup Sites!

There are so many reasons to get a membership with Xpress. It's not just a massive library of amazing dating sites, it's also a community! Sign up now!

Xpress Is The Best Directory Of Dating Hookup Sites!