How To React The Morning After A Hookup


Hooking up can be a lot of fun, and a lot of good things can come out of a good hookup. That first morning after a hookup can be a doozy, though. Really, how are you supposed to react the morning after a hookup? There are a lot of different possibilities and there are answers for each. You may never want to see them again. You may have found your new current hookup. You may have made a friend. You may have met your match. Any of these things is possible, so how you react needs to relate appropriately to each particular situation. So, be chill about it, don't worry about anything, don't overreact, and don't bother regretting it. Each hookup is going to have its own outcome, and Xpress.com has the answers you're looking for so that you know what to do after your next one - even if it's making a fast getaway! Read on for more information.

There Are A Lot Of Possibilities Here - Don't Panic!

Seriously, after a hookup, there's no need for a crazy reaction the morning after. It really doesn't matter at the end of the day, and there are a number of things that can possibly come of your hookup after the fact, so check it out. How should you react after the fact? We've got several different scenarios for you to ponder here, so take a look through, and find out what the best way to go is for each. However things end up going for you and your hookup after the fact, it's all good. There's no need to get attached to any possible outcome. Try and be open to whatever it is that may be meant to happen, and go with the flow. Whatever direction things end up going in after this point, it's all going to work out fine, so there's no need to place more importance on things than is necessary. Let's take a look at all of the various possibilities, and the best ways to go about each.


You May Never Want To See Them Again


Well, let's be honest. You really may never want to see them again, and there's nothing wrong with that at all. You had your fun and it's time to be on your way. This might be the ideal time to practice your ninja skills, and make a clean getaway while they're still asleep. Depending on who they are, you might have to do a bit more damage control, though. If you know them, you're probably going to have to be prepared with some sort of an explanation in case they approach you at all. If you don't know them, make your getaway and don't look back. If you can't do that, thank them for a good time, and play things super cool.

They're not going to need for you to give them a formal goodbye explanation, but you can always say that you had a good time, thank them, and be on your way. Hopefully that will be cool enough for them. If they were just looking for a hookup anyway, you're not likely going to need to say more than that. If you have to be direct though, then go for it. You don't have to be harsh, but there's nothing wrong with taking a straightforward approach. If you don't want to connect again, let them know that you're not interested. They'll get over it.

You May Have Found Your New Current Hookup!

So, maybe you both had a great time, and you're both thinking that it would be great to hookup again. If things work out that way, then that's great. You can exchange information and keep in touch. You might even decide to make plans for sometime in the near future. Finding someone you want to hookup with frequently after a one night situation isn't always an easy task to do, but if you're both into it, then go for it! You'll probably end up having a lot of fun with them as long as you're both on the same page. Be up front about what it is that you're looking for, but don't make anything into a bigger deal than it needs to be. If you've managed to find a great hookup for the next while, sit back and enjoy it. Sometimes the best long-term hookups we meet come out of the blue, and that's awesome, so the best way to react to this particular scenario, is to go forward with it, and enjoy it for what it is, for as long as it happens to last. That's the best thing that you can do, and it'll last for as long as it's meant to.

You May Have Made A Friend

This does tend to happen. You hook up with someone, you have a cool time with them, and really hit it off on a friend level. If this is the case, it can often happen that the hookup was just a segue into an awesome friendship. If this ends up being the case then there are definitely great times ahead. In some cases, the hookup part of the relationship might be over and that's totally fine, but in other cases, you can often end up having a great friend with benefits that you can be cool with and have a great time with doing all of the things you have in common, as well as enjoying some great sex on the side. If you have managed to walk into this particular scenario, the best way to go about things after the initial night of hooking up is to be cool with them for what they are. It's a great situation when something like this can happen, so enjoy the fact that you've made a new friend, and if it turns out that you manage to get some friends with benefits action in there as well, enjoy it!

You May Have Met Your Match

In a hookup situation, this is probably one of the least likely outcomes, but now and again it does tend to happen. Sometimes you meet your match under the most unlikely of circumstances. In this day and age though, there simply aren't any rules anymore, so if this is how you and your match end up meeting, there's nothing wrong with that, and although it might not be the most romantic story, it'll definitely be the story that belongs to both of you. Of course you're not going to know how to react to this immediately on the morning after a hookup, but you can definitely make some steps to understand the feelings you're having. If it's a two way situation, you're going to end up exchanging information and keeping in touch. You'll probably hookup a few more times, and things will simply evolve from there. These stories are actually pretty cool because it seems like it's a meant to be thing, and when we end up with someone, meant to be is usually what we're going for. So, if you're lucky enough to have an awesome hookup, and you end up meeting your match, go with it, and enjoy every step along the way. It's sure to be a fun and interesting process!

Hang Out Only For As Long As It's Comfortable

When it comes to hanging out the next day, it's going to depend on any one of the factors mentioned above, so if you've decided that you're not interested in seeing this person ever again, obviously you're not going to want to hang around for even a minute longer than is necessary. If you've ended up making a friend, you might find that you both get up the next morning and decide to play video games or watch a movie together over a cup of coffee. If you've ended up meeting your match, you might end up making them breakfast, or they might end up making breakfast for you, and you'll both have a chance to ask each other some questions and get to know each other better. The amount of time you hang out for the morning after will always depend on the dynamic, and after a hookup, there's generally a sense that you get when you know someone wants you to leave, or a sense that they'll manage to get once they realize that you're ready to get started on your day without them. Generally speaking, there's a level of awkwardness that goes with any morning after situation, regardless of the outcome, which leads us to our next point.

Don't Overreact

Seriously, just don't. There's nothing to overreact to in this situation. Even if you're not used to having random hookups and you're not happy with the send off you're given in the morning, it really doesn't matter. Sure, you're probably tired and likely even a bit hungover, so you're not going to be at your best anyhow. The last thing you need to do though, is do get defensive or snappy if you're at someone's place, and they're trying to get you to leave. Likewise, if you're trying to get them to leave in the morning, you can be cool about it. You don't have to get snappy or impatient about it. You can always say that you have to get going shortly, but that you had fun. They're likely to get the hint. Whatever side of this situation you happen to be on the morning after, don't get emotional about it. It's fine. You don't know each other and you don't owe each other anything. Do what you need to do, and be on your way.

Be Chill About It

Again, being chill is always the best approach you can take that will enable the best possible outcome the morning after a hookup. It's going to be awkward for both of you, as previously mentioned, but at the same time, remaining chill about it is never going to be the worst approach you can take, regardless of whatever the outcome ends up being. So, if you're ready to never see them again, play it cool and be on your way, or send them on theirs. If you've made a cool friend, be chill about talking about things the next day, and make some plans to see each other again soon. If you've met your match, definitely keep your cool. You'll be in a much better head space to see how things go if you put that thought out of your head for the whole morning after. Deal with it another time. It'll all work out.

Don't Worry About It

Whatever the outcome ends up being, even if you didn't end up parting on a good note, don't worry about anything because at the end of the day, it really isn't a big deal. You probably have things to do that day, so put your focus on those things and leave any potential worries about the reaction you got from needing to make a quick exit at the door when you walk out of it, or with the person who walked out of your door. As long as you've been safe and responsible with your hookup, there's nothing that you need to worry about. Go about your business.

Don't Bother Regretting It

Whether it was a great situation or an awful one, you can't take it back. So, if you're not having the best feelings about it, you'll be wasting your time if you regret it. Move forward and make better choices the next time around. What else can you do? As long as you had a good time while it was happening, that's really all that matters in the end.

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