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Top Canada Date Spots & Date Ideas


Knowing where to take your date when you're somewhere new can be really daunting, but thanks to articles like this one, it doesn't have to stay that way. We're here to make your life easier, and help you find out which are the best places to meet and bring a date. Let's face it, there are way too many potential date spots to be able to know them all, so you really only need to know the absolute best of the best - which is where we come in!

No matter where you are in the country, there are all kinds of date spots Canada for you to check out. We've made it ever easier for you to find those places by giving you a list of some noteworthy date ideas and places to take your dates! From the west to the east coast, know where to find all the best spots to take or meet a date by reading our guides to each city and their top spots.

Bars And Date Spots In Canada Through Time

Visiting bars is by no means a modern phenomenon in Canada, and can be traced way back in history to the earliest days of the first businesses to be established. One of the very first businesses was a pub, although it's been largely debated which of Canada's many historical bars was that first one. The most popular outing for men in the country was to go to the pub for a beer after work, and this hasn't changed - though women have joined the party in somewhat more recent years. Clearly, this kind of activity was popular in Canada long before now, we're merely carrying on tradition.

When you're looking the history of bars and Canada date spots, you're going to have first look at the largest entertainment and nightlife influencer of the entire country - Toronto. The city of Toronto has always been a pioneer in terms of culture and nightlife in Canada, because it's the largest city in the country! What happens here trickles into the rest of the country, and similar bars, clubs, and date spots pop up all over Canada.


The exact history of bars and clubs in Toronto is a little bit easier to follow than then you're looking at the entirety of Canada, but we still know which of the 5 oldest bars was the very first one in the city, though they were all established in the 1800s, and they're all still standing today: The Wheat Sheaf, The Black Bull, The Brunswick House, Dominion on Queen, and The Gladstone Hotel.

Toronto isn't the only city in Canada with a hugely popular nightlife; moving over to Quebec we see a ton of bars and clubs that would make for great date ideas and potential date spots for a first or second date. Of course, there's an abundance of places where you go to meet a hookup, or meet someone to ask out on that first date, but once you get it, you have even more options. This has been the case for decades; Montreal has always had a very active nightlife scene, with no shortage of places to go with date, or with friends.

The entire country of Canada has grown exponentially in the past 150 years, and (perhaps unsurprisingly) so has it's bar scene. It's interesting to note that while a number of the original pubs and bars throughout that country have been given face lifts, they're still standing as a key memento of Canada's bar history. Of course, you'll also find them surrounded by many other bars and restaurants, so whether you're looking for modern date ideas or an old-fashioned bar setting, you're guaranteed to find something, no matter where you are.

Noteworthy Bars, Clubs & Canada Date Spots


From the east to the west coast, including the Territories, there are thousands of bars and Canada date spots to choose from. Each and every province has thousands of bars and restaurants, so how can you possibly know which of those is worth checking out? Which of these many places are good to take a date? Wonder no more! We've made a brief list of some of the most popular date spots across the country, in each of the major cities.

These are places that you do not want to miss out on, whether or not you're planning your next date! We've chosen not just bars, or restaurants, or clubs, but we've included all of the best places for the best dates, regardless what what kind of location! All that matters here is that it would make a stellar place to bring a date, and it's one of the most note-worthy and popular spots in its city. Check it out!

Snakes & Lagers, Toronto ON

Snakes & Lagers is the alcohol-friendly counterpart to the famous Snakes & Lattes franchise, and it's at the top of the list of killer date ideas. They have two locations in downtown Toronto, in the Annex at 600 Bloor St. W., and near Little Italy at 489 College St. Both are easily accessible via the TTC, so you can get to either no problem - but more importantly, you can just as easily get home after you've had a few!

It's a great place to go with a date to have a few drinks, get to know each other, and play some classic board games while you do it! It's one of the best, most casual ways to connect with someone, and a really chill environment to do it in. It really doesn't matter which location you visit, the quality and vibe is the same at both, though the specific board game choices may differ a little bit. It's a very casual place but it's not somewhere you would go to meet someone to hookup - meaning that there isn't much mingling outside of the groups who arrive together. It is a great spot for a date, however.

Mosquito, Vancouver BC

This dessert and cocktail bar at 32 Water St. is one of the best Canada date spots on the west coast. They open around dinner time, but this isn't somewhere you'd take a date for dinner - this is one of the many post-dinner date ideas that gives you the perfect excuse to continue the night after dinner. They serve a variety of upscale sweets, as well as a range of wines and cocktails, so you can come for an after-dinner drink or dessert - or both!

They do serve a small menu of savory snacks, but they don't have a full menu of food, so this could also be a great place to come for a few drinks on a first date or initial meet-up. Whatever your reasons for visiting with a date, you're going to score some high points for bringing them here. It won't cost you ton a either - everything is very reasonably priced for the location.

Home And Away, Calgary AB

1331 17 Ave SW in Calgary is home to one of the funnest Canada date spots. This super casual sports bar, restaurant, and games room is an all-in-one place to take your date when you don't much about them aside from that they're laid back and like to have fun. The food menu is huge, with a wide selection of classic Canadian dishes and more! Don't forget to check out their drink menu, and then follow it up all up with some carnival-style games!

This place is kind of like an adult Chuck E Cheese, except with the addition of alcohol, and located in Canada. Okay fine, it's better than The Cheese, and it makes for a very legit date idea if you're coming up with things to do. This place is open late, too, so you can pop in for some after dinner drinks and fun if you're still out on the town with your date.

Promenade Cafe & Wine Bar, Winnipeg MB

This cafe and wine bar at 130 Provencher Blvd is proof that Winnipeg is so much more than just prairies! You can get a full selection of organic coffees, teas, French foods, and a bar. They're not open late - 9pm on most days - so it's a good date spot for a second date, or to take your partner for any of the day's meals. It's a casual vibe as well, making it easy to carry on a conversation without having to shout over the din.

The location of this cafe/bar combo is made even better by it's location - you're dining while you overlook the Red River and Esplanade Riel so the view is gorgeous! It's in the French Quarter of the city, but by no means do you need to speak the language to enjoy the restaurant, or the area. Check out the website to find out when you can see live shows, so you can plan your upcoming dates here accordingly!

The Willow on Wascana, Regina SK

The Willow at 3000 Wascana Dr. is one of the top Canada date spots in Saskatchewan, and it's where you want to take a date that you really want to impress. It's a classy and upscale place, so expect to shell out some dough on the lucky lady you take here. They have outdoor seating on their deck terrace, and a large wine list selection, along with fine Canadian cuisine on the menu. Bringing your date here, whether it's the first date or fiftieth date, is pretty much guaranteed to get you laid.

The atmosphere is upscale but not pretentious, though you don't want to risk wearing jeans to a place like this. They've got a number of seasonal wine tasting menus too, so you might need to watch you intake - or not, depending on how your date is going! Reservations are required to dine here, so it's not a last minute dining idea location for a spontaneous date.

La Buvette Chez Simone, Montreal QC

You can find not only one of the most popular date ideas in Quebec at 4869 Park Ave., but also the most popular bar/restaurant in the city in general! It's a very highly rated wine bar, with an ever-changing list of vinos, and different featured tapas to enjoy, making it the perfect place to bring a date. You can spend the evening sampling wines and menu items any time after 4pm, going late into the night until 3am!

You can start or end your evening here, but don't except it to become overly rowdy just because it's 2am. This is a classy, yet casual place, so you can drink as much wine as you want, while having a great conversation with the person you're out with. There's a wide variety of foods available aside from tapas as well, if you're in the mood for a larger kind of meal.

The Brooklyn Warehouse, Halifax NS

2795 Windsor St. makes for one of the many great Canada date ideas if you're in Nova Scotia. The retro, kitsch decor alone makes this place worth a visit, but pair it with fine Canadian cuisine and a super low-key vibe, and you've got yourself the perfect date spot! It's a bistro, so the menu is pretty typical new Canadian foods, and the prices are just an unpretentious as the place itself, making this a very affordable place for a night out.

The hours here a little bit tricky, so just keep in mind that they do open at 11:30am, and they close at 9pm (10pm on weekends), they also close for an hour between 3:30 and 4:30. So don't plan your date to this place between those hours, but otherwise, you're in the clear! They have craft beer on tap as well, so make sure you browse their drink menu options.

Portobello's, St. John's NFLD

Portobello's, at 115 Duckworth St., is a harbour-side restaurant serving locally caught seafood, steak, and more. It's an upscale eatery, with two dining levels, so you won't be surprised to hear that it's the classiest place in St. John's. This, almost by default, makes it the ideal date spot, but the quality of the food and vibe of the place lands it on the list anyway. If you're planning a date in St. John's you want to plan it here.

You should book a table, because it is one of the most popular Eastern Canada date spots, and don't except a cheap night out here. It'll be worth the money though, because you're definitely getting laid if you shell out the money to take your date here for a great meal, great experience, and a great date. They're closed from 2pm to 5:30pm on weeknights, and open only during evenings on weekends.

Vault 29, Fredericton NB

Vault 29 is located at 426 Queen Street, and is your next date spot if you're in the Fredericton area. It has a modern speakeasy feel to it, with a huge selection of drink options and menu items to choose from. You can choose to sit at the dining tables, or at the comfortable lounge couches around the exterior of the room - there's no shortage of seating at this bar and grill. They also have a quaint outdoor terrace with some seating, which you'll have to arrive early or book ahead to get if you're hoping to dine outside.

They have happy hour every day from 3-6pm, and other daily menu specials to check out when you visit. Their brunch menu is highly acclaimed, so if you're looking for somewhere to go for brunch with your partner, this is it. They're open 11:30am to 10pm Monday through Thursday, closing at 2am Fridays and 12am Saturdays. The place is closed on Sundays.

Hunter's Ale House, Charlottetown PEI

The Ale House at 185 Kent St. is the best date spot if you want to enjoy casual drinks and live music with your date. It's very reasonably priced, and super busy, so it also makes for a great place to meet a potential new date or hookup! You can also get some solid eats here, like local seafood, steak, and poutine, all to get you ready for an exciting night of dancing to the upcoming bands.

The vibe here is extremely casual and unpretentious, with the music performances mainly being indie bands and local music. You won't spend too much money taking your date here either!

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Xpress.com's Ultimate Guide To Fun Canada Date Ideas

If you're for date ideas or Canada date spots, look no further than the Xpress.com guide to just that - find out all the best spots to take your date!

Xpress.com's Ultimate Guide To Fun Canada Date Ideas