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Which Absolutely Ridiculous Fetish Are You?

Which Absolutely Ridiculous Fetish Are You? wants to put your kinky personality to the test with this fun fetish test that wants to pair you up with some of the ridiculous fetishes out there. From the most obscure to the ridiculous, this fetish test wants you to take this personality-based sex test so that they can assign one of these ridiculous fetishes to you. There are lots of strange fetishes out there so make sure that you take this quiz to learn more about them!

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What Is The Best Kinky Sex Toy For You?

What Is The Best Kinky Sex Toy For You? is a fun fetish test that chooses what sex toy you would be based on a few personality questions. The questions range from what your favorite season is to what you would do if someone asked you to dance. This sex test has a kinky edge which can give you new things to try out. If you love fun and original sex tests, you will love trying out this quiz and all the rest of the quizzes on Proprofs.com.

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Take This Quiz To Test Your BDSM Knowledge

Take This Quiz To Test Your BDSM Knowledge is an sex test that will help you prove to all your friends how much you know about BDSM. You can check out all the questions and answers before you play which gives you a bit of an edge. The fetish test is hosted on Steemit which is a social media site where people can make posts and other members can choose to vote, view, comment, share or even contribute some money depending on how much they liked it.

Put Your BDSM Knowledge To The Test In This Quick Sex Test

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Test your knowledge of: Masochist

Test your knowledge of: Masochist wants to help you find out how much you know about sexual masochism. This sex test is made up of different True or False questions and then they calculate whether or not you're a masochist based on all of your answers. There are three different ways that your score is shown to you. Even if you get the wrong answer, all it means is that you'll need to do a bit more research before you can call yourself a fetish master.

Discover Whether Or Not You're A Masochist By Answering True Or False

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The BDSM Selector

The BDSM Selector is the perfect fetish test for people who are interested in BDSM. All questions have 2-part answers, one is your answer and the other is your priority of the question which will help give you a better idea of where you fit in the BDSM world. When it comes to your results, all the different answers are listed and organized based on a percentage which means that you can be a 75% Top, a 10% Switch and a 5% Bottom.

Find Out If You're A Dom/Domme, Sub, Top, Bottom, Switch or Pet

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Do You Have A Foot Fetish?

Do You Have A Foot Fetish? is a fetish test that can be taken seriously or just for fun. The questions are designed to help you find out whether or not you have a foot fetish by asking you about your personal and sexual habits. The sex test uses the questions to generate a basic answer but if you become a member, you can see the full summary. If you're feeling comfortable with your score, you can share your results on social media.

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The "How Severe Is Your Foot Fetish" Quiz

The "How Severe Is Your Foot Fetish" Quiz is an fetish test that is perfect for people who want to learn something new about themselves and their foot fetish. To get your final fetish results, just select an answer that best fits your own experience. Once you're done, you have to add up your score at the end of the sex test to find out where you fit and whether your passion for feet is just casual interest or a full-blown foot fetish.

Discover If You Have A Mild Or Full-Blown Foot Fetish

  • 3 different types of answers that are worth different points
  • Sex test is mobile-friendly
  • Preview all questions and possible answers before you answer


BDSM Test wants to see how much you know about BDSM culture with this in-depth fetish test. Once you start, you can choose whether to take a simple test or an advanced one. You can tailor the sex test based on if you already know your BDSM preferences which means that they will only show submissive or dominant questions. If you aren't sure, you can choose a full analysis and the test will tell you your BDSM results are based on your answers.

Do A Full Analysis To Find Out Where You Fit On The BDSM Spectrum

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How Far Can You Make It As A Submissive?

How Far Can You Make It As A Submissive? wants to help you find out whether or not you would make it as a submissive. This fetish test helps different sexual scenarios and asks you to respond with what you would do in that situation. Your answers will change your score and final percentage to reveal how you would do as a submissive. See how far you can get through this sex test and your score to your friends.

See How Submissive You Can Be In This Interactive Sex Test

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Bondage/Dominance Sadism/Masochism Purity Test

Bondage/Dominance Sadism/Masochism Purity Test rates how kinky you are. To do this kinky fetish test you need to already have a basic knowledge of sexual bondage, dominance, and submission which means that it's not for people who are new to the BDSM world. Since the questions are based on the types of sexual activities you have done or are interested in trying, you can expect to get a better understanding of yourself and your sexual desires.

Check The Boxes To Find Out How Much Your BDSM Purity Level Is

  • 100 questions in this sex test
  • Calculate your own score to see what you get
  • The score is based on how many of the answers you selected

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