Are Hookups Replacing Relationships in College?


Hookups in college have always been a thing, but these days, it seems as though the college hookup is the way to go in most cases. So, are hookups replacing relationships in college? In most cases, yes. People don't have a whole lot of time these days. There are a lot of things that are going on during this point in time. Priorities have changed and people are waiting longer to settle down. Commitments aren't a huge priority when you need to work during school. The interest just isn't there the way it once was. People want to have more experiences before settling down and keep their lives as simple as possible. So yes, hookups are definitely starting to replace relationships in college. Check out Xpress and find out more about why hookups are in, and relationships are out in college.

Why Not?

Really...why not? With so much fun to be had in college, why shouldn't hooking up be a big part of that? For some, it's just not for them, and for others, it's definitely the go-to approach where intimacy is concerned. Whatever you're into at this point, there's nothing wrong with hooking up in college, especially given the fact that time isn't exactly something that college students have a lot of. Are hookups the new college relationships? Yes and no...but probably more yes than no. Some people are still looking to find that special someone during this time in their lives, but at the same time, that's not really the end game of most people at this point in time, so hookups have definitely become the new college relationships for a lot of people, and there are a lot of reasons why that is.


There Isn't Much Time These Days


As we've already touched on, time isn't exactly something that the average college student has a lot of these days, for whatever the reason is. It could be an incredibly heavy course load. It could be that extra part-time job that someone had to pick up so that they could make ends eat and be able to afford more than just ramen noodles to eat while completing their studies. At the end of the day, full-blown relationships have become less and less of a priority for people who are attending college, and that's usually the case unless you're fortunate enough to have your expenses covered, and are incredibly disciplined when it comes to completing all of your assignments right away. Lets be honest, a lot of college students do need to work while they're in school, and if they're doing their best to keep on top of their assignments, etc, in addition to that, there really isn't going to be much time for them to commit to anything else. Time is simply something that there isn't a lot of, and it isn't cheap to live and eat these days, when you're in a position where you need to put yourself through school. Relationships? Who has time for those??

Priorities Have Changed

Priorities are completely different for people who are of college age than they were even 20 years ago. Competition for jobs after college has become pretty stiff, and everyone needs to put themselves in a position where they're able to stand out, and be seen above many other potential applicants. This is a lot to prepare for in just a few years worth of time, so when you ask the average college student today what their priorities are when it comes to dating and relationships in college, they're likely to say that dating and relationships aren't even on their list of priorities at this point. They need to make their way through school, and try to get ahead of the others who are working just as hard, This makes hookups ideal, because you get the intimacy and the physical satisfaction, without having to worry about dealing with all of the messy emotional stuff that can come along with a relationship. Ain't nobody got time for that these days! Bottom line, priorities are different than they once were, competition is stiff, and hookups are the perfect way to enjoy a physical connection, and still be able to stay focused on what you need to, to be successful in school

People Are Waiting Longer To Settle Down

For a number of reasons, including the desire to find themselves and do some exploring prior to taking the plunge and settling down, people are simply waiting longer. There is no rush anymore. Once upon a time, there was an age where young people couldn't wait to settle down, get married and start a family. That was an age where young people wished they were 40, as opposed to the age now, where 40 year olds wish that they could be 20 again. It's a completely different time, and for that reason, hookups are absolutely ideal. They keep things on a chill level where you can enjoy yourself and even if it's just with one person here and there, over a long period of time, if there's a good understanding there that mutually benefits both of the people involved, then it's absolutely ideal. There's no rush to settle down anymore. No one is chomping at the bit to get married and have children in their 20's anymore. People are waiting a lot longer, and they're happy to do so.

Commitment In College?

What for? With so much to accomplish while you're in school, it almost seems crazy that at one time, college was pretty much where you were expected to be educated for your future, long-term career, and meet the person that you were going to settle down with for the rest of your life. This is not the case anymore, so what's the point in looking for commitment in college? Hookups are perfectly ideal for the college student. They make it possible to enjoy all of the benefits of spending time with someone, without the complications that come from trying to maintain a commitment at such a crazy, busy point in life. Commitment in college may still be a priority for some, but in reality, it's no longer a priority for most, and it makes complete sense why that is. It's no longer necessary, and it's definitely no longer the norm. People are perfectly happy to wait until they've graduated and enjoyed some years of traveling and gaining life experiences, before deciding to settle down for the rest of their lives.

Working During School

We touched on this before, but to get into more depth here, a lot of people are working during school. Decades ago, it was possible for a family to survive on one income, have one parent stay home, and save up a decent nest egg to send your kids to school with. Somewhere along the line, two full-time incomes became the norm, just to make ends meet in a lot of cases. Saving for education is still possible, but it requires a lot more effort than in once did on the part of parents who want to send their kids to college, so it's not as accessible as it once was. As a result, a lot more people are working during college, to help offset some of their expenses, and it most certainly isn't cheap! Who has time to bother with getting involved in any kind of a serious relationship when they're dealing with their course workload, and working to make ends meet? This is where the hookup comes into play, and makes things much easier for a lot of people. Again, you get all of the benefits without the complications. It gives you time to focus on the things that need to be done. No muss, no fuss.

The Level Of Interest Just Isn't There

Whatever some of the reasons may ultimately be for people in college not to be interested in hooking up, at the end of the day overall, the level of interest in full-time relationships in college simply isn't really there anymore. It's there for some people for sure, but not for most anymore. There are lot of other things that people want to do before they get into their lifelong relationship with the partner that they're ultimately going to end up marrying. Another factor, is that about half of all marriages end in divorce these days, so who's really going to be interested in rolling that dice any sooner than is necessary? Hookups are great. They leave the whole prospect of having to deal with any of the stickiness that comes along with trying to have a relationship at the door. It's simply not necessary, and because things have changed so much and marriage isn't all it's cracked up to be, why would there be interest? When you consider that probably half of college students come from a broken home, it's easy to understand why they're not interested or in a hurry to make the same mistakes their parents did.

People Want To Have More Experiences

This is absolutely true! Whether it's because their parents went though a divorce and encouraged them to experience more in life before settling down. Whether it's because there's so much more that they've always wanted to do on their own before deciding to settle down. Whatever the case is, people want to have many more experiences before they decide to take on committed relationships. It's a trend that's been more and more on the rise in the past couple of decades, and it only continues to grow. These days, more people are meeting their future partners, who end up being from different parts of the world in a lot of cases, during their post-college travels. It's a great thing, too! These people will have the same priorities and will have found each other while doing something that they're passionate about. So really, why look for more than hookups in college, when the best partner is very likely to be waiting for you, under better circumstances, after you're finished? In the meantime - hookups!

Less Can Be More

People used to want the whole package right away. The job, the house, the spouse, the kids, the PTA meetings. They wanted it all right away. Times have changed though, and people are finding out that less can certainly mean a lot more. Particularly in the beginning stages of adulthood. People are able to get more out of their college experience when they stick to hookups rather than full-blown relationships, because they can focus completely on what they're doing. They don't feel they need to have the whole package right away, and while some do find their happily ever after during this point in their lives, many others are finding that at this point, less is more.

Simplicity Is The Goal

With so much going on during the college years, and so many complications in the world as a whole, a lot of people feel that keeping things simple is the way to go. Keeping things as simple as possible for as long as possible tends to bring about good things in the long run. So yes, hookups are definitely becoming the new college relationship norm, because they contribute to maintaining that simplicity. Of course this is likely to change in time, but there's no need for things to be any more complicated than necessary during the college years. They're already quite complicated enough in most cases.

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Are Hookups The New College Relationships? - Xpress.com

Hooking up in college has always been a thing, but these days it seems to be the norm. Are hookups replacing relationships in college? Read on for more!

Are Hookups The New College Relationships? - Xpress.com