Do You Want More Than A Hookup?


If you're wondering whether or not you're looking for more than a hookup, there are some ways that you can determine this for sure. Have you reached a point where you're looking for more than just a hookup? There are a few ways that you can determine this. For example, have you been having different thoughts about your hookup lately? Are they on your mind more than usual? Are you looking more forward to spending time with them? Are you starting to see them as more than you once did? Are you thinking about doing more with the time that you spend together? Are you looking to connect with them during difficult times? Have you realized that you actually like them? Are people starting to ask you why you're not with them? Are you starting to wonder the same thing? If all of these things are on your mind, and you do think that you're looking for more than a hookup, there are some things that you can do, and Xpress.com can help you get pointed in the right direction so you can acknowledge this.

They Are On Your Mind - A Lot

At some point during your time hooking up with this person, you began to notice that they were on your mind. A lot, and the things you're thinking about where they're concerned, aren't the things you used to think about. They've hit a new level. When this happens, it's a good idea to take some time out to think about things for a bit, because chances are pretty good that you've reached a point where you want more than a hookup. It's one thing to think about them a few times a day, reflecting on the great sex you're having or whatever the case may be, but if you've reached a point where they're constantly on your mind, this person has gotten in deeper than you probably intended for them to. There's nothing necessarily wrong with this, but it definitely changes things quite a bit, and you're going to have to do some reflecting to see what it is that you'd like to see happen at this point. There's definitely nothing wrong with thinking about them, but if it starts to get to intense, you need to take notice.


You're Really Starting To Look Forward To The Time You Spend


Through your more constant thoughts of this person, you've also managed to realize that you're really looking forward to the time you spend with them. This isn't a bad thing, of course, but at the same time, you need to consider what this change in perception is likely to mean. If you really are looking more forward to the time that you spend with them, the reason for that is that your feelings have likely changed. You probably want more than a hookup. When they come to see you, or you arrive to see them, how excited are you about this? If it's just a hookup situation, then generally speaking, you're probably going to be looking forward to sharing the intimacy, but excitement probably isn't the main emotion you're feeling, if you're feeling it at all. Take some time to think about this because if you're finding that you're really starting to look forward to seeing them, and that you're really excited about the time you spend together, then you're probably looking for more than a hookup.

You're Starting To See Them As More

Maybe they made you dinner one night when you came over, or they helped you change a tire. Maybe they picked something up for you while they were out shopping one day, because they thought you would like it. Now, these are simple things that you can appreciate without reading into them, if you're cool with remaining in hookup mode with this person. If you're feeling more than that though, and these small gestures are making you see them differently, or as something more than just someone you hookup with, then you have reached a point where you are looking for more than a hookup. Depending where your mind is during any kind of a relationship, your perception will vary. For example, if you're not into someone and they pick you up a small thoughtful item because they saw it and thought you'd like it you're likely going to accept the item, thank them for thinking of you, and not think much else of it. When you see someone as more though, if they make such a gesture, you're going to end up looking at them and thinking about how thoughtful the gesture was, and look at it from an entirely different perspective. You're going to see it as more - and you're likely going to see them as more.

You Want To Do More Than Have Sex

When you're in hookup mode, it's fine to be into having sex, and then being on your way. You don't have to take care of anyone's emotions and you're certainly not looking for them to take care of yours. Also, it's not likely that you're going to be inviting them out on your next hiking trip, or as your date to an upcoming wedding or family function. If you end up reaching a point where you're thinking about them a lot more, and you want to include them in things to do with our life that don't have anything to do with sex or hooking up, then you've probably begun to look at them as more than someone you just want to sleep with. If you're starting to want to include them in these activities, not just spend time with them for sex, then you're probably looking for more than just a hookup with them at this point.

You're Looking To Connect With Them When Times Are Rough

This is actually a big one, because we usually stick to reaching out to our closest friends and family members when we go through rough times, and there's absolutely nothing at all wrong with that. If you're going through a rough time though, and they're the first - or even one of the first people you're thinking of reaching out to, then you are seeing this person as more than just a hookup. If you're leaning on them when times are rough, then you have entered completely different territory. Sure, there can be a healthy element of friendship associated with your hookup. Maybe they're even someone that you had a great friendship established with before you hooked up. Nothing wrong with that at all. If they're among the top people you look to turn to when the going gets rough in life, then you're probably starting to combine the friend/hookup aspects of your relationship into something more. You are definitely looking for more than a hookup with this person.

You Realize That You Actually Like Them

Oh, dear...are those butterflies you're feeling? Well, if you do realize that this person is giving you the stomach flip, and that you actually really do like them, then that doesn't necessarily mean you're looking for more. It does mean that you see them as more, though. At this point you're going to have to start being serious with yourself about where you see things headed, going forward. Do you think that you can keep the feelings separate from the hookup? If you decide to keep your feelings to yourself, how are you going to feel if they happen to meet someone else, and decide to get into a relationship? It's important to consider these things because the way you answer these questions is going to determine whether you're looking for more than a hookup. If you realize that you can't keep the hookup and the feelings separate, and that you'd be really upset if they were to move on with someone else, then clearly you are looking for more than a hookup. There's a lot to consider here, and it's a really good idea that you think about how you'd like to move forward, because one way or another, the game is about to change.

They're Coming Up In Random Conversations

If you find yourself out and about with friends and family members, and you're thinking about them during random conversations, then that's something to stop and think about. If they're coming up randomly, specifically if you're bringing them up yourself, then they are definitely on your mind a lot, and someone who is on your mind to that extent is likely someone that you're looking for more than a hookup with. This might even be one of the first things that starts to happen when you realize that you're looking for more than a hookup. If they're starting to come up in random conversations, then they are definitely on your mind. It's worth taking some time to think about this. Generally speaking, someone that you're not interested in for more than a hookup isn't likely to come up while you're having random conversations. This doesn't mean that you're definitely looking for more than a hookup, but it does mean that this person is on your mind, and it's very much worth doing some thinking about why that might be. You may very well be looking for more from them.

People Are Starting To Wonder Why You're Not Together

So, not only do people know who they are, but when they see you constantly showing up to events, etc alone, they're starting to ask you why this person isn't with you, or when they're going to have a chance to meet them. This is likely to happen once all of the other above mentioned things have happened, and when it does, it means that the people around you can see that you're looking for more than a hookup. If you've reached this point, then chances are that you need to be aware of the fact that you are looking for more than a hookup. If things have reached this point, then you are definitely past looking for a hookup, and the people around you are more than able to see it.

You're Starting to Wonder Why You're Not Together

So, the people around you are wondering why you're not together, and you're beginning to see why. Why aren't the two of you together? You have chemistry in all the right places, and it's now starting to occur to you that maybe the two of you should be more than just a hookup. Well, you've officially crossed over into territory where you're looking for more than a hookup. Once you begin to ask yourself why you and this person aren't together, you are no longer just seeing them as someone who is there for your convenience. You are absolutely seeing them as more.

What To Do When Things Look Different

By this point, the entire situation will be looking different. When you got together and started hooking up with them, things were much simpler. There weren't any additional questions about whether or not you wanted more. You never really thought about then when you weren't with them, and no one aside from the two of you knew that you were even spending time with them. If all of the above mentioned things are feeling like where you're at, and you realize that this person has made it in further than you had intended, then you need to start thinking about what the best way to go forward from here is. Do you want to be with them? Are you willing to open up and take the chance of letting them know? Well, why not? You definitely want more than a hookup, so go for it!

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