How To Decode His Or Her Snapchat Interactions


Decoding the Snapchat interactions of the people we're talking to isn't always easy. People use this app for different reasons, and Snapchat interactions sometimes mean different things to different people. So, how do we decipher the meanings behind these interactions? It's actually pretty easy. Each type of snap has it's own meaning, so keep reading, because Xpress has got loads of info. We'll take a closer look at each type of snap, and what they all mean - the late night snap, the *nudes* snap, the gym snap, the food snap, the pet snap, the music video snap, drunk snaps, the Snapchat message, and . We've got the ways people interact on Snapchat, and what they mean!

The Late Night Snap

It's a pic of them in bed, or they're telling you they're bored. Ugh. If you need someone to explain to you that this isn't a good thing, then you definitely need to keep reading. Sure, sometimes it could simply mean that someone's up, they can't sleep, and they're thinking of you. Sounds cute, right? What do you think about late at night though? It's usually something to do with sex, or something along those lines, if you're being honest with yourself. So, if you're receiving these late night snaps from someone, it's important to understand what they're likely to mean, before you respond. If you do choose to respond, you're sending a pretty clear message that this is okay with you, and that you're down for these kinds of interactions.


If you're not cool with this, then the best thing you can probably do is read the message and not respond to it. That should send a pretty clear message.

If you are cool with it, then respond away! Lots of fun hookups have begun with late night Shapchat interactions, so get on it and have a good time.

Just keep on top of the fact that someone who sends you super late night snaps probably doesn't have much more than sex on their mind, so you'll need to decide what you're down for. There's always the chance that you're on their mind, and they really did want to reach out to you, but get real. If there's a high enough level of respect and they want to make the right impression, they're not likely to send you a late night snap. You're more likely to hear from them first thing in the morning, at an hour that is more respectable. So, see the late night snap for what it is, and go from there. It's your call.

Send Me Nudes!


Well, this one doesn't need a whole lot of explanation. If someone is on Snapchat sending you pics and asking you for nudes, then their intentions are pretty clear. Yes, it's a common thing these days, but that doesn't mean you need to engage. On the other hand, if you're cool with sharing those kinds of snaps, then go for it!

Nudes make a pretty clear statement about where you're going to be headed with this person though, so if you're not into that, it's probably best to read the message and not respond. Then, wait to see if you hear from them again. If you do, then there's a chance that they're interested in more than just nudes (or into the challenge). If you don't hear from them, then you know exactly what they're looking for.

It all comes down to what you want from this person as well. Do your thing and make your choice based on what you feel like doing, just realize that being asked for nudes is what it is. They're not looking to bring you home to meet their parents...well, at least not on purpose.

The Gym Snap

'Hey! Look at me! Look how hot and buff I am!' These snaps are basically a giant flag being waved in your face to get your attention. They want you to see how hard they work on their body, and how good they look. Seems simple enough. Other than that though, the endgame could be a number of different things. Maybe they're looking to see how sexually interested you are in them. Maybe they're looking to see if the two of you have an active lifestyle in common. Whatever they're looking for at the end of the day, they're definitely, one hundred percent, trying to get your attention. They want you to find them attractive, and hopefully reply with a snap that tells them this. There's nothing wrong with that, you just need to decide whether or not that's something you're cool with. If you are, then enjoy the show because there's sure to be more gym snaps to follow!

The Food Snap

Taking pictures of food and sharing them with the masses has definitely become a thing. There's probably not a lot to read into here, though. The intentions are usually pretty simple. 'Look at what a good cook I am!' Alternatively, it could mean, 'look what a terrible cook I am!' (Should you really be sharing these lol). It could also mean, 'look how well I eat! I'm very healthy and awesome!' What it most probably means though is, 'I'm really bored and I'm thinking about you, but I didn't really know what I should send, so here's a picture of my latest meal.' It's actually pretty cute. They want to get your attention and get some interaction going with you. There's never anything wrong with responding to these kinds of snaps, for sure. If you're not into them though, and you think food snaps are lame, then you might want to read and avoid responding, to get your point across. If you're into these though, you might want to respond with a pic of whatever you're eating. Maybe they sent you a pic of their beer and said, 'cheers!' Why not send a pic of your drink back their way, and say the same. Whatever you think of food snaps, they're harmless and usually just someone's way of letting you know that you're on their mind. Nothing wrong with that.

The Pet Snap

'Look at how cute my pet is! I'm an animal person, are you an animal person? I'm very sweet and sensitive!' That's pretty much what these snaps mean, and some of them can be pretty cute. If you're into pets and sharing snaps of your beloved fur baby, then these are a lot of fun. If you really don't care though, you'll probably want to avoid sending a response...but really, who can avoid responding to a picture of a cute fur baby? These are also harmless, and a way to get your attention. The person you're talking to probably wants to let you know a little bit about what they're into. They could also be saying, 'Hey! Maybe you'd like to meet my furry friend sometime!'. That's a pretty good stepping stone to a potential hangout, if you're into it!

The Music Video Snap

'I love music and this is my favorite song!' They're probably looking to see if this is something that you have in common. Music is something that's a pretty big deal, and having that in common with someone is never a bad thing at all. When someone sends you a snap like this, they're likely wanting you to get to know some more about them, and it's totally cool to send them back a video snap of your favorite song as well. Why not? Depending on what you're both up to, these interactions can end up going back and forth for quite a while and can actually end up being very informative, and a lot of fun! Unless, of course, the two of you have absolutely no favorite songs in common. In that case, it might be a good idea to go back to food and pet snaps. If you end up having a lot in common though, keep going with it. It's cool to get to know someone a bit better this way, and you'll also be able to find out if this is someone that you'd ever be interested in going on a road trip with someday. Nothing at all wrong with finding that out, right? Either way, have some fun with it, and see where it ends up going. Be sure that you listen to the lyrics as well. You never know what they might be hoping you'll hear...

The Drunk Snap

Nothing says, 'Hey! I'm wasted and you're on my mind late at night!', more than the beloved drunk snap. These are a lot of fun, as long as they don't get too sloppy. It definitely means that they're thinking of you while they're out having fun, and this could be a great thing, as long as there isn't a caption that reads, 'How YOU doin'? Wanna hook up?' These do generally mean that someone is thinking about you a lot, and you're getting a drunk snap rather than a drunk text or a drunk dial at 1am. Lets be honest, the drunk snap is far more entertaining to receive, and is more likely to make you smile than a text message that ends up looking like it's written in Sanskrit, or a boozy voicemail filled with slurred speech. The drunk snap is cool. Just go with it.

Sending Messages On Snapchat

This is definitely more of an effort than just sending you a regular snap. They're making an effort to have some actual communication with you, and this is never a bad thing. Maybe it's just, 'How are you doing?', or 'I loved your the last pic you sent! It was cute!'. Receiving a message from someone does indicate that they actually do want to talk with you, and the only question you might want to ask yourself at this point, is perhaps why they're messaging you on Snapchat, and not by more direct means. For a lot of Snapchat users, this isn't a big deal though, so just enjoy it. It's a step towards actual communication and if you're interested in talking more with this person, then that's great! If you're not though, you should probably avoid sending any kind of reply. They'll get the message. If you're into it though, you could be about to have some fun!

Fun Filtered Pics

These are surely just meant to be fun and should be treated as such. We've all had a lot of fun with these, and if someone is sending them to you, they probably want you to know that they're thinking about you, and that they want to make you smile. There's definitely nothing wrong with that. Filtered pics are one of the reasons that Snapchat is so much fun to begin with, right? Go with it and have a good time. Why not?

At The End Of The Day It's Just Snapchat

Seriously, it's a fun app that makes communicating with people a lot more fun! It's great to use and have a great time with, as long as you're clear on what the interactions mean. A lot of read with no reply messages probably mean they're not very interested in communicating. A lot of different snaps sent at different times of the day probably mean that you're on their mind an awful lot! In the end though, it's an app. It's an incredibly fun app, but again...just an app. Make sure that you're not taking it too seriously or reading too much into things. There's no need for that. You now know what these different interactions mean, so have some fun with it, and know what you are and aren't into for for future Snapchat interactions.

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Snapchat is a cool way to have fun communicating online, and it can be a fun tool to use. There are a few other things that go along with that though.

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