What Makes Men Fall in Love in Relationships


Men fall in love in relationships when they feel comfortable. Men want to feel like they can be who they are in front of you. They need to feel comfortable enough to share their lives with you and that's what makes them fall in love. Modern day media might try to scare you into believing that men today are scared to commit or be in love while all women being desperate to get married but this isn't true. Today, people are more careful with their feelings and want to make sure that they're really in happy in the relationship before they fall in love.

The rise of hookup dating makes it seem like people are looking for a more casual dating or a no-strings-attached kind of arrangement, but this doesn't mean that men aren't still falling in love or that falling in love has suddenly become unimportant. It just means that people are not as willing to compromise on what they want because they aren't in a hurry. People are giving themselves time to get to know someone to make sure that they really love them. It's not that men aren't falling in love, it's just that it's taking them longer to do it.

Men fall in love in relationships on both a physical and emotional level. Physically they are drawn to women who look good and each man has different personal tastes when it comes to women. One man might want a woman who is stick-thin and looks like a model, while another might prefer someone who looks more natural with large curves. It all depends on his preferences, but the first thing that attracts men to women is their appearance. The second thing is, of course, their personality. Again, many dating guides say that men are attracted to certain personality traits but in reality, it is more subjective than that. Even the smallest things can make fall in love but when a woman is willing to trust him it makes it easier for him to fall for her. To fall in love, men need both the physical and emotional working together to create compatibility. A woman might be beautiful but a man won't date her if he doesn't like her personality and it works the other way as well. Men won't fall in love with someone who doesn't both excite their mind and their body.

Letting Him Be a Man

Men know that women are more independent now and they appreciate that, but sometimes they just want to act like a man. They want the chance to be the white knight, the protector, and love when a woman lets them do that. They want to do all the heavy lifting and protect you from things that make you upset. They don't mind your independence and in fact, it attracts them when a woman has her own life, but they also still want to feel needed. It might seem cliché but a man will fall in love with a woman who isn't afraid to ask him for help. Whether it's opening a jar, killing a spider, or any kind of handyman thing, a man likes to feel needed by the woman in his life.


They are also looking for someone who accepts them for who they are. Not all men are going to be good at cooking or enjoy helping you clean and you need to understand that if you want to have a man fall in love with you. A man will do what he can but he doesn't want a woman who nags him or tries to force him into being something that he's not. This includes complaining when he plays video games with his friends, or you trying to get him to behave differently in front of certain people. It's okay to have things to work on in a relationship but nobody wants to be with someone who is ashamed of them or doesn't let them be themselves. Men are going to fall in love when a woman makes them feel comfortable and loves them unconditionally. For example, if a guy gets jealous of the attention that you're getting when you go out and makes a scene instead of getting upset, show him that you appreciate him being protective and try to understand where he's coming from.

Sense of Adventure


Men love adventure. When the relationship that they're in is exciting, they're more likely to fall in love. The biggest turn off for anyone in a relationship is boredom. You want to keep your man excited and that includes doing things together that stimulates his sense of adventure. A man wants a woman who is open to trying new things and will work through her fear. If you are afraid, it gives him a chance to help you out and he'll appreciate you doing something just to make him happy. A man also wants a woman who is spontaneous. Someone who can go with the flow and doesn't get mad or frustrated when things don't turn out right. If you're out on a date after weeks of not seeing each other and he wants to stay out longer, he doesn't want to listen to you say that you're tired or stressed out and want to go home. He wants to have fun when you're together and to do things that aren't just sitting on a couch. That doesn't mean that you can never stay home but if you haven't been out in a while and you just aren't feeling it, suck it up for a few more hours to make him happy. He'll appreciate your easygoing attitude and it will make him like you even more.

This relationship advice can also be applied for trips and activities. He's never going to ask you to do something that you really don't want to do but he will probably try to push you out of your comfort zone by encouraging you to do something crazy. When he does this, he's actually testing how compatible the two of you are. If he's an adrenaline junkie and you are a homebody, it's going to take a lot to make the relationship work and he might decide that it's not worth it if you aren't willing to be more active with him. If you don't want to do something or it's a hard limit for you, just tell him. He doesn't want to force you to do something that you're really against, but he also doesn't want a partner who is closed off to new experiences. This includes being a little adventurous in the bedroom. A man will fall in love with you if you're willing to test your limits and do things that you know will make him happy. Doing things for him will make him realize that you're in it for the long haul. He will notice that and want to reciprocate by doing things that you like to do just to make you happy.

Boosting His Ego

Everyone has an ego. Your ego is your sense of importance and self-worth and it can help build self-esteem. People base their self-worth on other people and this is doubly true in relationships where people become dependent on their partners to make them happy. This is why compliments and appreciation from your partner can make you feel like you're floating in the clouds but a fight or negative word can make you feel like the worst person in the world. Men are especially sensitive to criticism and they're more likely to fall in love with a woman who strokes their ego. This can happen in many different ways. First, if a woman looks good for a man, that makes him feel good. Getting dressed up, getting your hair done, or just wearing something that he bought you, are all ways that a man's ego is satisfied. It's a small and subtle way of showing that you and he are partners. A woman who does this shows that she's considerate of his feelings which is very appealing to him.

Another way to boost his ego is to compliment him by telling him how strong he is, how handsome, how sexy, and not holding back when it comes to how he makes you feel. This includes when you're in bed together. It's important not to hide your sounds and feelings from him. If you do, he might think that you're not actually enjoying yourself. If he's making you feel good, then show him. He'll feel good that he was able to make you happy and give you pleasure. He'll probably be a little smug about it, but don't burst his bubble. Instead, give him a kiss and bask in his appreciation.

Making a woman laugh is a huge ego boost for men and lots of men say that they fell in love with their partner's laugh first. Laughing shows that you're not scared of showing how he makes you happy and makes him more comfortable with sharing his emotions as well. This also goes back to the idea of taking care of women and making them happy. Everyone wants to be liked and men are very conscious of this which is why they appreciate when a woman is happy with them. When she shows that she's having a good time, it makes him feel good as well.

The Total Package: Beauty, Brains, and a Killer Smile

Beauty is important. It's the first thing that attracts a man and can help build the foundation for love. When a man is attracted physically and sexually to his partner, he's more likely to fall in love with them. This doesn't mean being perfect all the time. A man is going to fall in love with you even if you don't look 100%, so don't worry if he sees you without makeup or in your sweats. When it comes to going out, make an effort to look good for him. Wearing the dress that he loves, a perfume that he bought you or one of his gifts shows him that you want the world to know that you're with him. It will help soothe his jealousy and also excite him so that he won't be able to keep his eyes off of you. Beauty attracts men at first glance, but it's only one piece of the entire package.

Second to beauty is personality and brains. This doesn't mean that men only love women of a certain intelligence level, but that the way that you talk and communicate with him can make him fall in love with you. If you're complimenting him or listening when he talks and asking questions, and paying attention to what's going on his life, that makes him fall in love with you easier. When you're in a relationship, you want to make sure that you're compatible with each other and that your personalities are going to blend well. If you're very conservative but he's very loud and open, it might make it harder for him to envision a future together. Most dating tips say that opposites attract and this is true to an extent, a little contrast is good because it keeps things interesting but when two people are radically different than the relationship is going to be more challenging.

Finally, men fall in love with a woman's smile so it's important to keep your teeth clean and well-maintained. This goes back to the connection between physical attraction and love. Nobody wants to kiss someone who has stained or dirty teeth so it's important to keep up with oral care and hygiene. Men are also looking for women who smile with their eyes; who aren't faking their pleasure and are being genuine. A woman who smiles freely shows a man that she's honest, open, and friendly. Making a woman happy strokes their ego so if their partner smiles around them, showing genuine happiness, they're more likely to fall in love with that person.

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