What the Last Emoji Sent to Your Bae Says About Your Relationship


Emojis might seem just like a fun graphic to add to your text messages, but then they can actually reveal what kind of your relationship you have with your bae. Emojis actually have a lot of hidden meaning. There are obvious ones like a heart meaning love, but even some food emojis can mean different things if you use them when you text your bae. As our world has become more dependent on technology, we've started to use them in our dating lives to help build and maintain relationships. Besides the increasing popularity of online dating and dating apps, there's also the use of technology as a way to communicate with your partner.

People today are busy and need things to happen very quickly to accommodate people's busy schedules. Plus many couples aren't always able to see each other as often as they would like and technology is a way for them to keep in contact when they're apart. Technology especially phones are an important tool to making a modern relationship work. Since people's lives are so busy they need to find ways to communicate faster and that's why emojis are so popular. Emojis act as shortcuts to larger ideas and they were created to help speed up texting and online communication. Most people use emojis to stand in for larger feelings or ideas which are what makes them so popular in dating.

The emojis you send to your bae can tell you what you value the most in your relationship. Emojis are classic expressions of certain emotions, feelings, and interests. Using emojis in texts and online communication is like a couple's own secret language and every person has their own way to use emojis. For some, emojis are a shortcut to a much longer response. Putting a smiley face instead of saying "I'm happy" cuts down on time and makes it easier to send a message. It's perfect for chatting while on the go because using emojis makes communicating faster. Every person has their own emojis that they like to use everywhere and they can even say a lot about your personality and the type of relationship that you have with your partner.

Kiss or Heart

Do you send your bae lots of hearts and kisses during the day? You have a very romantic relationship. You love to use lots of kissing emojis and hearts to show your bae how you feel. You might even switch it up by having a heart eyes emotion, but it all means the same thing. You're in love and you don't care who knows it. You're the type of couple who doesn't mind a little sappiness and you love to spoil their partners with roses, candy, and chocolates. It's no surprise that your favorite holiday is Valentine's Day. It's practically made for your relationship.


You're one of those sappy, romantic couples that are heavy on hand holding, snuggling, and PDA. You're the type of couple that enjoys cheesy dates like going out for a candlelit dinner or taking a walk along the beach. The sappier and cliché a date idea is the more you love it. You've probably even serenaded each other with romantic slow songs. You're not afraid to show your love to the world. Some romantic couples even use these emojis to express their feelings freely, but are more toned down in public. One's things for sure though, when they describe romance, they're talking about you two.

Monkey Covering Eyes


The monkey emojis are some of the most popular ones. Originally this was meant to be a trio of three monkeys each with their hand covering a different part: the eyes, the mouth or the ears, but the monkey covering their eyes emoji has become popular on its own. If you use this emoji a lot when you're talking to your bae, you have a very honest relationship. This type of emoji is typically used when you say something that is a bit too on the nose or blunt. It's very popular with couples that aren't afraid to share things with each other. You might even sometimes overshare, but that's part of what makes them good partners.

You have nothing to hide from your partner and trust and honesty is the most important thing in your relationship. If you've used this emoji a lot, then you're not afraid to say what's on your mind to anyone but especially to your bae. The monkey emoji can help soften your honesty making it easier for other people to deal with but you probably use it show that you're not afraid of speaking up.


So the eggplant emoji might seem like a random one, but it's got a lot of subtext to it. If you send your bae the eggplant emoji, then you were probably looking to get some. Yes, that's right; the eggplant is used when you want to let your partner know that you want to have sex. It's also really popular in hookup culture. If you've gotten this emoji or sent this emoji, then you're an extremely flirty couple with high sexual chemistry. That's what makes you so compatible. It also shows that you have a sense of humor because you're willing to be a little cheeky with your conversations. Of course, the eggplant is the perfect emoji for this because it's a little cheeky, a little fun and a little naughty the more that you think about it.

If you love using the eggplant emoji, then you're a very sexual couple who have a healthy and active sex life. The eggplant emoji means you're not afraid of encouraging that sexy playful side in each other. You know what you want and you go for it, no matter the situation. When you're around each other, the chemistry is electric and you can feel the heat of your relationship. You're the type of couple to make out on the couch at a house party and not care who's looking at you. You're also excellent at sexting and have used technology to make your sex life even better. You get sex whenever you want it and you enjoy being naked together.

Okay, Hands Up or Thumbs Up

The okay hand, the hands up and thumbs up emojis are all used by couples who are each other's support system. This means that you're the type of couple that cheers each other on no matter what. If you've got a big game or some kind of competition, then your bae will be there cheering you on and letting other people know that you're always on their side. These emojis are often used in response to something and show how supportive you are. That's something that you really value in a relationship. You're the type of couple that is always there for each other and will drop everything just be at your bae's side when they need you. You're great to have around when your partner is having a bad day or is feeling a little down on themselves because you can pick them back up.

You trust each other totally and are each other partners in every aspect of your life. Where one is the other isn't far behind and that's what keeps your relationship going: the unconditional support that you give each other. You're probably described as a power couple and your partnership is what makes you successful in your everyday lives as well. You're constantly checking in with each other and giving each other updates during the day. You're the perfect couple to be around because of your high energy and positive attitude. Whenever you have good news, your bae is the first person that you want to share it with. You're proud of each other and aren't afraid to share it with the other person.

Food or Drinks

Do you love to send your bae food emojis? It doesn't matter if it's pizza, cake, fruits or candy if food emojis is what you're sending to each other then you're the type of couple who loves to eat and cook together. Food is what brings you together. Your favorite date idea is trying out new restaurants but you probably also have a few local haunts that you love going to on Friday nights. You probably also love cooking and staying at home. Being domestic together is what makes you happy and that shows in the way that you use food emojis to communicate. Food is important in your relationship and it might even be the way that you met. Maybe your first date was trying out a new Mexican place and now whenever you eat Mexican food you remember those feelings that you had. Food to you equals memory and your happiest memories as a couple are probably linked to food.

Each food emoji means something different and you use them all in your messages. Pizza could mean that you just want to order something in and chill out together, maybe even put on a movie and curl up under a blanket. If you get a cake, then you probably feel like something special for dessert and aren't afraid to bring that into more intimate parts of your life. If you're sending beers, wine glasses or cocktails then you've had a stressful day and feel like getting a drink together. Maybe there's another food emoji that you use that means something unique to you as a couple, either way, your partner will understand what you need and make it happen for you. Couples that share meals together tend to communicate a lot better. Sharing a meal is the perfect time to talk about your feelings and desires because it's an open and private conversation.

Red Dress Dancing Girl

If you've texted the red dress or dancing woman emoji to your bae recently then you love to go out and party. You're the type of couple who hates just sitting at home not because you think the other person is boring but because you want to experience everything that life has to offer. You're very adventurous and you've probably got lots of souvenirs and photos from trips that you've taken or things that you've done all over your social media feeds. You also love taking couple's classes together and sharing those experiences with each other. You're also not afraid of getting sweaty together and love it when your adrenaline is pumping.

It's pretty obvious that you love to dance together and share a love of music and going out on the weekends. There's nothing that makes you happier than sharing a common interest with your partner. It makes every experience more fun because you've got someone there with you. The weekends are your favorite days of the week. You're a high energy couple who's constantly on the go and isn't afraid of a little drama or flair.

Crying Laughing Face

Not to be confused with the sad face or sad face crying emoji, the crying laughing face is perfect for you if you love to make each other laugh. You're the kind of couple that shares funny videos and memes during your day and has a lot of funny stories to tell friends and family. You're always the life of the party because you make everyone laugh and people love to hear your amateur stand-up routine. You probably use this emoji in place of LMAO or LMFAO or the classic LOL to show your partner your reaction to what they said.

You're constantly making each other laugh and telling jokes. You might even be fans of pulling pranks on each other, or tag team against other people on April Fool's Day. Laughter is probably the reason that you fell in love with them in the first place. You're also a very laid back couple who lets things roll off their backs and you probably rarely argue. When you're mad, the other person will just make you laugh and everything doesn't seem as serious anymore.

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What These Popular Emojis Say About Your Relationship

Do you love communicating with emojis? Xpress.com's dating guide can tell you what the last emoji that you sent to your bae says about your relationship.

What These Popular Emojis Say About Your Relationship