What Women With Amazing Sex Lives Always Do


Have you ever wondered if there was more you could be doing to make your sex life better? Of course you have, because there is always room for improvement! We want to be living our best sexy lives possible, after all. There are specific things that women with amazing sex lives always do. It's sort of a chicken and egg situation: did they get their amazing sex lives from doing these things or do they do these things as a result their amazing sex lives? We like to believe it's cyclical and both help each other.

That being said, if you rework your own life to try out some of these things, you will absolutely see your sex life improve! It may even become AMAZING! From something simple like keeping your hair clean to experimenting to always being vocal, we have fifteen things in total that women with amazing sex lives always do.

Take Care Of Your Hair For A Better Sex Life

It may sound silly but stick with us for a minute: have you ever cancelled your plans because your hair is dirty or you don't want to wash it? Of course you have! We can be pretty particular about our hair and if we are having a "bad hair day," it can have a negative impact on other aspects of our lives, including our sex lives!

We aren't talking about having an expensive blow-out once a week (although that would be dreamy!). Rather, we mean take care of your hair so it is always clean and bouncy and gorgeous. You'll feel gorgeous all over as a result and more likely to want to engage in sex. A lot of sex is based on emotional and psychological factors so feeling good about yourself is a great first step!


Being Vocal About What You Like In Bed Does Wonders


It's a known fact that women who are vocal about what they want in life can get further ahead. It's the whole concept of saying what you want and going for it. This same concept applies to the bedroom. Being vocal about what you want when it comes to sex also plays into confidence and comfort. Not only will you feel more confident by saying what you want, but it will make you appear more confident to your partner and that is EXTRA sexy!

And unless you are able to read minds, without telling your lover what you want how else will they learn? Being vocal is about taking control! And just like confidence, control can be sexy too. Sex instilled with confidence and control is always going to be more passionate, that is a fact. So it's no wonder that women who say what they want are living their best sex lives!

Take Control of Your Orgasm If You Want A Better Sex Life

Taking control of your orgasm is similar to telling your partner what you want in bed. However, this time it's not just about open communication. Instead, it's about being a little bit SELFISH in bed. We think a bit of selfishness is totally fine, especially because often sex can be totally focused on the guy and his orgasm. Never forget about your own orgasm!

You can take control of your orgasm in a lot of ways. Making sure that you get off before your partner does is one great way. Another is to walk them through the steps of getting you off so they learn better. You can also literally take control by helping yourself to get off. After all, your partner only has so many hands so might as well lend one of your own!

Make Sure They Know That You Didn't Come

Orgasms can be elusive, that is for sure. And it's quite common for a woman to not orgasm every time she has sex. In fact, some women are used to it and are okay with it too. But that doesn't mean you should ever lie about having an orgasm!

Women with amazing sex lives absolutely never ever life about coming. What good comes of lying, right? It only fills your partner with false confidence that they are doing a great job and it makes you feel rotten.

It's important to remember that it's okay to tell your partner that you didn't come. You don't have to make it a big deal or be mean about it. Likely the got caught up in their orgasm or mistook some of your other bodily reactions for coming. THat's cool! Just gently let them know that you didn't in fact come and you are looking forward to them changing it. Make it a fun, SEXY challenge!

Women With Amazing Sex Lives Always Experiment With Their Partners

If there is one thing women with amazing sex lives always do it's experiment with their partners! They are always open to trying out new things. Part of this goes back to that confidence and comfort that. Basically what we're saying is that in order to be living your BEST SEX LIFE, you need to be confident and comfortable. Once you are confident and comfortable, you'll find that sex is so much better!

Experimenting is extra fun because you get to learn new positions while also really getting to know your partner's body. It also helps to break down barriers and really force you both to think outside the box and communicate with each other. Basically, it's a win-win all around! You get closer with your partner while also learning some new positions. Sign us up for that!

Women With Amazing Sex Lives Always Experiment With Themselves Too

Not only is it important to experiment with your partner, but it is also important to experiment alone and with yourself. Women with amazing sex lives are always testing out new ways to masturbate and pleasure themselves. Part of it is getting to know your body's needs and wants but mostly it's to just show your body some extra love and attention.

Basically what we're trying to say is if you only have one "tried and true" sex toy, it's time to step outside your comfort zone and try something new! There are loads of toys and different masturbating techniques you can try on your own to increase our own pleasure. And you don't necessarily have to consider it practice for your partner either. Some things are best kept to ourselves, after all. We need our own kinky little secrets!

Women With Great Sex Lives Are Taking Care Of Their Vulvas

Just like the hair on your head needs lots of love and attention, the hair on your vulva needs love too! And even if you don't have any, there's still a lot of maintenance and up-keep to consider.

From a practical standpoint, keeping your lady bits clean is good for hygiene and keeping everything regular. A good tip is while it's okay to clean your vulva and the outer areas of your lower region with soap, do not clean the inside of your vagina with anything. Your vagina is a carefully balanced area with a specific pH level. THat's right, it self cleans! So don't worry about messing around with soaps or cleansers.

From a sexy standpoint, taking care of your vulva means that you are always ready to get some action. And if you're feeling good about your vulva that usually also means you're feeling good about having your partner's face down there!

Taking Care Of Your Body In General Makes Your Sex Life Better

We don't have to say it more than once: your body is a temple! The better you treat it, the better you feel. And that makes a lot of great things happen, including incredible sex. A lot of that has to do with mindset and thinking positive. If we're happy with ourselves, it tends to make sex better!

However, there are also practical applications to taking care of your body. Sex is exercise, after all. And the better endurance and stamina you have, the longer you can last. It's also been proven that the more in shape you are, the more INTENSE your lovemaking will be. A good way to think about it is that you are always training for a sex marathon! You want to always be ready for potentially the best, most explosive sex of your life so make sure your body is ready by keeping it healthy and in shape.

Women With Amazing Sex Lives Orgasm At Least Once A Day

This might be something you have never heard before: women with incredible sex lives are having an orgasm at least once a day. It's true! Having an orgasm is a great build up and release and having them often can have huge benefits to your body. It can help lower stress, build up your immune system, and generally make everything better!

It doesn't need to be orgasms through sex, either. In fact, orgasming through masturbation is just as good, if not better! Why? Because it's important to have you-time too, of course. Women with amazing sex lives are always wanting to pleasure themselves. Your body is a temple after all, so you should make sure you are worshiping it in all sorts of ways!

Kegel Exercises Can Help Women Have Better Sex Lives

Sex and even masturbating involves the use of muscles. And, as w all know, the only way to make a muscle stronger is through regular exercise. Exercising your pelvic muscles is called Kegel exercises! Doctors often recommend performing them after child birth to help your pelvic muscles get strong again and attempt to go back to their original shape. However, you can - and should - be performing Kegel exercises every day!

By regularly performing Kegel, you are making your pelvic and vaginal muscles stronger. Stronger muscles translates most simply to BETTER SEX. You are able to grip stronger, which feels great for both you and your partner. You are also able to experience stronger orgasms as well. You might as well get started and do some Kegel while finishing the rest of this article!

Women Who Are Open About Sex Have Incredible Sex Lives

Being open and honest about sex has so many benefits, but mostly it just improves your sex life. And we don't just mean communicating in the bedroom! You can be honest and more open about sex in all aspects of your life, from approaching new partners to just casually talking with your friends.

See, we tend to think about SEX as something that is taboo and not to be talked about it. With this mindset, it can be hard to think of sex in a positive way. However, sex is awesome so we should act like we think so! And generally when there is something great in our lives, we talk about it more, right? We don't mean getting explicit and making people uncomfortable, of course. We still have to remember to be respectful above all. But you will absolutely find that once you start being more open about sex and not thinking of it as a shameful or taboo thing, your sex life will DRAMATICALLY improve.

Women With Incredible Sex Lives Love Themselves

The biggest secret to having an incredible sex life is maybe the most simple: love yourself. If you don't love yourself and your body, you will be missing out on some of the greatest sex of your life. Trust us! When you love yourself, it shows in how you perform in the bedroom. It also helps with your confidence and comfort levels too!

So there you have it! Fifteen things that women with amazing sex lives do. Some of them you will find are easy to implement into your life and others might be more difficult. We recommend tackling the last point first: LOVING YOURSELF! After all, until you truly love yourself and your body, it'll be harder to want to do some of the other things. The best sex always come from a place of self love, trust us. Even just implementing one or two of these things can dramatically improve your self life, so get at it. Above all, have fun!

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Here's What Women With Amazing Sex Lives Always Do

Have you wondered if you're living your best sex life? There are some specific things that women with amazing sex lives always do that you should do too!

Here's What Women With Amazing Sex Lives Always Do