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Dating and experience is the best way to decide what to look for in a girl. There are a lot of factors to consider, and sometimes you need to take a different approach from what you would usually do, when you're deciding what to look for in a girl. If you're looking for some help, you've come to the right place! You'll find that Xpress has some of the best dating advice out there, to help you decide what to look for in a girl So, what should you be looking for in a girl? Certainly something beyond the physical with someone who has interests that align, who you can have some laughs and good conversation with. Someone you respect, who is confident, strong and has goals will always be a good choice. Keep reading for more. We've got the info you need.

Look Beyond The Physical

Yes, men are visual creatures. You need to look past this in order to find the right girl for you. What should you be looking for in a girl? There are a lot of different things that are important to consider, and they go way beyond the physical. Of course the physical is going to play a role in who you decide to be with. It's important to make sure that you're basing your decision on much more than just that, though. There are a lot of women out there who may not look like your dream girl, but when you find the right one, it's amazing how quickly she can become incredibly attractive in your eyes. So, that girl that you really like being around and talking to that you're attracted to, but isn't the perfect physical specimen you're hoping to find, is absolutely worth taking out on a few dates. This doesn't mean that you need to date someone that you find completely unattractive, but give a chance to those women who are more concerned with who they are than how they look. A physically beautiful woman is a great thing, but when she doesn't have much else going for her, it's easy to lose interest. You probably already know that. So, if you want to find the right one, take a different approach from what you may have taken in the past. You'll be pleasantly surprised.


Your Interests Should Align


Of course you're not going to have everything in common, but that's okay. It's cool to have different interests, so that you can both do things that you enjoy on your own, but you should also make sure that you're looking for someone that you can enjoy doing things with as well. If you're someone who likes to stay in shape, then you're likely going to want a partner who likes to be active and stay in shape as well. If you're into taking ski trips each year, you'll probably want to be with someone that you can enjoy taking those trips with. Having similar views on things like politics and raising kids is also important. Similarly, if you're someone who really values their family and spending time with them, you're going to want to be with someone who holds those same values. You're never going to find a woman who has all of the same things in common with you, but you can definitely find one that you can share core values and your major common interests with. This is something that you should definitely take into consideration when deciding what to look for in a girl. You also want to find someone who can do their own thing, which leads us to our next point.

She Needs To Have Her Own Separate Interests

Yes, you will want to do things together, but you will also want to have some time for yourself so that you can do the things you like to do, and spend some time with your friends. Clingy girls are a no-no. So, if she doesn't go out for ladies nights, or she doesn't have things that she likes to do in her spare time that don't include you, then this is probably a red flag that you shouldn't ignore. It might be fun spending a lot of time together in the beginning when things are still fresh and new in your relationship, but sooner or later you're going to need your space again, and she needs to be okay with that. Someone with no hobbies or interests outside of your relationship is literally like a ball and chain. Relationships don't need to be that way. There are plenty of women out there why have hobbies and commitments that they can take part in outside of your relationship, and this needs to be something that you consider very carefully when you're deciding what you should be looking for in a girl. It's easy to get caught up with the wrong ones, and the next thing you know, you're constantly letting her down and you can't do anything right because you want to spend some time doing your own thing.

Good Conversation Is Important

No matter how good she might look, if you can't have an intelligent conversation with her, you are sure to get bored with her quickly. There's only so much sex you can have, right? It's important that you look for a girl that you have a lot in common with so that you have something to talk about once the honeymoon phase is over. Do you read the same books? Do you like the same movies? Are you both into having deep conversations about life? Whatever it is that you need to do to to stay connected beyond the physical, and the getting to know you phase should be considered right away. The girl you choose to pursue should be someone that you really enjoy having conversations with, especially if you're really thinking of getting into something long-term. Remember, forever is a really long time to go without having much to say to each other, so look for a girl that you love to spend time talking with. You'll be really glad that you did!

Find Someone You Can Laugh With

Having fun and being able to laugh with someone in a relationship may not be at the top of your list, but when you're in a relationship and time moves on, you'll start to crave that more and more. Life has a lot of ups and downs, and having someone that you can share some great times with is something that you'll never regret choosing. Make sure she has a sense of humor and that she gets yours. Someone who's too sensitive or insecure to take a genuine joke won't make you feel comfortable or secure. Sounds trivial, but it's not. You don't want to have to worry that everything you say to her is going to piss her off or upset her. You want to find someone that you can dish it out to a bit, who can also dish it back to you. That playful banter can help to keep the spark going in your relationship, and it's nice to have someone with you that you know can make you smile when you've had a bad day, or you're going through a rough time.

Look For Someone That You Can Be Direct With

Being able to be up front and honest with a girl is very important. You don't have to attack her with things that piss you off, or that you're upset about, but you do want to find someone that isn't intimidated or put off by directness. You don't generally want to spend hours talking about something that you can talk about in a matter of minutes, so rather than being with someone who can turn any situation into a dramatic one, look for someone that you can be yourself and be direct with. If she respects you, she will appreciate your directness as well, and she'll want to know what's on your mind. Defensive responses are a red flag in this area, and if you've approached her with tact, then your directness shouldn't provoke a defensive reaction. Find this out as early as you can when you're dating someone, because you're not going to want to find out the hard way later on that you can't approach the girl you're with. Be confident and be direct with her from the start, and see how receptive she is to that. You'll learn a lot about her very quickly when you do this.

Date A Girl With Confidence

This should be a must when it comes to deciding what you are looking for in a girl. You want to find someone who is happy in their own skin, and is confident. If she can challenge you, then she's a keeper. Especially if she's open to being challenged by you as well. A girl who is confident in herself is going to be much easier to talk to during times of conflict in the relationship, and she's also going to be a lot more honest and straightforward about the things that she needs from you in a relationship. Confidence isn't just about knowing that she looks good, either. It's about knowing that she has value. If she values herself, she's going to value you as well, and this is a key component when it comes to making relationships work. So, when it comes to confidence, you don't want to compromise. Make sure she's got it.

You DO Want A Strong Woman

Don't be put off by strong women. They have a lot to offer you, and believe it or not, they will also be very appreciative of your gentlemanly behavior. A strong woman doesn't want to treated as though she isn't feminine. On the contrary, she will love that you appreciate her femininity. Yes, she can do a lot for herself and stand on her own two feet, but she can also be there for you to lean on when things get rough in life, and chances are that she will also be a great partner to parent with. It may take you a bit longer to peel back all of the layers of a strong woman, but once you've accomplished peeling the layers back, you'll be really glad that you spent the time doing it. Strong women tend to be incredibly loyal and nurturing, they know how to see things through, and they know how to give support when it's needed. This is something that everyone needs in life, so don't front on strong women. They'll always have your back.

Make Sure That She Has Goals

Look for a woman who has goals and aspirations, and aspires to achieve things in her life - especially if this is the way that you are. Not only will you have a chance to enjoy watching her grow during your relationship, but she will be there to encourage your growth as well, and she'll be in your corner. These kinds of women make great life partners, as they'll continue looking to better themselves in the personal areas of their lives, as well as within your relationship. As long as you're providing the same kind of support to her, you'll be sure to enjoy a very fulfilling relationship full of growth, and support from your partner.

Be With Someone You Respect

Sounds simple, right? Not always. If manage to find a woman with all of the qualities listed above, you're sure to respect her, and desire her. Respect is a big deal, and women tend to give a lot of it when they know they're receiving it. Make sure that you find a girl you respect, if she respects you the same way in return, you're sure to have an incredibly strong and fulfilling relationship, and there's nothing better than that.

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