What Your Birthday Says About Your Sex Life


Have you ever wondered if your birthday has anything to do with your sex life? Well, it can! It may seem a little bit silly, just like astrology, but after you read our list you might find yourself agreeing with us! Basically, depending on what month you were born in can change your sex habits and sexual preferences. Not only is this a great way to learn more about the kind of sex you prefer, but you can use it when seeking out a lover.

Of course, this is all meant to be a bit of fun. We don't necessarily believe that we should be holding our sex partners hostage to whatever month they were born in. But studying birthdays like this is a fun way to learn more about your lovers! While you're reading this list, think about your OWN sexual preferences and some of your past lovers too. You may be surprised at how closely it matches up!

Adventurous: The Sex Life Of Someone Born In January

January, the start of the year! This is a month of new beginnings and fresh starts...and recovering from NYE parties! People who were born in this month are generally go-getters and always looking for a NEW adventure. Which makes sense since January is often all about setting new resolutions and trying new things.


Those born in January don't give up in life or in love. They are incredibly persistent in chasing their potential lovers and usually won't stop until they get their way. Dating a January baby can be thrilling for this reason. In the bedroom, Januarys tend to be incredibly kinky. They are often considered the most kinky of all the months. Someone born in January will always be the person to suggest something exhilarating or even taboo, like sex in a public place or a THREESOME. So if you are looking for an intense and exciting time, we highly recommend hooking up with someone born in January.

Emotional: The Sex Life of Someone Born In February


February is often seen as the romance month. Why? Because of Valentine's Day, of course! But for those who aren't into the holiday, the month can also feel like a bit of a drag. Maybe it's how blah February can be overall, but those born in this month are almost just as adventurous as those born in January! There are also a lot of EMOTIONS - the good and the bad — to deal with when it comes to hooking up with someone born in February. It can get pretty intense!

February babies enjoy AGGRESIVE and PASSIONATE sex. One minute they are the world's biggest romantics and the next minute they're wanting to hook up with complete strangers. It can be hard to get a handle on someone born in February, but that's half the fun! It can take a bit of work connecting with someone born in February but we think it's worth it. A February lover is one of the most passionate and interesting lovers you could ever have.

Mind-blowing: The Sex Life of Someone Born in March

March is often the start of spring. Even if it is still snowy where you live, the spring equinox occurs in March and the "official start of spring" or the Spring Equinox occurs near the end of the month. Therefore March is a month of new growth and possibilities. People born in March are very in tune with themselves on all sorts of levels and this crosses over into their sex lives.

Hooking up with someone born in March is often a spiritual experience. March babies are very in tune with their BODIES and the universe around them. It's almost like sex with them is on a whole other level! People born in March are able to connect with their lovers on an intimate level. They will find that even their one night stands feel more INTENSE than the average one night stand. March babies love spending time in bed, whether it's having sex or just snuggling.

Unstoppable: The Sex Life of Someone Born in April

March may the the official start of spring, but it is April that really feels like spring. People are finally starting to arise from their winter slumbers. Those born in April are generally very active and dynamic, likely taking advantage of all of that fresh spring-time energy. They are also FIERCELY independent so if they are bothering to get together with someone they are going to put a lot of effort into it.

Like an intense spring storm, sex with someone born in April is just as UNSTOPPABLE. Sex with an April is hot, heavy, intense, and passionate. Because of how strong and intense an April hookup can be, make sure to take breaks afterward. All of that passion can tire a person out! Someone born in April needs time to reenergize before really going at it again. Sex with an April can also tend to get so intense it feels almost COMPETITIVE. This can be fun if you're into it!

Passionate: The Sex Life of Someone Born in May

May sits on the cusp of spring and summer and embodies the best of both seasons. Those born in may are strong-willed and highly motivated. They love the beautiful things in life and try to make their own selves and lives as BEAUTIFUL a possible. This includes their sex lives as well!

Sex with someone born in May can be a spectacle and we mean that in the best way possible. Someone born in May will likely be skipping a hasty hooking up in a bathroom, for example. They would rather plan for something spectacular, with candles, silk sheets, flowers - the whole shebang. May babies can be picky with who they hook up with for this reason, because they don't want to feel like they've wasted their ENERGY and EFFORTS. But if you do snag yourself a May lover, it will be worth it! Sex with a person born in May is like doing it with a sex god!

Experimental: The Sex Life of Someone Born in June

June is a great month. It's the start of summer, of long, lazy days. It may seem like things are slowing down but June is also a time for exploring, going on trips, and trying out new things. People often feel super invigorated in June and June babies are no exception!

June babies are the most experimental of any of the months. Yes, January and February are adventurous but someone born in June wants to try EVERYTHING. If you hook up with a June person, chances are you will be trying out positions you've never tried before. People born in June are also up for almost anything. They don't want to miss out on anything in their lives, and that includes in the bedroom! People born in June especially love phone sex so get practicing if you want to impress them.

Intimate: The Sex Life of Someone Born in July

July is all about the heat and laziness of summer. Even if where you live isn't all that hot, in July we tend to almost get a little homey. We don't necessarily want anything new or big. We want familiar and cozy. Those born in July feel the same about their sex lives.

July babies value intimacy and closeness most in a sexual relationship. Even when hooking up, they want to feel safe and secure. This usually involves getting to know the person even just a little bit. While hooking up can be fun, a person born in July is most interested in a DEEP EMOTIONAL CONNECTION. Make that close connection with a person born in July and you'll have a sexual experience like never before. July people go to all lengths to please their partners!

Independent: The Sex Life of Someone Born in August

August is a bit of an unpredictable month! It's the last month of summer but it's also a time of unrest and feeling unsettled. It's the last hoo-rah before fall and going back to work or school so things can get a little COMPLICATED. An August born's sex life is very similar!

An August baby's sex life can be a little bit unpredictable. That is because people born in August are very INDEPENDENT and don't live by any rules! One minute they're chasing after you and giving you everything you want and the next they are demanding that you take care of them. It can be hard to keep up with but it's worth the effort. Hooking up with someone born in August is usually unforgettable. Just on't tell them what to do in bed!

Control: The Sex Life of Someone Born In September

September is when we start to feel a chill in the air. Summer is over and it's time to start preparing for the cold months. September is often a time for focus and personal work and this is reflected in the sex lives of those born in September.

September born people know EXACTLY what they want, which is pretty sexy if you ask us. This fierce amount of control can often mean that it takes them a bit to warm up in the bedroom. That being said, once you get to know a September there is no holding them back! Sex with someone born in September is often caring and mindful. Once they have a connection with someone and feel that they are WORTH IT there isn't anything they won't do.

Romance: The Sex Life of Someone Born in October

October may not seem like it, but it is an incredibly romantic time of year. It's the month of giving thanks and getting close to the ones we love. Like the lead-up to winter, October is all about that slow burn and sizzle.

People born in October are all about applying that sizzle and slow burn to their sex lives. They love to SEDUCE and be seduced. Octobers are never in a rush and they live for seduction so if you are getting involved with one, prepare for the long game! Hooking up with an October is always fun and honest. That is because Octobers are fun and honest! They love the long-game but they also are brutally honest and always tell the truth. This might make for a slightly less passionate bedroom, but we like a little bit of brutal truth in the bedroom.

Possessive: The Sex Life of Someone Born in November

In November we officially say good-bye to fall and hello to winter. It's a time for personal reflection and going after what you want. The chill in the air only seems to amplify these feelings.

November borns are all about PASSION but they bring it to a whole new level. They are all about possessing their partners and being possessed. If you are in a relationship with a November, chances are you will experience passions you've never felt before. A November is open to trying just about every sex position imaginable in the name of passion. They want to have their bodies treated like TEMPLES. If you are in a relationship with a November, treat their body like you own it. Worship it!

Creative: The Sex Life of Someone Born in December

We often think of the holidays when we think of December. Even if we aren't religious, there is a special, sparkly energy in the air. That energy can often transform into something creative. There is always a sense of creating new life and new projects in December.

Those born in December are often the most creative in bed. Who knows - maybe it is because it's too cold to get out of bed! In any case, hooking up with a December born is often an unforgettable experience. Decembers love to role-play and try new things. They especially love costumes. Decembers also don't like to take anything too seriously and are very PLAYFUL and RELAXED in bed.

So, now that you've read all the months do you feel like your birth month describes your own sexual preferences? Chances are it does already sound a lot like yourself! And if it doesn't, we recommend maybe trying out something that your birth month prefers to see how well it fits with you. You may find something NEW to try out in the bedroom!

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What Your Birthday Says About Your Sex Life

Have you ever wondered if your birthday has anything to do with your sex life? Learn all about the sexual preferences of your month in our ultimate list.

What Your Birthday Says About Your Sex Life