Why You Should Avoid Settling Down Before Your 30th Birthday


Settling down with the love of your life is something that most people look forward to. In this day and age though, the game has changed when it comes to settling down before 30 There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to picking that right time for you to settle down, and Xpresshas got all the info you need on why you should be waiting to settle down until you're in you're 30's. So, why should you avoid settling down before your 30th birthday? Well, times have changed, as have our reasons for partnering up. We're still finding ourselves and have the opportunity to complete ourselves so that we can be with someone for the right reasons. Being established, financially stable and more mature is always a better place to be in when it comes to settling down, as well. Keep reading for more info.

Times Have Changed

We aren't getting married and having kids for the same reasons we used to. Once upon a time, people were pairing up and bearing children to keep the daily function of life going. We had different lifestyles. We married because we needed financial and life partner stability. We had lots of kids because it meant helping out around the home, and keeping things going, so we could all eat and make a living. These days, we are not getting married and having kids for the same reasons, so, why should you wait until you're in your 30's to settle down? Well, because you now have the luxury of finding out who you are before you decide to settle down, and it's a good idea to take advantage of that opportunity.


You can now choose your life partner based on love and compatibility, rather than necessity. So what's the rush? As a whole, we may still be adjusting to this new way of being able to approach settling down, but once we get the hang of it, we can see that there are an incredible amount of benefits to taking our time, and making sure that we find the right person.

Our Reasons For Partnering Up Have Evolved


A hundred years or more ago, you might have lived on a farm and had tons of chores to do in a day. The husband may have been out catching dinner, the wife may have been at home taking care of the home and looking after chores - and you had to get everything done in the daylight hours. This is why you had kids. You had them to create a family big enough that they could all contribute to the things that needed to be done around the home, and help to take some of the burden off of the parents. Marriage for love wasn't usually a thing in those days. That's not to say that it never happened, but it wasn't usually the main criteria for choosing a partner. People also didn't live as long back then, so time was of the essence. Over time, that has all changed dramatically.

With advancing of modern technologies and new medical breakthroughs, we were able to move forward healthier and with more conveniences, and therefore, more time. By the middle of the 20th century, a family could get by on one income, and the mother could stay home to raise the children and take care of the home. In the coming decades however, people started to realize that they wanted more out of a relationship. Women were no longer staying home with kids as much, and times really were changing.

Flash forward to the 21st century, and we're in a totally different place. Sure these old ways of doing things still exist, but they're far less common than they once were. We want more out of relationships now, and we also have the time to figure out how to get it.

We're Still Finding Ourselves

In your 20's, you're still finding yourself. You're an adult, but you don't exactly know who you are yet. There is now time to figure this out. Finding the ideal career path and what we really want to take and taking some time to do some global exploration are starting to become the norms for people in their 20's, and with good reason. We're still finding ourselves, and we now have a chance to take the time and actually do it. We don't need to get married for financial stability. Most men and women are capable of finding that individually. Our reasons for having kids have changed. Having kids is more of a choice now, than a necessity. So we can really think things through, and find our reasons and the proper timing for us, to do these things. Choosing a partner really is more of a choice now. We want to find someone that we can share and enjoy life with, rather than someone that we need to be with to make it through life. In short, there are choices, and we have the opportunity to discover who we are, and what we truly want in a partner before we settle down.

Complete Yourself Before Becoming A Couple

Because we have these choices, we are able to take the time necessary to get to know who we really are and what we want out of life. There is time to gain a lot more experience and determine exactly what we want in life before deciding to choose a partner to share the rest of it yet. We're living longer these days as well, so there is a lot more time than there once was. Having the opportunity to complete ourselves as individuals makes us truly fortunate, if we take the opportunity to do it. Finding ourselves, and then finding someone else who has done the same, and compliments us, is a sure way to enjoy a long lasting and healthy relationship. This is definitely one of the reasons why waiting until your 30's to settle down is such a good idea. Rather than going through a series of failed marriages, etc, we now have the opportunity to get things right within ourselves before choosing to settle down.

Know You're Together For The Right Reasons

When we finally do meet someone that we can really jive with, we can focus on being together for the right reasons. There's time to really date someone and get to know them before taking the long-term plunge and settling down. Without the pressure of needing to get married and have kids, we can really take our time and see if a relationship is right for us, before deciding to take things further and consider settling down. Our 20's are a great time to do this, and we can take the time to find out exactly what is right for us by learning from the various dating and relationship experiences we have during that time. We find out what we don't want and we also find out what we do want. By the time we meet that special person that we want to take the next steps with, we have the ability to know that we're with the right person for us, and that we're with them for the right reasons. This is one of the most important reasons for waiting until your 30's to settle down.

A Lot More Life Experience

By the time we've reached 30, we've been through some great times and also some difficult times. We've had to deal with things like loss, losing jobs, and dealing with other difficult situations, including situations that can come up during the course of relationships. These experiences are incredibly valuable to take into our forever relationship. We can handle things effectively and tackle issues head on. We can also be a much better partner when the person we're with goes through difficult times, and we can offer them the support they need. We can also rely on them being able to do the same for us when we go through difficult situations as well. Having these life experiences before settling down helps to set the stage for a successful relationship, and ultimately, marriage. It also creates a stable and nurturing atmosphere to raise kids in. There's no substitute for life experience.

Established Career Paths

By the time we reach our 30's we have a much clearer idea of what it is that we want to do. Chances are that we are already in the career that we will stay in long-term, and we've established ourselves in the workforce. This can be a difficult phase to go through in a relationship, so having this established before settling down has incredible advantages. That doesn't mean that we may not still lose jobs or decide to change our paths at some point, but we will have a skill set built up that we can fall back on, and use to move forward into new endeavors if need be. This makes a huge difference in relationships.

Financial Stability

Settling down and having a family isn't as easy as it once was. It costs money and it usually takes two incomes. By this time, we've probably got that down pat, and even if there are still difficulties, we're better able to land on our feet when they arise. Imagine all of the stress that this can take out of a relationship. Finances are one of the most common things that couples tend to stress and fight over, so waiting until you're in your 30's, and are more established financially is very helpful when it comes to keeping unnecessary stress out of relationships. There are usually more assets to merge and life can be a lot more comfortable and stable, which makes it a lot easier and enjoyable to move onto the next steps in life such as getting married and deciding to have children. The struggles won't generally be as difficult as they would be in our 20's.

More Maturity When Raising Kids

When you know who you are, you've found the right partner, and you're genuinely ready to have kids, you're way ahead of the game. Sure, you might not be as young and energetic as you were in your 20's, but you won't need to struggle as much when it comes to raising kids either if you have stability, life experience, patience, and a partner who's on the same level as you in those areas. It's generally a calmer atmosphere to raise kids in, and parents tend to be a lot more confident when it comes to parenting when they're in their 30's. There's definitely nothing wrong with waiting until you're a bit older to have kids. The stability that children have the ability to be raised in with more experienced parents is invaluable. So, this is definitely another great reason to wait until your 30's to settle down.

Make Your Own Rules

At the end of the day, there really are no rules to this thing. Everyone will do things in their own way and in their own time. If you've been thinking about when the right time for you to settle down is though, these suggestions can help you to determine whether waiting is the best way for you to go. If you have a lot of uncertainties, then waiting probably is going to be in your best interest. Finding out what you really want to do in life comes with time and experience. There's no rush to do any of this anymore, so take your time and gain the experience you need to be able to make a decision that you can feel sure of. There are lots of reasons to wait until you're in your 30's to settle down. You never know what might happen along the way, but in the meantime, you'll be able to learn a lot about life, other people that you encounter, and most importantly, yourself. Hopefully this has helped you out and you take some time to find out what it is that you really want before taking the plunge.

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Avoid Settling Down Until You're 30 - Xpress.com

People are waiting longer and longer to settle down these days, and there are a lot of reasons why. Here's why you should wait until you're in your 30's.

Avoid Settling Down Until You're 30 - Xpress.com