Why You Should Have Sex Every Single Day


We don't have to tell anyone more than once that sex is awesome. It is absolutely fantastic! And we're sure that if we could have it our way, we would be having sex every day. Maybe even more than once a day!

Well, did you know that there are actually twelve important reasons why it is important to have sex every day? Many of the reasons are actually health related, so you should be even more excited to have sex every day. After all, if it helps your health, then it is more than worth it! From reducing stress to boosting your immune system, having sex every day can really make your life so much better.

We're pretty sure after reading this list, you'll see the importance in having sex every day. This is definitely a list that you should show your partner immediately! After all, they'll also want to benefit from the great points below.

Sex Reduces Stress

This one might be a no-brainer, but regular sex can reduce stress. Generally we're feeling pretty damn relaxed after sex so that makes sense to us. But sex actually helps to release hormones that can help us deal with intense stressors in our lives. We don't mean for sex to be a replacement for, say, therapy, but it can definitely help to make us feel less stressed. Regular sex releases hormones like dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin and those help our brains and bodies to feel less stressed and more happy and relaxed.

Having sex every day can definitely improve your life by reducing stress. It doesn't matter what kind of sex - all kinds will do! Yes, even the more bizarre or adventurous kinds of stress. Basically every kind of sex releases that mix of hormones to help us feel better!


Sex Is A Great Form Of Exercise

We know that we should be all be working out regularly. Sometimes, though, the gym is just super boring or not a lot of fun. Or it can be hard to make time for the gym. But you know what we can always make time for? Sex?

And did you know that sex is a great form of exercise? In fact, it's just as good exercise as a brisk walk. Except, well, we prefer SEX to a brisk walk and we don't think we need to list the reasons why!

Regular, moderate exercise keeps us healthy. It's very important for our bodies to be active as well. We burn calories and stay in shape this way too. And if we are able to do all of that while also having a bit of fun in bed, even better!

You also don't need to worry about what kind of sex too. Even after a quickie with basic positions, you generally feel pretty good and out of breath right? Exactly! So don't worry about needing to do a lot of crazy stretches or tons of cardio.

Sex Offers The Perfect Pain Relief


Here's one you might've not heard before: sex can relieve minor pains! Yes, it's totally true. Enough regular sex can offer better pain relief than taking over the counter pain medication. So if you are a sufferer of mild pains, migraines, or aches, consider having sex to help relieve the symptoms.

If you've had a long day and are suffering a headache from stresses at work and would normally just go home and lie down, why not try something different? Next time, try having sex instead! You will likely find yourself feeling a lot better afterwards. Depending on the level of pain, you may want to have some low-key, chill sex. But any kind will work!

We're all for any reason to have MORE sex, of course. But this is also great for our health. We take too much medication as it is and if sex can help relieve minor aches so we can skip the pills, it's all great in our books!

Sex Helps Keeps Periods Regular

This one is just for those of us who have menstrual cycles! Sex helps to keep periods regular and less painful. Many studies have been shown that daily sex can help to keep your cycle more typical and easy to track.

There's nothing worse than an erratic or extra painful period. Often it can make us not want to have any sex at all. But imagine using regular sex and having it make your periods feel less painful. How incredible! We always knew sex was GREAT but we didn't realize it could be SUPER great!

A lot of what contributes to the less painful period is the lack of stress and regularity in your life. You are likely aware that being less stressed can help periods feel better and like we mentioned above, regular sex can also make us feel less stressed. By also creating regular rhythms with your body it can help to also create regular rhythms with your period.

And if all the period talk weirds out your partner, get them over it! But also, you can always just chalk up all the extra sex you want to just "pain relief" after all.

Sex Creates More Powerful Pelvic Muscles

Sex involves muscles. Regular use of the muscles makes them stronger. Now, the obvious result of regular use of the sex muscles is getting better and strong at sex. That is almost good enough but also here's something you might not know about stronger pelvic muscles. Stronger pelvic muscles creates stronger orgasms. It's true!

When our muscles are stronger it means that we feel more and the sensations are stronger. It also means that we have more control over the pelvic muscle which can also lead to bigger orgasms.

We are all about bigger and stronger orgasms! So grab your partner and start getting busy with it. Not only will the extra sex feel awesome, but pretty soon you'll be having even bigger and stronger orgasms. And these bigger and stronger orgasms happen for both men and women!

Sex Helps To Boost Your Immune System

So we've gone over how sex is great for reducing stress, relieving pain, and making periods less painful. Sex can also help our immune systems get stronger! It's hard to believe but sex truly is a miracle like that.

Studies have been done to show that regular sex can help with the common cold. Yes, there is no cure for the common cold but having regular sex can definitely help! Scientists have also proved that people who have daily sex have more antibodies in their blood system. Those antibodies are what help fight illnesses. How cool is that! And even better news: the more sex you have, the more antibodies that get released into your blood stream. So yes, what we're saying is, if you want to feel way better we recommend having lots and lots - and lots - of sex.

Daily Sex Creates A Healthy Heart

Like we've been saying, sex is incredible for your body. We've talked about how it's great for stress and mild pain. Sex is also great for your heart and blood pressure. Yup, sex can actually help to lower your blood pressure! A scientific study was done and shows that regular sex drastically reduces diastolic blood pressure.

While sex is lowering our blood pressure, it is also helping us have a healthier heart. Another study was done that shows that people who have regular sex are 45% less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases! That is really, really great news isn't it?

You'll also be happy to know that the best kind of sex to help lower blood pressure and create a healthy heart is the slow and steamy kind. So grab your partner and get to banging - for your heart health!

Sex Reduces Risk of Cancer

You might not believe this, but it is true: regular sex can actually help reduce a risk of cancer! Scientists are still studying the full effects but here is what we know so far: men who regularly ejaculate are less likely to suffer from prostate cancer. The study was published in a prestigious medical journal so you know it's legit!

Studies are still being done to see if there is a similar impact on women but for now we can be super happy and excited for the men in our lives! The study doesn't specify between what kind of ejaculation so that means that ORAL SEX and HAND JOBS count too. There are so many ways that men can help to lower their chances of prostate cancer!

Sex Makes You Sleep Well

Have you noticed that after sex you tend to sleep really well? This is due to many things. First of all, having an orgasm releases a hormone called prolactin. Scientists say that prolactin are responsible for feelings of relaxation and sleepiness. We've also already talked about how sex is a really great workout. Well, generally after a workout, we feel pretty tired and sleepy right? This is because our bodies are exhausted from all that exercise. And lastly, sex increases our heart rate, and an increased heart rate also leads to relaxation.

So if you're wanting a good night's sleep, all signs point to having sex to make it happen! There's nothing better than banging your lover and then snuggling together after until you doze right off into dreamland.

Sex Makes You Look Younger

Here's another great one: sex makes you look younger! This one is probably more hard to believe than the cancer one, but it's been proven. It was researched in a book written by a researcher and clinical neuropsychologist. In the book it stated that having sex as little as three times a week can make you appear ten years younger. So imagine how much better you could look if you have sex every day!

There are some scientific reasons that sex makes you look younger but the most basic one is that POST SEX GLOW! Sex makes you look and feel revitalized which can in turn make you look younger. We are all for a regular sex life making us look and feel younger.

Makes You Live Longer

Not only does sex make you LOOK younger but it can also make you LIVE longer as well. How incredible is that! A study published by the British Medical Journal showed that participants who had regular sex were more likely to live twice as long as participants who did not get any action. That's a pretty big difference!

We're not sure if it's possible, but perhaps having sex every day could help you live well into your hundreds! Maybe FREQUENT SEX is the secret to immortality!

Sex Is Just Fun!

We love all of the health reasons for why we should have sex every day but health aside, it always comes down to this: we should be having sex every day simply because it's fun and it feels great. And we should always be doing something that makes us feel great, right?

We like to think that the health benefits are just the icing on the cake. Sure living longer is great but really, it's all about the pleasure if you ask us. Pleasure always comes first!

And there you have it! You likely knew that sex was pretty great, but you probably didn't know how great it was. Regular sex can literally save your life! And it can also help you live longer and feel physically better. We love that it can lower your stress and make your periods better.

There are so many incredible benefits to regular sex - even more than the twelve that we listed here! So we're pretty sure that by now you will be wanting to have sex at least once a day now. And after you show your lover this list, they'll be on board to also have sex every day. It's not just for pleasure, after all, it's for your health!

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Why You Should Really Be Having Sex Every Single Day

Did you know that there are actually 12 important reasons why it is important to have sex every day? It's true! Read our list and start having sex daily!

Why You Should Really Be Having Sex Every Single Day