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You will no longer waste any time in any place that's less than the best date spots US across the country! Before you plan your date next, check out this article to find out some guaranteed successful date ideas at places that are not only popular, but are highly rated date spots! We've compiled a list of the cream of the crop US date spots from coast to coast, so that you can be sure you're only taking your dates or partner to the best places available to you.

We fill you in on where the modern bar scene came from, and you might be surprised to find out what there are not wholesome beginnings to this story! Breaking the law was a big part of the birth of the modern nightlife scene, but we'll get into that more later on. What's most important here is that you're about to find out where in your city, anywhere in the US that you might be, are worth visiting. Not only that, these are places that you cannot miss! If you're going out at all, you want to make sure that you check out these bars and restaurants, and find out exactly why they're the best US date spots. There are very good reasons why these places made it on this list, and you'll find out more about that in a bit!

Keep in mind that the date spots we're sharing with you are very popular in their cities, so try to plan ahead and book a table whenever possible. There's nothing worse than preparing to blow your date away, only to show up and find out they don't have any room for you. That's potential deal-breaker right there! Avoid this problem by calling ahead, or making a reservation online! We make sure to mention which places you need to be sure to this at.

Going Back To The Beginning: History Of The US Bar Scene

The bar scene as we know and love it today goes back farther than you might think! It wasn't until the 1920s that people started going out to bars and social clubs, and even later when men would take women to these place on dates. Date ideas like we would have now came from New York City, by most accounts, because it's the birthplace of the modern nightlife and bar scene! Without this kind of entertainment nightlife, there would be no US date spots or dating in public spaces - it would just be courtships, like it was up until this era.

We can probably thank Prohibition for the beginning of people going to bars to drink booze in the same space. Underground speakeasies were huge during Prohibition, to the point where the law was abolished completely, and people were legally allowed to drink in public again! By then, the idea had stuck, and people realized that they enjoyed getting together and having a few drinks.


Thus began the modern bar and club! There's a little bit more to it than that, but this is essentially what happened to inspire how we go out in public entertainment spaces now.

Once men and women started going out on the town socially, men began to take women out to bars and restaurants, or jazz clubs, or any other place you could think of to entertain and impress a lady! There's no shortage of date ideas now, especially with the access to easy transportation that we have now (which, of course, they would not have had back in the 1920s). You can take a date anywhere in the world; you aren't restricted to the bars and nightlife in your local city, though they do always make great meeting places to find potential first dates! There's no question that dating and the bar scene have evolved together, making it all the more ideal that you know which places constitute killer US date spots.

Most Noteworthy US Date Spots Coast To Coast


No matter where you are in the US, we have some date ideas that you have to check out if you're in any of the following areas. We've taken the most major cities, starting from the west coast and going to the east, and found the most noteworthy bars and US date spots that these cities have to offer! You never have to wonder where to take your next date again once you've finished reading this guide.

Each of these date spots are can't lost date locations, and we picked them for a reason! All of them are super popular, and have something unique to offer. It helps that each one of these date spots offers natural conversation starters, to make your life that much easier! There are way too many amazing date spots across the US to list them all, so we've chosen the highest rated and most popular ones that simply can't be missed out on!

Cliff's Edge - Los Angeles, CA

Conveniently located at 3626 Sunset Blvd., Cliff's Edge is one of the must-visit US date spots in the state of California. The one thing that makes it one of the better date ideas in the LA area is the gorgeous outdoor patio space, which automatically turns any night into a romantic one with its setting. It's impossible not to enjoy your time here when you're sitting in the leafy outdoor terrace. It's just an amazing hangout space, making date conversation so much easier then it could be.

As far as food and drink go they're highly rated and very popular, so make a reservation if you want to guarantee you and your date a table on a particular night. They don't open until 6pm, but they're open late. The bar serves a variety of wine, beer, and cocktails, and the menu features a ton of top quality high class dishes. They were actually voted one of Wine Enthusiast America's 100 best wine restaurants in 2016!

Marché Bacchus - Las Vegas, NV

Located off the main strip, at 2620 Regatta Dr., is one of the absolute best US date spots in Nevada. This is the place you take a date that you're looking to score with, because you're definitely going to when you choose this place as the place to go. Prepare to shell out some dough to make the night a really stellar one, but it's all 100% worth it.

The food is some of the highest rated French cuisine in the country, and the views are incomparable to anything else in Vegas. Diners here get to enjoy stunning views of the lake from the outdoor terrace, which makes it so easy to forget that you're in the hustle and bustle of Sin City! This is a popular date spot for good reason, so plan ahead and make a reservation if you want to spend your evening here, which you definitely should if you're looking for date ideas!

Boheme - Houston, TX

Boheme can be found at 307 Fairview St., and it's a great place to go for multiple reasons. You can meet hookups at this bar, go hang out with friends, or you can use this as one of your many date ideas and stop in for some drinks with a date! It has a very artsy, hipster vibe, but without any of the pretension that usually comes with it. They have outdoor seating on a gorgeous terrace as well, so you and your date can have a somewhat quiet place to talk.

They serve amazing thin crust pizza here, and a huge variety of drinks, so even though it's a bar, this is a great place to if you or your date don't drink much. You can just enjoy the atmosphere, pizza, and each other. These are just a few of the reasons why Boheme is one of the best date spots US in the Houston area!

Twilight Sky Terrace - Memphis, TN

79 Madison Ave. is the perfect place for a few different things: you can use this as one of many US date spots in the area, or you can come here to find hookups and new ladies. It's a very upscale place, with lounge seating, a rooftop bar, and different rooms to hang out in. You can see what makes it a great hookup and date spot as soon as you walk in the door.

The offer a ton of signature cocktails and drinks, and incredible city views to go with them! The mood is very easily set here, so it's the best place to end a date night with some amazing drinks, great views, and intimate seating. If getting laid is on the agenda, whether you're on a date or on the prowl for a new hookups, this is the one place in Memphis that you have to check out.

The Painted Pin - Atlanta, GA

The Painted Pin at 737 Miami Cir NE in Atlanta is one of the go-to US date spots if you're looking for a fun night! If you can imagine what an upscale bowling alley might look like, this is it come to life - nothing overly kitschy or retro about this place. You can also play bocce, ping pong or Skee-Ball! It's like a funland arcade for adults!

You can get a few different kinds of beer, snack foods, and classic bar foods, so you and your date can really settle in for the long haul when you come here. You're guaranteed to get to know the fun side of your date if you two come here, and that's always a good thing if you're in the market for more than just a hookup. You can come here with events and parties too, so why not go extremely old school and have your next birthday party at this bowling alley!

The Barrelhouse Flat - Chicago, IL

2624 N Lincoln Ave is home to possibly the hippest of all US date spots in Chicago. If you're planning a date with a foodie who really knows good eats, you definitely want to take them here! This place is known for their high quality bar eats and massive cocktail menu, so even if you aren't coming for food, you have a ton of different drink options to sample with your date. The vibe is very relaxed and low-key, which is a solid match for the decor.

It's a very trendy place, which is just one of the reasons (aside from the incredible food) that this tends top the list of date ideas for most people in Chicago. You definitely want to plan ahead to see if you can even get a table before you head there with a date, but calling ahead should solve that problem. It's very affordable as well, so it won't cost you a ton to take a date on a great night out here.

Barcelona Wine Bar - Washington, DC

1622 14th St NW is the perfect setting for a romantic date, which is why it's one of the top date spots US in Washington. The outdoor courtyard has a rustic feel to go with the rustic Spanish menu, and fireplaces adorn the patio, just to make it extra cozy for you two!

Of course, you won't be the only people there, so don't get too carried away - it's a very popular spot for Washingtonians, so it's bound to be busy no matter what time of day you go. Still, it's an easy place to have a conversation and get to know each other while you share some tapas. They've got quite an extensive wine list as well, which should come as no surprise, based on the name, so you and your date can make the night into a Spanish wine tasting with just the two of you!

Grotto - Boston, MA

Grotto, at 37 Bowdoin St., is a popular basement bar, and an incredibly common US date spot for people in Boston. The super relaxed and cozy vibe make it so easy to chat with your date, while feeling you're hidden away from the busy streets of the city. The serve fantastic, classic Italian cuisine, and a range of wine to accompany your meal. They also offer a different fixed price menu option every night, so you can plan a couple of different date ideas at this place!

It's not the most expensive place to bring a date, but it's also not the cheapest. Quality definitely reigns here and you get what you pay for, so expect to spend some money for the amazing night that you and your date are guaranteed to have. We recommend you book a table before you show up as well, just to make sure that you have a spot when you arrive.

The Otheroom - New York City, NY

Located at 143 Perry St. in the West Village, The Otheroom is one of the sexier US date spots to take your date in the Big Apple. It's dimly lit and super cozy, with a strong vibe that you're in a hideaway of sorts. You could call it a speakeasy, but it lacks a lot of the classic speakeasy elements, but what it doesn't lack in the least is alcohol. They offer a huge a wine and beer list, and a ton of seating options, so you can get nice and intimate with your date before you even get home!

This is also a great place to go to meet a new hookup - it's sexy, dark atmosphere makes it the ideal setting to meet someone new, and the flowing booze makes it even easier to connect with that new potential hookup! Your options are unlimited too, because it's a super busy place for a lot of people in the West Village.

Rose Tattoo Cafe - Philadelphia, PA

At 1847 Callowhill St. you'll find one of the most unique date spots US in the entire city of Philadelphia. It serves an eccentric menu of American foods, but that's not what's the most interesting thing about this place. The best thing about it is the setting itself! This cafe is located inside an old Victoria house, which has been filled with plants of all kinds! It makes for an oddly romantic vibe, and it's definitely something that your date is going to enjoy.

It's not an expensive place either, which makes it even more appealing on the list of potential date ideas! Where else in the Philly could you dine in an Old Fashioned house-turned cafe that's filled with plants and serves upscale, but very affordable food? Nowhere! This is why it's the best place to bring a new date if you want to blow her mind.

Date Spots US City By City


"The female to male single ratio is quite high and the cost of living is low. In addition to the warm weather and lots of date spots to visit, a person's dating life could have the potential for lots of hook ups. So, there is hope for those who are..." Read more

Baltimore, MD

"People flocked the restaurant to enjoy their crab cakes and huge ball of string that was made from the edges of napkins. The ball of string remained in the American Dime Museum until it closed in 2006. Roland Park Bakery, owned by Anita Ward was the place to get delicious..." Read more

Boise, ID

"You could opt to visit the aquariums, zoos and other unique attractions that will get your learning juices rolling. Xpress.com provides a list of date spots in their city guides that gives you a head start. Check out the history of Boise attractions and nightlife first to get a feel..." Read more

Boston, MA

"It could be found on 1519 Elm Street and was a lively br and lounge, which closed down in 2013. The building located on 15 Lansdowne Street was used to keep the delivery horses, trucks and carriages owned by Eban Jordan, retailer of Jordan Marsh and the Boston Globe founder." Read more

Chicago, IL

"Biddy Mulligan's was a rock club located on Sheridan Road, which was located south of Evanston cemetery. It opened and closed several times. At one time, it re-opened only to close again within four months. Patrons came to expect this after a while. During the 70s and 80s, it was..." Read more

Cincinnati, OH

"Dating or hooking up in this city is easy as many locals love to socialize and spend time meeting new people. There are many places and opportunities to do just that. If you prefer to hook up with someone during the day, then there are outdoor venues that will accommodate..." Read more

Denver, CO

"Denver is a hip city and so if you want to engage in the fun that nightlife offers and not be left out, the best time to go out during the week is at 9PM and on the weekends, it would be about 9:30PM or 10PM. You can be..." Read more

Houston, TX

"The Ballroom was a pool club and the Q Cafe attracted a Latin crowd. The Guava Lamp and Davenport later opened their doors to later close after a few years. The Crystal located on Hillcroft and 59th made its own name by becoming a disco club that attracted a diverse..." Read more

Los Angeles, CA

"In 1995, officials wanted to make the Factory a landmark in the community , but it did not work. but, the Factory was added to the list of historic sites by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in an attempt to save the site. On the Hollywood strip, you would find..." Read more

Miami, FL

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Minneapolis, MN

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New Jersey

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New York City, NY

"It is a pop culture vibes and has been like this for decades, even though, there are obvious improvements. In the past, the main clubs were Studio 54 and Copacabana. These clubs set the social scene standard for New Yorkers. Between 1923 and 1936, The Cotton Club was the exclusive..." Read more

Philadelphia, PA

"Other celebrities that performed were Richard Pryor, Jay Leno, Steven Martin, David Letterman, Dick Gregory and Jerry Seinfeld. Jay Leno performed there first in 1973 as an opening act. Catacombs was a basement club that was always crowded. It was located on 1127 Walnut Street, opening in 1981 and closing..." Read more

Phoenix, AZ

"In the 1980s, the name changed to After The Gold Rush and it also changed names in the 1990s to the Electric Ballroom. Many notable performing acts were hosted at these locations. Other live concert shows took place at other venues that included L7, The Cramps, Bloodhound Gang, Social Distortion..." Read more

Portland, OR

"It closed down in the 1990s and was replaced by a hippy joint. Satyricon was located in Old Town and this nightclub was the venue that hosted rock bands and touring bands as well as local bands. The club opened in 1983 and closed in 2010. In 2011, the building..." Read more

Seattle, WA

"Seattle is known for its weird weather, but many attractions. If you are going out, you have to be mindful of the weather and you have to find the right places to go. For the nightlife, you should definitely leave your house at 9PM and at 10AM in the morning..." Read more


"New wave music was usually played by its DJs. People from other cities would make their way to this club each weekend. Even college kids from BYU took to the club on weekends. The tile was black and white and the dance floor was big enough to fit at least..." Read more

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