What Really Happens When You Hook Up With Your BFF


Hooking up with your BFF is a very touchy situation. A lot of different things can happen when you hookup with your BFF, so what what really does happen? There are a few things that can happen, such as a change in your friendship, a break in your friendship, the loss of your friendship, nothing at all, others may try to influence the situation, and you'll definitely learn who your BFF really is. Once you've hooked up with your BFF, don't stress about it and just ride it out. You never know what the future may hold, and you might have met your perfect match! If you're looking for more info, Xpress has got the goods, so keep reading!

Your Friendship May Change

There's really no getting around this one, so if you wake up the next morning and you feel panicked about whether or not your friendship is going to change, you should probably accept the fact that it obviously has changed and instead, focus on what the best thing to do going forward will be, to help keep things as normal as possible. If you have a usually routine that you do when you're with them, do that normal routine. You're both probably feeling the same way, so the more of an effort you both make to keep things as normal as possible, the better off things will probably be. Do you need to talk about this right away the next morning? No, you don't.


You're both probably not in the best frame of mind to talk about things yet. If you factor in being tired and the potential alcohol involved from the night before, you can feel pretty confident that this is definitely not the time to talk about it in detail. You can both decide that you will talk about it later on, when you're both in the right head space. Remember though, you're already in uncharted territory, so don't have a conversation that could be potentially damaging when you're not in the right frame of mind to have it.

You May Have A Break In Your Friendship


This isn't going to be the most desirable outcome, but unfortunately, it's a very likely one and if it happens, don't worry about it or get too upset about it. There are going to be a lot of thoughts and emotions flying around after you hookup with your BFF, and there's nothing wrong with taking a bit of time out to process that. If it happens, go about it in a normal way, and don't break contact completely, just because things might be a bit awkward right now. If there's a meme that you like and you would normally send it to them, do it.

Be open to them doing the same. It indicates that you're still cool, even though you're taking a bit of a time out, and neither of you will need to feel abandoned. Don't blow up their phone, though. You both do still need some time to think things through. The amount of normalcy you manage to maintain throughout this time will ultimately determine if you're able to get your friendship started back up on the right foot again.

You May Lose Your Friendship

Yes, it might happen that you may lose your friendship, and if that's the case, then it really sucks. Every person has their own way of looking at sex, and most people associate it with emotions and expectations. This may not be how you see it, and it might not be how they see it, but if either one of you does, it's probably going to mean that your friendship might not be able to handle the strain of what's happened between the two of you. Luckily, this isn't likely to be the outcome, but if it does end up happening, you're going to go through a very difficult time getting over having that BFF in your life, and they're sure to feel the same way. When it comes to hooking up with your BFF, it's important to think about it before you do it, and this is why. Even if you're both incredibly drunk, if things start going in the direction of a hookup, it's a good idea for you both to acknowledge it before it happens, and if you're both not able to determine the consequences, walk over to the nearest couch, and crash. You'll both feel better about it in the morning. If you do end up losing your friendship though, one thing is for sure, and it's that you'll probably never hookup with a BFF again.

Maybe Not Much All Will Happen

This is actually likely If you both play it cool, and you're fine to just leave it in the past, it can actually work out that not much all needs to change. Surely sex does change things somewhat, but some people can look at each other and simply decide that sometimes things just happen, and this isn't worth complicating your friendship over. If that ends up being the case, and you're both on the same page about it, the outcome here will be a good one. You'll both be able to step forward after this, and move on from it. You might also both feel a lot better about knowing what the outcome the hookup is, because you'll know that a hookup is one more thing that your friendship can withstand. If this is the case, then things may move forward and nothing may ever happen again. Your friendship may go on as it always has, and you'll be able to move ahead and forget that the hookup even happened. In other cases though, you might be able to take a different approach...

You May Be Able To Do This Again

You might end up in a situation where you've found someone that you can hookup with on a regular basis when you're both single. You both need to be clear about the boundaries here though, so tread lightly. You don't want to end up in a situation where things get too carried away, and end up spiralling out of control. It's easy to catch feelings with someone when you're that comfortable around them and close with them, so be sure that there's no chance of things needing to go further. On the other hand, you both might want to be open to just going with the flow, and seeing what else might happen. That's perfectly okay, as well. More on that shortly.

Others May Try To Influence The Situation

Here's where you need to draw the line. First of all, the best thing either one of you can do is to keep this between yourselves. On the other hand, if that doesn't end up happening or if people saw you guys making out the night before on your way to the cab to go home, they're sure to have some questions for you, and they're definitely going to have some opinions about. Unfortunately, when it comes to these kinds of situations, you're going to get opinions that come from both ends of the spectrum, in terms of what people think. You're going to get people who think it's absolutely great, and that the two of you should absolutely pursue something more. You might also get people who are going to be adamant about telling you what a terrible idea it is, and that the two of you should avoid continuing in this direction. Everyone has an opinion about this stuff, and it's never as simple as it would be if you had just had a hookup with someone that you don't know, or that you don't know well. So again, try to avoid spreading the news, but if it gets out, make sure you're both drawing very solid lines in the sand. Outside meddling like this can affect more than just whether or not you decide to hookup again, it can also affect the future of your friendship, so cut that off at the source right away, and be firm about it.

You'll Definitely Learn Who They Are

You surely will learn a lot about who your BFF really is. You might know them incredibly well, but once you've been intimate with someone, there may be a whole other side of them that comes through. It could be a great thing, or it could be a not so great thing, either way, you're about to do some learning about them, and they're going to learn a lot about you as well. Generally speaking, if you and your BFF are both stand up people, you're both going to be able to make your way past the awkward stage, and have a better understanding of each other. This will change the dynamic of your friendship for sure, but it might actually be in a very good way. On the other hand, they simply might not be able to handle it, and you may discover that there's some emotional immaturity that they're unable to get past so that you can resume your friendship. Either way, you'll have an even better understanding of them once this time passes, and they'll have an ever better understanding of you as well. Sex changes everything. Not always for the worst, but it does change things, and you'll know how strong your friendship really is once this is all said and done.

You Don't Need To Stress About It

If anyone understands you, it should be your BFF, right? Whatever happens for the first while, don't stress about it. It's not necessary. Take some time to process things, and reach out to them afterwards. Give them some time to do the same as well. It's a bit of a landmine in some cases, so it's sure to take you both by surprise, and as with any other surprises in life, they'll need to be processed and thought about. This is the time to look at things from your perspective, and think about how you really feel about what's happened between the two of you. Don't waste any time stressing about what they're thinking, because sooner or later you're going to cross paths again, and you're going to need to know where you stand with everything, so use the time you'll have to yourself afterwards to really think about things. There's nothing at all wrong with doing that, and with any luck, they'll be doing the same.

You May Have Found Your Ultimate Match

Likely to happen? Actually, yes it is. It's not necessarily the most probable outcome, but some of the best love stories of all time, as well as some of the happiest marriages, come from people who ended up marrying their best friends. You already know each other well, and you know what each other is like. If you've managed to have an amazing hookup on top of that, and you're both feeling the same way about it, then there's really no reason you shouldn't go for it. Seriously, why not?

You Never Know What The Future Holds

At the end of the day, this situation is rarely ever a straight line. There's a lot that can and will happen after the fact. Some of it may not be the best and some of it may be amazing! Once it's happened though, it's happened and you can't take it back. So, don't get to tense or emotional about it, and just go with the flow. There's no need to have expectations of any outcome, but never forget that you really never know what the future holds, and if you keep the best possible outlook, one way or another, it's sure to hold something great.

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Hooking up with your BFF can be an amazing experience, but it can also be a very confusing one. Here's what really happens when you hook up with your BFF.

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