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You'd be surprised how many men there are looking for hookup dating with couples. There's certainly an appeal to being with a man and a women at the same time. So, why can't you find these men, you ask? Because we have them all here on Xpress! Any couple that has looked for a man to join them in bed knows that it's a daunting task, but with an adult dating site like Xpress it's easy as pie! We employ an advanced matching algorithm to help you find the perfect man for your sex life! After you take a few minutes to sign up for Xpress, we'll hope find the man for you! Then it's as simple as sending him a message, setting up a date, and having fun!

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In order to get you hooked up as fast as possible, Xpress has launched a fully functional mobile site - one of the only hookup dating sites to do this! If you're a couple seeking a man for a quick meeting, there's no faster way! Hookup whenever and wherever you want - all you need to do is sign in from your mobile device and we'll show you the closest matching members to your location. But don't stop there - anything you can do on Xpress from home, you can now do on your mobile device! Browse members, set up dates, or just find entertainment in our chatrooms and forums or looking through our naughty photos and videos! With Xpress you can get hooked up in no time! Get started now!

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When it comes to couples seeking men, no one has a higher success rate than Xpress. We have helped hook up millions of men, women, and couples using our ever-improving matching algorithm system. Our 24/7 customer service team works tirelessly to keep members happy, and every year we rank among the highest in member satisfaction. We are always striving to improve the site and make each connection successful! You can join Xpress without worry - we guarantee your success! Sign up today and see why we're #1!

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Find Your Dream Man On Xpress.com!

We want to find the perfect local man for your hookup dating - from fresh young studs, to gentlemen who have been around the block a few times, Xpress has every type of man you could want! Whether you and your partner are just looking for a simple threesome, or you're looking for something more kinky, we have men who are turned on by anything you can imagine! We use our highly advanced member matching algorithm to match your desires with men in your area. Once you know who is compatible, it's just a matter of choosing your favourite and sending a message. But you don't have to let us take the reins! With our advanced search function you can search our entire member database by any number of specifics - age range, ethnicity, body types, height, weight, and so many more options! Find the man you want today with Xpress!

Not Sure Where To Start? Just Curious? Not Sure You're Ready To Make The Leap To Hookup Dating?

It's safe to assume that you landed on this site because you are a couple that is curious about inviting another man into your bedroom. But it's okay if you're not quite ready to take a plunge! Xpress.com offers a platform to explore the idea without necessarily getting physical (although the option is always there, when you're ready). With our bevvy of communication methods, you can get the excitement of a third partner without having to meet up in person. Plenty of Xpress members express the desire to have "online fun", often starting out in our chat rooms and forums, finding members who share the same interests. When someone piques your interest, you can send an email, instant message, or start a video chat! Let Xpress members help you explore your curiosity - you never know where it might lead!

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What Members Are Saying
  • When we first started talking about finding a man to join us in bed, we had no idea where to look. We were worried all we would find would find would be skeevy dudes. We signed up for Xpress not completely sure that we would actually hook up with anyone, but as we got to know some of the members better, it became clear that this site was the perfect thing for us!

    TheHuntsmen - 30 & 41
  • We did a lot of research before joining Xpress. We didn't want to waste any time on a site that wouldn't work for us. Now, we can safely say that our research conclusion was correct! Xpress has been immensely helpful in our search for men. We've been able to connect with, meet, and bring home several lovely young (and older!) men and it's always been a positive experience.

    GooseNMaverick - 25 & 26
  • We wanted an easy way to pick up men without it being known to all our friends, you know? Something discreet. Xpress is the perfect site for that! We use their mobile app all the time to find other members when we're out at the club or wherever. It's so exciting to invite another man into our bed and we could never imagine it would have been this easy!

    TwoForYou - 23 & 25
  • I really wanted to get more sexual experiences than I already had, and my man was more than accommodating. We use Xpress to find men, women, and other couples for everything from exhibitionism to partner swapping. I've never been so happy in my life. We will be using Xpress for a long time to come!

    MoreThanTwo - 21 & 30
  • The men on Xpress are divine! If we were going to invite other men into our bed, we knew they had to be special: sexy, giving, adventurous, the whole package. And Xpress delivers that in spades! It's so easy to find fast, easy threesomes in our area and we are never disappointed with the members we meet! Our sex life has never been better!

    2Men_4U - 24 & 28
  • We're both bisexual, so it's only natural that from time to time we crave another man or woman in bed with us. It's so hot to share your beds and bodies with another person, to satisfy them, and to have them satisfy us in return. We've never had a problem finding a suitable man or woman with Xpress. It's a wonderful tool for the sexually adventurous!

    JohnJacob7 - 29 & 36
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