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Welcome to Xpress, the world's best lesbian dating website! We're your go-to spot online for lesbian personals and the best place to meet women online! We know it can sometimes be a challenge to meet women to date in person. We also know that the other dating sites are often full of "fake" lesbians -- straight women looking to entice men with their "wild side." At XPress, expect better. We foster an environment of sincerity and openness. All the women you meet here are looking for what you're looking for -- no fakers, all eager. The reason you haven't met your ideal woman yet is that you haven't tried XPress yet! Sign up with us now and meet sexy, available women from your area. Chat, connect, plan your date, and have fun!

Meet Local Singles With Our Latest Technology

Xpress is different from the other basic online dating sites you've tried. We take your dating experience seriously at XPress. That's why we've worked hard, in consultation with relationship experts and our team of data analysts, to bring you the most advanced matching algorithms to connect you with your best lesbian matches. We know you want more from your online dating experience, and you want to be able to integrate your technology with our services, so we make sure to stay on the edge of technology. Download our XPress mobile dating app and connect with hot lesbian singles on the go all from your phone!

Meet Local Women With Our Top Features

At Xpress, we offer more control over your online dating experience than those other dating sites do. You don't want to be limited to how many private messages you can send in a day, or have to pay tons just to see who's been looking at your profile. At XPress, we want you to be in control of your dating experience so we don't limit you like this. We also give you access to lots of exciting features, including our unique Virtual Sex World feature that combines the fun and technology of gaming with the excitement of role playing and intimate encounters. Check it out!

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Choose The Hookups You Want On XPress.com

At XPress.com, we never want you to settle. Every day, thousands of new members join our site and help to create more choice for you. We believe that everyone has a right to their dream date and our mission is to provide you endless daily options, so that every choice is a top choice. We know you'll find what you're looking for on our dating site, because countless others have and do. There is no better place to hook up with local women than XPress, where you'll always find more and better choices. So join us now and get meeting the woman of your dreams!

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If you've tried all the rest, and you know what you're missing -- now try the best. XPress.com is the best in adult dating sites and we deliver what the other sites do not: variety, quality, choice, and results. Join us now and find out why our members vote us the best adult dating site for lesbian personals and lesbian hookups. We offer more and better features, more control over your user experience, hotter dates, and free memberships! There's no beating us for effective adult dating online. Sign up is easy, and so is meeting hot local singles. What are you waiting for?

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What Members Are Saying
  • In today's world does anyone really have the time to be going on dates every night to just end up going home and completely wasting your night. With Xpress your night will never go to waste as they are on the forfront of modern dating and have perfected the art of the online hookup!

    CuteChick99 - 24
  • It took me until I was already in college to be fully open and honest about my sexuality, so I missed out on a lot of opportunities in my life, which I regreted. That's until I discovered Xpress! I have had more sexual encounters and new experiences then I ever thought possible, and I plan to continue doing so as being on Xpess has made life worth living!

    AddictedToDating07 - 25
  • I want a sexy female companion who is looking to have a good time and maybe get a little naughty. My match is open to trying new things and willing to take the time to satisfy my needs! I am obviously wililng to do the same in return.

    EyeForAnEye21 - 21
  • I want a girl who I genuinly enjoy spending time with. I want a companinon I look forward to seeing and they look forward to seeing me too. That and great sexual compatibility, Im confident I have come to the right place to find it.

    LoudandProud - 25
  • I want to go out for a bit of fun, maybe a bad movie or a comedy club. Then I want to take you home for a night of mind blowing pleasure and not say a wor to each other except for our screams of pleasure and pure bliss!

    AceofSpades - 27
  • I have always had troubles finding other sexy single lesbians in my area, that is until I discovered Xpress. Now I cant find enough time to meet and hook up with all the sexy members the site has to offer. There is an endless amout of fun to be had at Xpress

    LoveandLaughs - 22
  • I never wanted the story of how I met my partner to be that we found each other on an online dating site, but once I swallowed my pride I realized I was depriving myself of potencially fiding true happiness and real romance with a wonderful woman!

    EndlessFunn - 29
  • I need a woman who is just as serious as I am about finding a partner. I want to find someone who is serious about there future, but still willing to have some fun in the present. I want someone I can just be silly with or have a serious conversation if need be.

    HopelessRomantic9 - 27
  • My match needs to be confident with their sexuality since I have no time to deal with someone elses insecurities. I want to know that I have a strong partner who will help me get through the tough times, and who will enjoy the good times to the fullest with me!

    SeriousLover - 35
  • It took me a long time to realize my sexuality. Now that I am confident in my new found awareness of what I want when it comes to a relationship, I have found the perfect place to find what Im looking for! Xpress has the greatest members who are willing to have an open dialouge and have no shame about what they want! SO sign-up now and see for yourself!

    LovingLife99 - 28
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