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By now, most people are aware that the number of couples meeting online has been steadily increasing every year for quite some time. It has been reported that between 2010 and 2011 alone, the number of couples that met online increased by nearly 68%. Among the groups of people finding casual sex online, it was found that lesbian women saw the most significant increase in this time span. Even more specifically, the number of lesbian couples finding another single female to join them for some threesome fun increased by over 42% in within the past year. There's never been a better time to find a new sexual partner to join you and your significant other in the bedroom. Well aware of this trend, Xpress is the best place for lesbian couples to meet other single women. Sign up today and see who's out there!

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Xpress can help you find the action you want when you want it, where ever you are. Thanks to the site's great mobile app, you can find the adult dating action you're looking for on the go. If you and your partner are away on vacation and looking for some fun, simply sign on and browse the local members. With so many members already signed up, you're guaranteed to find a good match no matter where you happen to be. So bring the fun with you on your trips with Xpress' effective mobile app.

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Whether You're Looking For A One Night Stand Or A Regular Partner, Xpress Has Every Type Of Member You Could Want

You and your partner probably have an ideal type of woman you'd like to invite into your sex life. On Xpress.com, you'll find members of all types and among them, you're bound to find that ideal match. Rather than just searching by location, Xpress allows you to actually find women based on their interests to help ensure you find that perfect fit. This is why Xpress has one of the highest success and compatibility rates of any site currently available. Our members are very open and honest about their desires, which allows you to easily track down your ideal partner. Sign up and see for yourself!

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What Members Are Saying
  • My girlfriend and I were curious about trying out a threesome because neither of us had ever done it before. We signed up to Xpress and our experience has been nothing short of amazing! Thank you!

    Chrstine - 22
  • Everyone knows that being in an exclusive relationship can get boring from time to time. That's why my wife and I wanted to try hooking up with another girl and spice up our love life. Xpress helped us fulfill our biggest fantasies!

    Irene - 36
  • We were interested in having a threesome with another girl because we thought it would bring some more excitement into our relationship. So we joined Xpress and now we can't get enough. Thanks so much!

    Jenn - 29
  • My girlfriend and I were a little bit apprehensive about finding another woman to hook up with. We signed up for Xpress because it seemed like a legitimate site with great testimonials. Within just a couple days we were able to find a great girl to hook up with and all our worries have disappeared!

    Tegan - 27
  • It's a total pain trying to meet bicurious girls at bars, so we decided to give Xpress a try. We weren't particularly optimistic, but this site exceeded out expectations by a mile. We have to many requests coming in from women, we can't even keep up!

    Robyn - 39
  • Its difficult for my girlfriend and I to meet someone together because we both have busy work schedules and rarely have time to go out with each other. Xpress allowed us to meet women and work around our schedules and its been fantastic!

    Susana - 42
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